Thursday, January 7, 2010

Marvel SAGA: Villain Chart

So a LONG time ago, I began work on some charts for Marvel SAGA.  These charts were to be designed for the express purpose of with but a card draw or two, selecting a villain, a plot and a location for your Marvel SAGA adventures.  Alternately, you can label these entries 1-100 and roll dice.  The Villain Chart is finally complete.  Some of these entries are generic.  Some are specific.  All are meant with the Marvel Universe in mind.  With a quick card draw and a little thought, you have an instant antagonist for your adventures.  Without further ado...let there be Villains!  (and the occasionally misunderstood hero).

1: Werewolves!
2: Killer Robot drones.
3: (Sabra) Terrorists
   (Luke Cage) Gangstas
4: (Nova) A hostile cosmic invader
   (Warbird) Government task force
   (Captain Britain) Alternate dimensional traveler
   (Sersi) Immortal manipulator.
5: (Black Bolt) Maximus, or an evil Inhuman.
   (Rogue) Young mutant being manipulated by others.
   (Vision) Singular killer robot such as Ultron or Machinesmith.
   (Colossus) Acolytes.
   (Ghost Rider) Demonic forces.
6: (She-Hulk) Gamma radiated abomination
   (Thing) A Mighty Marvel Monster.
   (Wonder Man) Zombies.
   (Sub-Mariner) Heroic Misunderstanding.
7: (Thor) Norse creature such as a Frost Giant or Dark Elf.
   (Hercules) Mythical beast such as a chimera or manticore.
8: Galactus and/or heralds.
9: Hulk.

1: C-string mutant terrorists, such as the MLF.
2: Religious zealot
3: (Meltdown) Teenage mutant gang
   (Jubilee) “Pure” human mutant hunting squad
4: (Archangel) Apocalypse and/or his Horsemen or other Henchmen.
   (Kymaera) Atlanteans.
   (Morbius) Vampires.
   (Falcon) Racist supervillain.
5: (Wasp) Villainous socialite
   (Deadpool) Costumed mercenary hitman. (Bullseye, Deadpool or Typhoid Mary, for instance.)
   (Hawkeye) Reluctant villain
   (Human Torch) Skrull imposter of an associate.
   (Gambit) Marauders or Nasty Boys
6: (Black Cat) Cat burglar
   (Elektra) The Hand.
   (Quicksilver) Super speedester
   (Silver Sable) Mercenary or Merc Squad
7: (Tigra) Animal-themed villain
   (Daredevil) Lawyer
8: Frankenstein's Monster or other freakishly misunderstood being.
9: A villainous clone.

1: AIM Bucketheads.
2: Time-traveling villain.
3: (Polaris) Mind controlled hero
   (Havok) Brotherhood of Mutants
4: (Cable) Time-traveling clone.
   (Black Knight) Armored knight
   (Shadowcat) N'Garai
   (Cyclops) Sinister.
5: (Impossible Man) Impy or his wife and/or kids.
   (Ant-Man) Insect themed villain
   (Doc Samson) Mind controller such as Mesmero or Purple Man.
   (Black Widow) Enemy spy.
   (Nick Fury) Hydra.
6: (Black Panther) Vibranium using villain.
   (Moondragon) Megomaniacal psychic
   (Forge) Ancient spirit.
   (Stingray) Rampaging sea creature.
7: (Beast) Mad Scientist.
   (Giant-Man) Microverse invader
8: Powered Armor Villain.
9: Scientific experiment gone awry

1: Militant hero
2: Mummy.
3: (Shang-Chi) Martial artist such as Mr. X.
   (Psylocke) Shadow dimension warrior
4: (Scarlet Witch) Reality manipulating villain
   (Storm) Superpowered thief
   (Franklin Richards) Nightmarish exaggerations of the heroes.
   (Stick) Secret society seeking purity through destruction
5: (Clea) Denizens of the Dark Dimension.
   (Adam Warlock) A hero's own evil (or good!) side.
   (Invisible Woman) Invisible enemy
   (Lockheed) The Brood
   (Wolverine) Hero gone berserk
6: (Iron Fist) Dragon
   (Nate Grey) Refugee from Age of Apocalypse or another alternate reality.
   (White Queen) Hellfire Club.
   (Phoenix) Out of control cosmic force.
7: (Agatha Harkness) Witch or coven.
   (Professor X) Uberpowerful psychic entity
8: Super-Soldier Gone Wrong.
9: Evil sorcerer.

1: Brainless thug.
2: Elemental manipulator
3: (Kingpin) Criminal Mastermind.
   (Sabretooth) Serial Killer.
4: (Green Goblin) A Goblin (Green, Hob or Demo)
   (Venom) Parasitic or Symbotic Alien lifeform.
5: (Taskmaster) Incredibly skilled hand to hand fighter
   (Absorbing Man) Thug empowered by greater villain
6: (Juggernaut) Juggernaut or one of the Exemplars.
   (Super-Skrull) Hostile humanoid alien race. (Skrulls, Kree, Badoon, etc)
 7: (Super-Adaptoid) Imposter of another hero.
   (Leader) Cult leader-like figure
8: (Annihilus) Negative Zone villain such as Annihilus or Blastaar.
   (Loki) Evil God.
9: Mutant Supremacist.
10: Doom.