Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE Monday Night Raw 2/1/10


Okay...so I called it on Mickie, and Sheamus...and nothing else.  Miz beat MVP in an unscheduled match, but I am making my prediction NOW for WrestleMania: Christian remains champion until WM, where Zack Ryder beats him and "kills" ECW.

Of note: Edge returned last night and won the Rumble.  HBK turned on Triple H, and Beth Phoenix entered the Rumble and eliminated Khali.

Tonight: Bret Hart returns as The Road To WrestleMania BEGINS!

- In memory of Oklahoma's own Jack Brisco.  Rest In Peace.

- EDGE~!

- Mixed reaction?  He had a solid babyface reaction last night, I hear.  And apparently he was wrestling HEAVILY taped.  Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite him.  Not sure I want to see Edge as a face.

- Yeah, crowd's not giving him a full face reaction at all.

- Edge sounds a bit like a heel here...lets see how this plays out.  Small "Edge, Edge, Edge" chant.  Shouldn't this angle be on Smackdown?  Edge is stumbling all over his words here.

- Dennis Miller joke.

- Anyone think that rushing back from an injury is a good idea for Edge?

- Edge needs a heel out here, fast.

- Edge vs UT, Streak vs Streak would be HUGE.  Notice how Christian isn't even a WM option?

- Weak promo.  I've never been an Edge hater, but I can't say he's thrilled me being back.

- Sheamus interrupts!

- Sheamus is getting a strong enough reaction, I think.  Yeah...the crowd timing on boos is heel heat, not X-Pac heat.

- I think Cena's coming out.  Maybe even Orton.

- Good, strong promo by Sheamus so far.  Here comes the full face turn, I think.  Careful, Sheammus...Edge IS fragile.

- Cheap shot!  He's stalking Edge...takedown by Edge!  They're going at it!  Spear?  Yuck...Edge has a crappy new tattoo on his forearm.  But he does hit the spear.

- Elimination Chamber promo, as that is the next PPV.

- John Cena is WALKING!  Tonight, Elimination Chamber qualifiers.  Good call.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- Legacy completely imploded last night.  I expect Ted to interfere, but accidentally blast Rhodes.  Either way, Cena is going on.  Rhodes takes over right away.  HUGE Cena chant.  Cody getting a little amateur.  Neckbreaker.  Kneedrop...the camera accidentally caught that it missed.  Flying shoulderblocks.  Protobomb reversed into a roll-up!  Protobomb!  Five Knuckle Shuffle!!  Rhodes fights out of the Attitude Adjustment.  Wow!  Release gourdbuster!  Nice.  Moonsault set up...hit!  Lawler keeps calling Rhodes "Orton".  ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!


- Elimination Chamber: SHEAMUS vs JOHN CENA vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ?

- Every match tonight is a qualifier...I thought Maryse was facing Gail Kim tonight?

- Bret-McMahon package.

- Vince is backstage blowing off the idea that Bret will show.  Someone's in the office with him...we're supposed to think it's Bret, but we're getting SHATNER~!

- YES!  Pop for that.

- Shatner seems uncomfortable, which surprises me.  Says he can't wait for Hart to embarrass Vince.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- Ouch.  Let the burial begin.  Hunter seems to be lacking DX colors.  Swagger takes Triple H down.  Rolling him around the ring.  Good heat for Swagger.  Right cross!  Knee offense!  Clothesline over the rope!  Commercials.

- Spin-around DDT by Swagger!  Big elbowdrop.  Legdrop.  Abdominal stretch into a takedown.  Triple H sends Swagger to the floor.  Awkward spot getting back in the ring.  Swagger slam on Triple H.  Something's gone off the rails here.  Triple H clearly callinng the audible here on Swagger.  Vader Bomb gets knees!  Hunter unloads.  Knee offense!  Spinebuster! Pedigree blocked!  I want to like this match, but its just missing...something.  I'm not sure who to blame.  I hate to say it, but take it home, please.  PEDIGREE!

Winner: TRIPLE H via pinfall.  (PEDIGREE)

- Elimination Chamber: SHEAMUS vs JOHN CENA vs TRIPLE H vs ? vs ? vs ?

- Kofi, Orton and...DiBiase?

- Orton vs HBK is NEXT!

- The Shat?

- Shatner is backstage...doing dramatic readings of WWE lyrics!  Starts with HBK!  Awesome.  Cena!  Rey Mysterio!  This is brilliant.  Hilarious.

- HBK is sulking backstage.  Triple H wants to talk...Hornswoggle is here.  Triple H shoos him off.  Triple H
isn't holding a grudge about last night, acknowledging that he would have done the same.  Awesome.  Triple H is trying to get Shawn to get into the Chamber so they can face each other at WM.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- Orton should go to TNA.  Then I stop recapping TNA and its all good.  Commercials before HBK comes out.

- WWE Rewind showing Rhodes costing Orton the match by getting him DQed.  Orton unloading on Legacy.

