Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE Superstars 1/28/10

WWE Superstars!  Routinely the best show of the week!

Sorry I'm with bad weather and Angelus being home has kept me running behind on the wrestling viewing.

Trying to cram three shows in AND a Royal Rumble preview.

- Rotating WWE Superstars opening.


- Wow.  The Bellas are univerally awful.  Jillian is the unsung hero of the Raw Divas division.  Katie Lea is just cool.  This will be ugly.  Katie is wrestling with Brie...tag to Nikki.  Nice double team on Katie.  Leg roll move...I don't know what to call it.  Jillian tags in and Nikki is getting taken apart.  Angelus just popped for Jillian doing a hair toss on Nikki.  Nikkie fights back in the corner, and tags Brie.  Hiptoss senton on Jillian.  The Sudden Impacts were cooler...they did a hiptoss 450.  Jillian chokes Brie on the ropes and that sets up a Katie boot.  Man, I hope Katie and Jillian win.  Katie Lea Catatonic Backbreaker!  Brie kicks out.  Boo!  Hot tag.  Nikki unloading with dropkicks...that look like they are connecting, unlike Eve's.  Man...Nikki is on a roll.  Katie unloads with forearms...Victory Roll by Nikki as Brie nails Jillian!  That's it!

Winner: THE BELLA TWINS via pinfall on Katie (Nikki VICTORY ROLL)

- Man...that was better than expected, but I wish Jillian and Katie had won.  Not like the  crowd would have turned on the Bellas just for jobbing.  I mean, they both jobbed to Maryse in one match a few weeks ago.

- Matt Hardy vs David Hart Smith later on, apparently with Great Khali, Ranjin Singh, Natalya and Tyson Kidd all at ringside.  Khali-Hardy is so random.

- Does Spartanburg, SC just have amazing corporate tax laws, or what?


- Masters is winning...right?  I believe this is a Rumble qualifier.  Masters as a face is still so weird.  The two little guys keep acting like they are going after Masters, but Primo decides to nail Chavo instead.  Masters dominating both men.  Masters gorilla presses Chavo, Primo nails him and Chavo winds up covering him.  Chavo and Primo was some quick, quick exchanges until Masters kills them with a double clothesline.  Chavo all over Masters.  Masters fires up and stomps him down in the corner.  Huge powerslam!  Primo makes the save.  Primo unloads on Masters...spinning headscissors!  Springboard gets caught...Masterlock?!  No!  Chavo dives and Masters catches HIM!  Primo knocks Masters out of the ring, and Chavo sends him over the top onto Masters!  Chavo crashes on both men as we go to break!

- Back from the break and Masters is still out of the match, and Chavo has a top wristlock on Primo.  Primo rallies...Chavo droptoehold!  Rolling senton!  Nails Masters as he climbs back in!  Chavo walks into a Primo dropkick!  Trading blows.  Spinning back elbow by Primo!  Catches Masters with a Russian Legsweep!  Masters blocks an irish whip...Primo drops his chest across the turnbuckles!  Chavo with the 3 Amigoes...Primo small package on the third!  Masterlock attempt on Chavo!  They backdrop Primo out!  Masterlock...Chavo slides down...Masters wheelbarrows him up and into the MASTERLOCK!!  Chavo is fighting!!!  Submission!

Winner: CHRIS MASTERS via submission (MASTERLOCK)

- They are doing a GREART job with Masters and the psychology that the Masterlock is a killer.

- Video recap from Smackdown last week, where Natalya was flirting with Khali and Matt Hardy upset David Hart Smith with a small package.

- Awesome "Rumble by the Numbers" video package.

- Chris Jericho?

- In a suit?

- Is there not an ECW match this week?

- Jericho's bagging on the other Rumble participants.  Standard Jericho promo, guaranteeing a Rumble victory.

- Oh...crap.

- R-Truth.

- I really don't like R-Truth.  Jericho's facial expression was tremendous.  R-Truth agrees that Jericho is the best at what he does: Being an arrogant loud-mouth who runs his mouth all the time.  Also throws in annoying and aggravating, and "that pimple that appears at the wrong time".  He's just piling it on.  R-Truth just called him...Jack Sparrow?  R-Truth says he's winning the Rumble..."No Chance in Hell"...=P  R-Truth says he'll personally eliminate Jericho if he gets the chance.

- Suckerpunch by Jericho!  Trading blows!  R-Truth with a big kick, and Jericho bails!

- I hate R-Truth, but that was a nice segment for building him up.

- Main event is ECW match tonight.

- William Shatner hosts RAW...and Bret Hart has been invited back!

DAVID HART SMITH (w/Tyson Kidd & Natalya)) vs MATT HARDY (w/The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh)

- random.  Matt Hardy is the "heart and soul" of Smackdown.  Alright.  Lock up.  Smith has the clear power edge.  Smith trying to outwrestle Hardy...going for an armbreaker, but Smith turns it into a sleeper.  Hardy unloads with right hands!  Twist of Fate?  Bailout!  Baseball slide!  Hardy up top...Natalya stands in the way!  Khali goes around the side of the ring to chase off Kidd and Natalya.  Commercials.

-  We return...and DH Smith is applying a top wristlock.  Didn't I see this earlier in the show?   Seriously...I hate matches that look exactly the same on the same show.  The Road Agents, at least, should be watching for this crap.  Smith channels Arn Anderson with a hammerlock slam.  Hardy uses his injured arm for a clothesline and sells apropriately.  Natalya gets a slap in.  Smith isolates Hardy in his corner, which he would do if this were a tag match.  Nice touch.  Smith mocks the damage to the arm.  Hardy fights back...ellbow off the ropes!  Sleeper drop!  Right hand clothesline and bulldog gets two.  Calling for the  Twist of Fate!  Smith catches the boot...Side effect!  Kidd looks like he's looking for a chance to jump in!  Natalya with a distraction and Kidd with am armbreaker on Hardy!  Carbon Footprint by Smith!

Winner: DAVID HART SMITH via pinfall (Big Boot)

- Khali unloads on the Hart Dynasty!   Khali cleans house!  Helping Matt up, who has to stop Khali from raising the injured arm.  Khali throws Hardy over the top rope!  Just a reminder that it is every man for himself!

- Not a good match at all.  No real energy, it was dragging at several points, and certainly not main event calibre...the triple threat was better, even if Chavo and Primo are lower on the totem pole right now.