Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE Smackdown! 1/29/10

Last week's Smackdown had a confrontation between Rey Misterio and HBK as well as an AWESOME confrontation between Maria, Mickie James, Michelle McCool and Layla.

Tonight: DX defends against The Straight Edge Society!

- Holy crap...DX is here RIGHT NOW.  Are they curtain jerking again?

- Are you ready?

- Rey interrupts?  I have a feeling this is about The Undertaker.  Yup...he's here to confront Shawn.  Seems he feels slighted about HBK overlooking him.  Wow.  Shawn's not making any bones about it.  Triple H to play peacemaker?  OH.  Hornswoggle reference!  Rey says he's going to beat Undertaker, which neither member of DX could do at WrestleMania.  Ouch...Shawn's threatening Rey...Rey's countering!  Rey just called him out!

- CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serena!  I admit...the heat is huge.  Punk says Rey MUST be high.  Triple H trashes the Straight Edge life.  OH MY GOD!!!!  TRIPLE H IS A GOD!!!  HE JUST CALLED PUNK OUT ON LOOKING LIKE A JUNKIE!!!  Awesome.

- Teddy Long!  What happened to his probation?

- Boo...he just pulled the plug on the Straight Edge Society, and the crowd is pissed.  Rey vs HBK instead.  I don't think the crowd liked that.

- CM Punk vs Triple H one on one tonight!  Will he beat Punk faster than Cena did?

- Great opening segment.

CM PUNK (w/Luke Gallows & Serena) vs TRIPLE H

- I think the match has already gone on longer than the last time Punk faced cena.  Triple H keeping Punk down with headlocks.  Punk hammers away in the corner.  A series of kneelifts on Triple H.  Hunter fires back.  Punk beats him down.  Pedigree?  Punk slips away...Triple H gets the hair and pulls him back in!  Punk takes over and hits a springboard clothesline!  Commercials.

- Punk in charge when we return.  Has a head scissors on Triple H, and is driving elbows in.  Crotch chop by Punk!  Triple H fights back, but gets caught with a leg lariat!  Punk beats Triple H down in the corner.  Suplex blocked!  Suplex on Punk!  HUGE kick on Triple H!  Kickout.  Punk with the leg scissors to wear Triple H down again.  Charges Triple H and gets a boot!  Spinebuster!  Both men down!  Knee offense!  Triple H unloads!  Crotch chop!  High knee!  Pedigree?  Backdrop!  Running knee by Punk!  Bulldog blocked!  Kneebreaker!  Figure four!  Crowd Whoos!  Triple H has the ropes!!  Serena enters the!  Gallows with a cheap shot!  Crowd is PISSED!  GTS Blocked...Serena jumps on Triple H!  DQ

Winner: Triple H via DQ

- Gallows is beating him down while Serena is on his back!!!  Crowd is LIVID!  Punk is directing traffic!  Where's Shawn?!?!  Punk hammereing Triple H!  They have clippers!!  Here's HBK!  Triple H is up!  Staredown between DX and Punk!  Punk puts Serena in front of him!!  Crowd goes nuts!  Punk bails!  SHAWN TEASES THE KICK!!!  She bails!

- That wwas one hell of a segment.  That was an excellent payoff to the last few weeks.   The Straight Edge Society should be the ones that take the belts off of DX, and I don't even like Punk.

- Rey vs HBK tonight!

- John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre - NO DQ for the Intercontinental Title

- Chris Jericho is up next.


-  They do a recap of last week, but no mention of Superstars.  Jericho is slumming it here.  Striker does mention Superstars during the match.  R-Truth with some high impact offense.  Commercial.

- Jericho is still doing the Hogan ear bit.  Tearing R-Truth down.  A little miscue, but Jericho suplexes R-Truth onto the top rope.  Big gutbuster by Jericho.  Abdominal stretch on Killings.  Killings makes a big comeback, crowd's behind him.  Huge spinning leg scissors!  Kickout.  Ric Flair mention by Todd Grisham that turns into a subtle jab at Flair.  Walls of Jericho!  Counter!  Small package!  Kickout!  CODE BREAKER!  R-Truth held onto the ropes!!  Jacknife cradle!!  Its over!

winner: R-TRUTH via pinfall.  (Jack knife cradle)

- Wow.  A clean win over Jericho.  They'll feed him to anybody.

- Sheamus vs Orton and Rey vs Undertaker this Sunday.

- Batista is backstage looking like a golfer.  Seriously...what the Hell is up with that look?  Standard Rumble promo.

- John Morrison is WALKING!