- Here's Shawn.  Shawn looks like he's grudgingly going through his motions.  Orton with a clean break?  Fighting in the corner.  Neckbreaker by Shawn.  Orton powders.  Shawn getting a little fire under him.  Is Orton's mouth bleeding?  3.0.  Orton is stomping Shawn down.  This match isn't doing it for me.  Orton dropkick.  Fast forward chinlock.  Sets Shawn up top.  Uppercut.  HBK fights him off.  Elbow!  Tuning up the band!  Ducks the Superkick!  HBK blocks the RKO!  Inverted Atomic Drops!  Forearm!  Kippup...roll-up!!!  Orton gets the pin!!

Winner: RANDY ORTON via pinfall (school boy)

- Elimination Chamber: SHEAMUS vs JOHN CENA vs TRIPLE H vs RANDY ORTON vs ? vs ?

- Shawn looks like he's about to snap.  Throwing off the DX armbands.  Temper tantrum Shawn.

- Another Bret-Vince package.

- WM promo.  55 days away.

- DiBiase apologizes to Orton.  Orton won't even talk to him.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- Hmmm...Big Show vs Kofi as the main?  Has Henry gotten bigger?  Tie-up and toss Ted down.  Shoulderblocks.  Ted gets sent to the floor!  DiBiase grounds Henry and works him over.  Top wristlock right now.  Huge clothesline drops Ted!  Boot to Henry!  World's Strongest Slam?  No!  DiBiase goes over the top rope with an arm breaker!  Dream Street blocked!  Single arm DDT!  He wins clean!

Winner: TED DIBIASE via pinfall (single arm DDT)

- Wow. Clean?!?!  Nice.  Let the push begin?

- Elimination Chamber: SHEAMUS vs JOHN CENA vs TRIPLE H vs RANDY ORTON vs TED DIBIASE vs ?

- Kofi vs Show is the final qualifier.

- Jack Brisco tribute.  Great tribute for a guy that was unknown in the modern era.  Very classy.

- Kelly Hot Kelly is backstage with Gail Kim when Maryse walks up.  Maryse is playing "nice".  Maryse is trashing Mickie James and Michelle McCool's Smackdown angle?  Hm?

- Miz and Big Show are backstage, hanging out.  Why are they not letting Shatner in front of the live crowd?

- CM PUNK AND LUKE GALLOWS?  Holy crap.  SHAT.  Wow.  "Raw Match Negotiator."

- Miz and Show want a match with DX, Punk and Gallows want DX...Shatner deems that both teams get a shot next week!  Shatner's now shilling Priceline.com and the Hollywood Horse Show.  Nice...he wants a "Freeze frame" and both teams walk off because he's weird.

- HHH is trying to reach HBK backstage.  Awww...Shawn is whining because he wants Undertaker.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- Miz is out as the match starts!  Kofi uses his speed right off.  Show slows him down...does The Miz have a laptop in front of him?  Show hammers Kofi.  Big knee by Show.  Straddles himself on the top!  Kofi dropkicks him out!  Commercials.

- Show is dominating as we return.  Kofi jawbreaker.  Show cuts him off with the headbutt.  Miz gets in Kofi's face.  MVP attacks Miz from the crowd!  Chasing him out of the ring area!  Kofi drops Show's throat on the ropes!  Kofi screws up going up top but tries to save it!  Unloading with kicks!  BOOM DROP!!  Kickout!  Kofi leaps...hammering Show...Show's going for a Choke Slam, Kofi's going to the eyes!  Show punches the ref!!!  Show's trying to wake the ref up!!  We have a new ref...DQ!!!


- Show's arguing!  Kofi wins...and the crowd doesn't sound pleased.


- Show's just shy of threatening Steve Armstrong.

- Another McMahon-Hart package.

- Vince~! Is~! Walking~!

- NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards hosts next week as CM Punk & Luke Gallows and Miz & Big Show challenge DX.

- Lawler is in the ring to FINALLY bring out Shatner.

- Shatner falls onto Lawler getting into the ring.  Doing an "I'm Okay" bit.  Shatner is taking over...to bring out Bret Hart!

- Bret's back!  Looks a LITTLE less like Raven.

- Bret says he's here to get in Vince's face, not play nice.  Vince comes out acting scared...but then mocks Bret as he struts to the ring.  Vince says he regrets nothing, Bret calls him the world's biggest liar.  Bret mocks Vince's claims of "being like a father" to him.  Starts talking about his stroke 8 years ago.  Says he fought his way out of the wheelchair, and Vince knocked him back down a month ago.  Great promo by Bret so far.  He's threatening to kick Vince's ass!  Vince is firing back, hitting Bret with all his taglines and nicknames.  Says "The Best There Is..." is a crock.  Says Bret's not a hero.  Vince is saying he's never understood the big deal about Bret.  Which...makes sense if you look back at the booking.  Says Bret has no personality, and Bret was always boosted by who he faced.  Says Bret has no charisma.  No mic skills.  Bashing Bret's face and hair.  Vince is tearing him apart.  Vince says Bret deserved to be screwed.  Vince is now yanking the Stu Hart nomination for the Hall of Fame!  Says Stu doesn't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and Bret explodes!!  Beating Vince down!!  Throws Vince's show at him!  Batista!!!  Batista attacking Bret!!  Batista chant?  Really?  Batista is holding Bret!  Spits in Bret's face!!!  Cena chant as we go off the air.

- Nice show...is Cena going to be the one standing up for Bret again?  I just PRAY the Vince doesn't legitimately screw Bret again.