Friday, January 8, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE Superstars 1/7/10

-  Alright...WWE Superstars!  WWE Superstars is the "fourth" show, a tri-branded show generally featuring no storylines, just a match or so from each brand.  Sometimes its all jobber squashes and sometimes its some surprisingly good little matches.  I generally like it, depending on the performers showcased.

- Tri-branded opener...featuring guys who don't usually show up on Superstars.

- Michael Cole starts us it's Raw for the opener.

Divas Title Tournament Match

- When did Jillian lose her last name?  I have never noticed it.  Awesome.  She's getting her singing gimmick in.  Two time Divas champion?  When was she a Divas champion?  Butchering Black Eyed Peas.  My daughter just clutched her ears and hid behind me.  Gail Kim is the definition of overrated.  "I heard Jillian wasn't going to sing because of throat problems." "Oh, really?" "The audience threatened to cut it." Nice, Jerry.  Make sure that one gets into the next video game.  No blown spots yet.  Wow.  Gail hasn't looked this good in months.  Jillian killing her on the floor.  This is already WAY better than Raw, but Vince isn't in love with either one of these two.  Nice power on a sideslam by Jillian.  Power corner whip.  Jillian counting along with the ref on a hair pull.  Crowd's actually getting behind Kim out of a half nelson.  Wow...this is pretty good.  Best Divas match I've seen in a bit.  Gail holds onto the bottom rope...Victory roll!  Gail wins!

Winner: GAIL KIM via pinfall (VICTORY ROLL)

- Nice match!  Jillian looked strong and Gail showcased her athleticism.  Will Gail face Maryse in the finals, or will Kelly Kelly?

- Finlay vs Mike Know later on for Smackdown!

- Note that I was not excited, I just think I'm supposed to add the "!" for Smackdown!


- I liked the Masters heel music better.  Masters as a face is so weird.  Crowd was dead for DiBiase.  Weird that a guy who should be higher up the card like DiBiase has to wait on Masters.  Crowd's kinda behind Masters.  Good sign.  I like DiBiase, but he's gotta be rebuilt...he's lost all momentum. DiBiase grounds Masters right away.  Wrenching the leg.  MASTERLOCK  on the mat!  DiBiase in the ropes!  DiBiase powders.  Tie up.  DiBiase hammering Masters and now with a top wristlock.  Interesting psychology there as he's worried about going to the mat and giving Masters his back.  MASTERLOCK!  DiBiase in the ropes again!  He goes to the apron, and Masters bounces the pecs at him!  DiBiase sells it!  Masters ducks a punch and unloads!  Slam!  Hogan legdrop!  Kickout. No one wins matches with a LEGDROP.  DiBiase clothesline out of nowhere!  Eve sells the concern.  DiBiase pummels Masters.  Fistdrop.  Elbowdrop.  Cover...kickout.  Eve pleased.  Almost a Cobra Clutch.  Masters fights up.  HUGE dropkick!  Cover...and no.  Masters is fighting up...chop! DiBiase takes him down and big kick to the head!  DiBiase drops him with a punch and is calling for DREAM STREET.  No...going back to the Cobra Clutch variation.  Masters fights up...back suplex!  Both men up...DiBiase ducks a punch and hits his own suplex!  Both guys coming up...inverted atomic drop!  Masters on fire with clotheslines!  Powerslam on Ted!  Setting up the MASTERLOCK!  DiBiase fights off...ducks a swing...Masterlock attempt!  DiBiase ducks down and charges the corner!  Masters knocked silly!   DREAM STREET!  That's it!

Winner: TED DIBIASE via pinfall (DREAM STREET)

- Nice match...good psychology with Masters focusing on getting the MASTERLOCK on, while DiBiase kept trying to figure out how to wear him down without setting himself up.  Very nice.

- Yoshi Tatsu heading to the ring with Goldust...NEXT!


- Apparently Croft and Barretta are gamers?  I tend to fast forward through them.  Tatsu SHOULD win.  Tatsu's very popular.  He's a Jackie Chan-like vibe that the crowd digs.  Croft grounds Tatsu and works the leg.  Big armdrags by Tatsu!  Dropkick!  Croft sends Tatsu to the floor!  Barretta goes at him, but Goldust backs him off!  Off to commercials.

- Back with a Tatsu sunset flip!  Croft with a clothesline and he's stomping Tatsu.  Croft really isn't anything special.  Choking Tatsu on the ropes.  I thought they were setting up interference there.  Nice snap suplex.  Side headlock by Croft.  Goldust looks ridiculous...=P  Croft and Barretta broke their hackeysack record today.  Nice interaction between Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton.  Can we end the resthold, please? The divas were higher energy.  Croft getting frustrated and he goes back to the resthold.  The ECW announce team are so low energy, too.  Croft missed a kneedrop!  Tatsu getting offense!  Kicks to the sides!  Tajiri reference!  Elija Experience!  Croft cuts him off with a variation of a short arm clothesline!  Goes up...Yoshi nails him!  Tatsu goes up!  Frankensteiner countered!  Crossbody!  Tatsu rolls through!   Neckbreaker by Croft!  I still like the last match better, and it had Chris Masters.  YOSHI KICK!

Winner: YOSHI TATSU via pinfall (KICK TO THE HEAD)

- Went on a bit too long.  No energy...from the guys or the crowd.  Or the announcers.  Wonder if Smackdown had the same problem?  Looks like I'll find out with Knox and Finlay in a second.

- "Don't Try This At Home" commercial.

- Kofi promo video so the internet will shut up about his push being dead.

- Raw recap.


-  How long until he's just "Knox"?  This could be a good brawl or a trainwreck.  Did Finlay die his hair?  Remember when WWE started an angle with Knox and Kane and then just dropped it after three matches?  Finlay has kind of a red tint to his hair tonight.  Know overpowers Finlay.  Toddd Grisham recapping past history between these two that I don't even remember.  Finlay ground Knox...cautious tie up...Finlay with a kick.  Working the arm.  Big kick when Knox attempts a backdrop!  Knox with a huge boot!  Finlay to the floor.  Knox follows...drop toehold into the announcd table!  Knox reverses a whip into the steps...Finlay STOPS it with a boot!  Charges Knox...powerslam on the floor!  Knox back in as the ref counts.  Count at 7.  Finlay in and getting beaten down.  Huge slam.  Finlay selling the power very well.  Knees to the back.  What's Knox' finisher?  Knox drives shoulders into the back now.  Finlay fights back, Knox with a huge slam.  Kickout.  Chinlock with a knee in the back, crowd getting behind Finlay.  Finlay is fighting up...jawbreaker!  Knox runs into a boot!  Another!  Off
the ropes!  Knox catches him!  Slam into corner!  I think that might have been supposed to be a tree of woe.  Knox misses a charge!  Schoolboy gets two!  Clotheslines from Finlay!  Sitdown splash!  Finlay on fire now!  Rolling Thunder slam, but Finlay sells the back!  Knox with the CBC Cross Body Block out of the corner!  Rips the padding off the second buckle!  Avalanche!  Knox with a slam...Finlay drops down!  Ref sees the padding!  Shillelagh!  That's it!

Winner: FINLAY via pinfall (SHILLELAGH SHOT)

- Great brawl.  Great effort from both guys, and the foreign object doesn't hurt Finlay because he's over, and it doesn't hurt Knox because it's a weapon.

- Best show of the week so far...=P  Three good matches and one that should have been shorter.