No Disqualification Intercontinental Title Match

- The Morrison-McIntyre feud has looked a lot like the Sheamus-Cena feud on a midcard scale.  McIntyre was "pedigreed" into the corporate champion?  Triple H reference?  Morrison is cutting a promo about the prestige of the Intercontinental title, and putting over the No DQ stip.  Morrison's getting a lot better on the stick.  Nice promo.  There's a reason I'm a Morrison mark.  Striker is playing up the psychology of a No DQ match for a chicken heel.  Morrison with an unorthodox offense.  McIntyre with a jawbreaker but Morrison doesn't stay down.  Huge clothesline sent Drew out of the ring!  Crowd wants tables.  Kendo stick!  He swings it like an amateur.  Bolo would have ended this with one shot.  Cover by McIntyre with no avail.  Huge clotheslines in the corner.  Great heat.  Striker does an awesome job pointing out that the belt brings fame and money, not the other way around.  McIntyre is trying to end early, but getting frustrated.  Morrison sends McIntyre out of the ring...and kicks him when he tries to get away!  Turning into an ugly brawl now.  Drew just ground and pounding Morrison.  Getting the belt and posing...commercials.

- McIntyre still in control.  Morrison rallies but gets cut off.  TThe belt is still in the ring.  Flying Chuck, but Morrison is pushed over the ropes!  Drew has ring steps!  He misses Morrison!  Clothesline over the barrier into the crowd!  Morrison recovers!  McIntyre dumped back inside the ring area...diving clothesline over the barrier by Morrison!  Morrison kendo shot!  Cheap shot by Drew!  Hiptoss on the ring steps!  Cover...two!  Starship Pain?  Knees up!!  Scot Drop on the belt!!!

Winner: DREW MCINTYRE via pinfall (SCOT DROP on the title belt)

- Wow.  Very nice match...too bad Morrison had to lose.  Can we begin his main event build now? Oh...apparently his finisher is the FUTURE SHOCK.

- Here comes Michelle McCool with more heat than any wwoman in the company.  She needs to lose this belt NOW.  Mickie vs McCool this Sunday.  McCool's awful on the mic.  Saying she's ran Mickie off.  Video reminder of last week's awesome segment humiliating Mickie.  McCool is piling on the piggy jokes.  Calling out Mickie...Layla in a fat suit?  Totally saw that coming.  Crowd's not thrilled.  Striker thinks its hilarious.  Wait...this is a match?

Women's Title Match

- Piggy chases McCool out of the ring...and barely makes it back in.  McCool pins her with a schoolgirl.

Winner: MICHELLE MCCOOL via pinfall.  (Schoolgirl)

- Pure angle advancement.  Mickie REALLY needs to win the match.

- HBK is WALKING.  Batista stops him.  Says he'll take out Shawn at the Rumble.  HBK calls him overrated!  Triple H!  Batista decides that two on one sucks.  HHH and Batista stare down.  Did HHH ever beat Batista?


- I...don't really care about this match.  Lock up and headlock by HBK.  He's pretty much wrestling the Triple H match from earlier.  Shoulderblock on Rey.  HBK is bullying Rey.  Big chops taking Rey down.  Rey send udner the ropes and to the floor!  Headscissors into the 619 position and HBK bails!  Shawn hammers Rey in the corner...Rey reverses!  Trading blows!  Fight to the floor.  Snap mare by Shawn.  Drop toehold!  HBK goes for a superkick!  Rey ducks!  Headscissors takes them to the floor as we go to the break!

- Rey is working Shawn over as we return.  Rey is attacking the leg.  Smart move.  Leglock on HBK.  Headbutt to the hamstring.  Big forearm by Rey!  Neckbreaker by Shawn!  Ouch!  Rey went up, but Shawn knocked the leg out!  Rey went for a frankensteiner but got slapped down!  HBK with a figure four variation!  Rey gets the ropes!  Enzuigiri on HBK!  HBK gets the kippup and goes for the inverted atomic drop, but huracanrana!  West Coast Pop!  Inverted atomic drop by Shawn!  Rey with a reverse DDT out of a slam!  Springboard splash gets knees!  Shawn goes up...elbow!!  Spinning kick by Rey!  619!  Springboard into the superkick!!!  Both men are down!  Batista spears Shawn!  Spinebuster on Rey!  Triple H!!!

No Contest

- Triple H unloads on Batista!  Trading shots!  Spinebuster on Batista!  Clothesline takes both men out!  Rey and Shawn both getting up...lights go out!  Gongs!  Undertaker is in the ring!!  Double chokeslam!!!  Undertaker stands tall!!