Saturday, January 9, 2010

Star Wars Saga: Gaming With My Son

Ran a real basic Star Wars Saga Edition scenario tonight for my son.

Anakin Blade, determined for the Jedi Sentinel path as determined by his Wookie master Goodloki, was called into his master's chambers. Goodloki told him that some children had disappeared, and he tasked Anakin with finding them. Anakin eagerly agreed, and set out to find the children.

He tracked their trail out to some nearby woods, where he saw a child's doll. Anakin used Force Track to try to pinpoint the kids, but found something dark and sinister instead. He followed it into the woods, where he stumbled onto an old, rundown installation guarded by a pair of battle droids! Anakin couldn't appease the droids, so he lashed out at them, using Surge to rush one of them and destroy it before it could react! The other took a shot at him, but Anakin slipped in and slashed him apart.

Anakin sized up the entryway, which was locked down. He tried to use the computer panel and failed, so he took his lightsaber to it...with little effect. Growing frustrated, he looked around the front of the base, finding a broken hole high up on the wall, and used Surge to leap all the way up the wall and into the building! He came to a rest down the hall from another battle droid! Anakin quickly used Draw Closer to suck it in, but he missed with his attack. The droid cried for help and another showed up! Anakin missed again, but the second droid accidentally shot the first one. Anakin charged the remaining droid and cut him down.

Anakin used Force Track again, and picked up a faint trail that he followed into the base's commander center, where he found a young man speaking with a hologram of Count Dooku! The man confirmed to Dooku that he was responsible for the kids' capture, and that one of them, a young girl, was very strong in the force. As Dooku signed off, the man turned, sensing Anakin behind him! Anakin, despite his Sentinel teachings, tried to parley, but the young man ignited a red lightsaber and said he would destroy the foolish little which Anakin corrected him, that he was a big padawan! Anakin took his first wound here, strong enough to knock him down the damage track. He fought back, but the fallen Jedi was too good. Anakin took a glancing blow to the arm, then lashed out with a fierce attack. A second one led to the fallen Jedi deciding that he would retreat, and deal with Anakin when his superiors returned.

Fighting defensively, with a full +10 to his Reflex...was for nothing as Anakin rolled a natural 20 and struck the retreating Jedi down! As the Jedi died, Anakin felt hollow about the whole thing...deciding that he would much rather have taken the Jedi in than killed him. And that trying to bring him back from the Dark Side would have been a MUCH better idea.

Anakin searched the facility, finding the kids, and freed them from their prison. He put their fears at rest and returned them home, to the approval of Goodloki, who was very thoughtful about how he had nudged Anakin down the path of the Sentinel and the clear impact that his first encounter with a Dark Jedi had on him.

Notes: The “kid Jedi” game got nixed, as Angelus really wanted to play an older Jedi, so he wound up as a 16 year old. I'm still probably going to bring in the other two Jedi I had previously talked about. This whole thing was on the fly, as we literally made his character and launched into the game. My first time running Saga, so it had some bumps, but he was very enthusiastic, and I was stunned at his reaction when I told him the Dark Jedi was dead, from him being sad about it, to deciding that he doesn't really want to kill anything...but save them when he can, and imprison them when he can't. I was terribly proud of my boy. I thought it was a very good start.

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