Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tommy's Take: ECW on SyFy 1/5/10

Reception for the Monday Night blogs were well I'm gonna do it again, this time with ECW.

Preface: I was not a fan of the old ECW.  Never was a huge "hardcore" guy.  If you're going to have hardcore matches, they should have a point.  ALL gimmick matches should have a point.  Didn't like the "new" ECW at first, either.  Somewhere along the way, ECW got really good.  The New Talent Initiative, guys like Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne...even Sheamus.  Good stuff.

Tonight's show:

Mark Henry vs CM Punk in a ECW Homecoming Match
Chavo Guerrero vs Shelton Benjamin - I assume that's a Homecoming Match as well.

And here we go!

- WWE video without Foley or Hogan.  Kofi's taking Foley's place, it looks like.

- Punk and Henry video at the beginning.

- Why does WWE's only Straight Edge Superstar look like a drug addict?

- I love the ECW opening video.

- Rumor has it that The Hurricane is jumping to TNA with Jeff Hardy.

- Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton are your hosts as we are TAPED in Louisville, KY.

- Christian's music hits...for a promo, I guess.  ECW's new ring announcer has a pretty good voice for it.

- The ECW title belt is kinda ugly.

- Has it been more than 30 days since he defended the belt?

- I do like his music.

- Goes for the cheap pop.  Christian reminds everyone about ECW Homecoming...past and present stars facing off for a title shot.

- CM Punk and Luke Gallows for the interrupt.  WWE is in a lose-lose spot with Punk.  If he loses, the internet will bitch about him being buried.  If he wins, the internet will bitch about him being demoted.

- Punk should bury Jeff Hardy one more time tonight.

- Punk and Christian referencing HBK and Bret?  Why?

- Is Punk trying to get back on ECW? least he's not making it look like a demotion.

- Seriously...Punk looks like a junkie.

- And boring.

- I'm not sure if I can handle watching all of every show, every week.


- Looks like Chavo vs Shelton IS a qualifier.

- Won't drink, smoke or do drugs?  I'm Straight Edge by that definition.

- Chavo vs Someone Who Isn't Hornswoggle!

- Mike Tyson on Raw next week.


- Did they ever formalize his face turn?  Shelton is an awful heel. I like him as a face, though.  Kinda wish he would ditch the Butch Reed dye job, though.  Remember when Chavo was Kerwin White and feuded with Shelton Benjamin?  And Shelton had a Momma's Boy gimmick right after that?  Me either.  Slugfest.  Because that's what I want to see out of these two.  Nice.  Shelton lost Chavo on an irish whip and he ran anyway.  Three Amigos.  German to block the last Amigo!  Byron Saxton is an awful color commentator.  Matthews is a fine play by play guy.  This match is a little sloppy and disjointed.  Guerrero is working the leg...makes sense, grounding Shelton.  Scott Armstrong looks so uncomfortable as a ref.  Saxton did point out the psychology of working the leg.  Good job.  Crowd getting behind Shelton.  Fights out!  Dragon Whip!  Benjamin sells the leg!  Big backdrop.  Chavo goes back to the leg!  Shelton tosses him up and drops him, but keeps selling the leg.  Powerbomb?  No!  Rolling crab!  Did Chavo earn a push for not bitching about Hornswoggle?  Flying headscissors!  Chavo off the top...Benjamin ducks...Chavo rolls!  Charges Shelton...PAYDIRT!

Winner: SHELTON BENJAMIN via pinfall (PAYDIRT)

- Better than Wolfe-Burke from TNA on Monday, because Shelton remembered to sell the injury THE WHOLE MATCH, and both guys actually look like stars.  Very nice match.

- Graphic showing those who have qualified: Vance Archer (I can't believe that guy has a job), Shelton Benjamin, Kane. Ezekiel Jackson, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy and Yoshi Tatsu.  Punk about has to win with that field.

- Shelton still playing to the crowd with a mild reaction.

- Retirement of Tommy Dreamer.  That was a classy segment.  With the rumors that ECW is "ending", Dreamer's exit really makes sense.  Wonder if he's still TNA bound?

