Saturday, January 2, 2010

Savage Ravenloft: The Half-Vistani


The products of human and Vistani breeding, half-Vistani (or giomorgo) are outcasts in human society and Vistani society as well.  Half-Vistani take after their Vistani parents, with dark hair, dusky skin and angular features.

*Spiritually Connected
:  Half-Vistani retain some measure of their parent's sixth sense.  This allows them to start with a d6 in Spirit.

*Child of Both Worlds
: Half-Vistani don't fit in with humans or Vistani, and so have the Outsider hindrance.

*Moon Madness:  On the three nights of the full moon, Half-Vistani lose the ability to heal without magical healing, and lose the ability to use any Arcane Background they may possess.  In addition, they must succeed at a Spirit test or run wild for the three nights of the full moon.

*Survivors:  All half-Vistani gain +1 to Survival checks, +2 if starting a fire is involved.

*Tribal Blood:  Depending on the tribe the half-Vistani hails from, they gain an additional boon:

Canjar: Gain +1 on Spellcasting rolls and +2 on Knowledge (Arcana) rolls.

Corvara: Gain +2 on Lockpicking rolls and +1 on Notice rolls involving other people's motives.

Equaar: Gain +2 the Beast Master Edge and +1 Ride checks.

Kamii:  Gain +2 on Repair checks and, with a Common Knowledge roll, can identify a metal and determine its origin.

Naiat:  +2 on Perform checks, even if they don't have the Troubadour edge or Arcane Background (Miracles).  As well, they are not subject to the Outcast hindrance as are other half-Vistani.

:  Gain the Healer edge and +1 on Knowledge, Common Knowledge or Survival edges involving herbs and herbalism.

:  At the start of each encounter, roll a d10.  1-4: No effect.  5-7: The half-Vistani gains the Quick edge for this combat.  8-10: The half-Vistani gains the Level Headed Edge for this combat.  If they already have Level Headed, this becomes Improved Level Headed.

Half-Vistani are found in the Ravenloft Player's Guide.  This work references the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition and Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion.

If I get permission, I will be posting Gnomes here next, followed by a discussion on how Ravenloft modifies some of the available Edges your characters can take.

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