Friday, August 8, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 8: Favorite Character(s)

I could name a few of these, and they are all actually NPCs (given how little I actually play).

Tanjlock Sarlon is a Wood Elf Fighter from AD&D 2nd Edition who ultimately came to be known as much for his mental instability and his "road to Hell being paved with good intentions" as anything else. The art above is from my friend and partner in crime, Johnnie Johnson, for what is intended to be an illustrated novella series featuring Tanjlock.

Bully, The Bull That Walks Like A Man was an NPC in my Necessary Evil game and the first NPC that, when I killed him off, nearly set off a riot at the table. My players were FURIOUS. When he showed up later as a Super Drone, they were furious a second time, but one of the PCs managed to wrench him from his brain washing and bring him back to their side. He will be migrating to comic book form in my upcoming PALADIN: AGENT OF KRYPTIC comic.

Lastly would be Former US Marshal Ezekiah Joseph Kidd, my first Deadlands character. He began as an ugly, self righteous US Marshal who ultimately became Blessed and gave his life in pursuit of stopping Ravenites from doing bad, bad things. After I took over as GM of the game, his deputy (one of the remaining PCs) made it his life's mission to find Kidd. When he discovered Kidd was actually dead, he invoked the blackest of magic to return Kidd to life against his wishes.
Kidd is not presently slated to appear in any fiction.

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