Sunday, January 31, 2010

WWE Royal Rumble Preview

Tonight is the first WWE PPV of the year, The Royal Rumble!  Winner gets a title shot of his choice at WrestleMania.  I luvs me some battle royals, but I don't order PPVs anymore.  That said, here is a Royal Rumble preview.  Card subject to change, and card information courtesy of 411wrestling.

WWE Women's Title Match
Michelle McCool vs Mickie James

- McCool is the reigning Women's champion, who has just sat on the belt for months after getting hurt.  She's mediocre in the ring and awful on the mic, but she's also dating The Undertaker.  That said, this feud is the biggest women's feud in a long time...and it all started with McCool taunting Mickie with fat jokes and calling her "Piggy James".  Especially the last few weeks, the heat has been off the charts.  Here's the thing: McCool has humiliated James at every turn.  James HAS to win here, or this is one of the highest profile burials in recent WWE memory.  The winner, regardless, has Beth Phoenix to deal with, I figure.  McCool pretty much only has Maria to face (and she's disappearing soon due to Celebrity Apprentice), while Mickie could face Layla, Natalya or CM Punk's new recruit, Serena.

Winner: Mickie James

ECW Title Match
Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson

- I don't have a problem with Jackson, but of all the guys Christian could have been facing, he's kind of a letdown.  That said, Christian has battled Zack Ryder and William Regal a fair bit as it is, so Jackson's pretty much it.  I think Jackson ends Christian's reign as ECW comes to a close, and Christian moves on to Raw or Smackdown.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

World Title Match
The Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio

- Rey has been offended that no one is taking him seriously, while Undertaker has been avoiding Shawn Michaels.  This result is tied directly into the Royal Rumble, I figure.  I see a few scenarios:  1) If this match goes on first, Undertaker wins.  2) If it goes on after the Rumble, and Shawn loses the Rumble...he costs Undertaker the belt.  3) If it goes on after the Rumble and Batista wins, he costs Undertaker the belt so he can face Rey.  4) HBK wins the Rumble and costs Rey the match to ensure that he gets Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Winner: Rey wins, but with help.

WWE Title Match
Sheamus vs Randy Orton

- The least compelling match I could imagine.  Sheamus wins, I just don't know how.

Winner: Sheamus

Royal Rumble:

See the list of announced participants below.  I'm seeing Batista or Cena as the likely winners, just looking at the likely title pictures.

Winner: Batista, so HBK can screw Undertaker, and set up Batista vs Rey and HBK vs UT for WrestleMania.

* The Royal Rumble Match:

From Raw:
John Cena
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Ted DiBiase
Cody Rhodes
The Miz
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Jack Swagger
Big Show
Evan Bourne
Chris Masters

From ECW:
Shelton Benjamin
Yoshi Tatsu
William Regal
Zack Ryder

From Smackdown:
CM Punk
The Great Khali
Matt Hardy

Chris Jericho