Friday, January 8, 2010

Savage Ravenloft: Gnomes

Continuing the Savage Ravenloft we hit the final Ravenloft race not available in the Fantasy Companion: Gnomes.  These Gnomes were created by Ron Blessing of


Gnomes tend to be spindly humanoids with tanned skin, fair hair and blue eyes.  Gnomes often wear bright colors and gaudy jewelry.  Gnomes make great court jesters as they have a knack for humor and storytelling, though in Ravenloft this can tend toward the macabre.

*Jovial: Gnomes are boisterous and cheerful, making it very hard to dislike them. They have a +2 to Charisma.

*Short: Gnomes average 4' tall. They are Size -1 and cannot take the Small Hindrance.

*Tinker: Gnomes are naturally attracted to inventing and, well, tinkering. They begin play with a d6 Repair skill.

With races complete, next time I'll delve into just how The Land of Dread changes some of the Edges your characters may possess.