- Zack Ryder.  Bad gimmick?  Yes.  But he plays it shamelessly.  That's why he deserves a push.  Ryder heelishly burying Dreamer.  Claiming to have destroyed ECW last week.  Hm...the promo was just to put himself over.

- Raw recap.  Excuse me if I don't recap it.  Raw was really the better show.  Less exciting, but I can look at every segment and see the point.

- Ezekiel Jackson vs Vladimir Kozlov again?  I hate that break up.  They had such potential with Regal as his roundtable.

- Caprica looks interesting.

- Legion looks very interesting.

- Rey vs Batista on Smackdown, winner faces Undertaker.  I'm figuring its a draw, setting up a Triple Threat.


- Regal should have a career as a manager if he wants it.  I don't think the crowd has still quite taken to Kozlov.  Recap of the turn on Kozlov three weeks ago.  This could be bowling shoe ugly.  The video of Kozlov becoming a US citizen is pretty touching, though.  He looks so happy.  Huge oversell by Jackson off a big boot.  A leg DDT?  By Jackson?  Jackson apparently watched the last match, as he's working the leg.  Crowd is dead. that a "USA" chant?  Chop block.  Jackson is tearing Kozlov up.  Kozlov kicks Jackson off...but back to the leg.  That was an interesting move.  He had Kozlov's leg on his shoulder and dropped down.  Announcers acknowleding that Jackson doesn't normally wrestle like this.  Another huge oversell by Jackson as Kozlov kicks him out of the ring.  Kozlov forgetting to sell the leg.  Crowd forgetting to sell his chants.  TAKE IT HOME!  TAKE IT HOME!  Huge clothesline by Jackson.  Almost more of a forearm club.  Suplex.  HA!  Small "We Want Regal" chant.  Crowd kinda popped for Jackson winning.  That's bad.


- Jackson and Regal taunt Kozlov.  Wow.  This feud is a heat sink.  Bad match...the attacking the leg only barely made sense in the context of the match...and Kozlov forgot to sell it anyway.

- Mark Henry...Christian showing up?  No!  Tony Atlas!  CONTINUITY!  He wants to manage Henry again tonight!  Atlas with the ridiculous laugh, Henry shuts him down.  Ha!

- I will not be recapping the Royal Rumble.


- Punk winning with a screwjob.  Countout, maybe?  This is a Raw star vs a Smackdown star on ECW.  Mark Henry sure seems like a happy guy.  Winner joins seven other guys in a battle royal next week foor a shot at Christian at WrestleMania.  Doubt this is as good as Shelton-Chavo, but it will have more heat.  Should be light years better than the last match.  Punk fails to suplex Henry...hip toss.  Henry barely sells kicks.  Catches a running kick...over the top rope!  Commercial break.

- Why is TNA having Angle vs AJ for the belt again when AJ pinned Angle clean?  And how many finishers is THAT match going to take to end it?

- Back from the break and Henry is dominating.  Punk on the floor, Henry goes after him...Henry into the steps!  Punk and Gallows trying to get the ref to count faster.  Punk on the attack.  Series of knee drops.  Cover, but Henry kicks out.  Announcers referencing both men being in Money in the Bank last year.  Neckbreaker by Henry.  Beating on Henry, ref pulls him off.  Variation of a triangle choke.  This is such a low energy show tonight.  Crowd is starting to get into it.  Punk with a huge series of elbows!  Gets a two count.  Punk laying in kicks like Bill Watts to Buddy Landell's luggage.  Punk now with knees.  Henry is no selling and NOW the crowd is getting into it!  Headbutts!  HUGE clothesline!  Avalanche!  Forearm in the corner.  A head of steam...misses!  Running knee by Punk!  Bulldog...throw off...Punk stops before hitting the ref!  Gallows cheapshots Henry!  Big kick by Punk!  Gets three!

Winner: CM PUNK via pinfall (Kick to head after interference)

- Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, Vance Archer, Ezekiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu, Shelton Benjamin, Kane and CM Punk in a battle royal for a shot at Christian, next week!  God I hope Archer doesn't win.

- That was not a good show.  No one was over, crowd had no energy.  Just not a good night.