Actual Plays

So, believe it or not, I actually do game...I don't just blog about gaming.

We do lots of Savage Worlds around here, but we play other games from time to time, and I like to write up those games, in part because it helps me keep track of stuff if we have breaks in gaming (either to play other stuff or because of Real Life).

The first campaign is a Star Wars Saga Edition game I ran for my son. None of my games with my son have yet gotten a lot of traction, because I have a really hard time kicking my brain into the proper gear for GMing for a kid, but we keep trying:

Star Wars Saga: Gaming With My Son
Star Wars Saga: Gaming With My Son Part 2
Star Wars Saga: Gaming With My Son Part 3

The next game I'm posting is a one shot (to be continued...) game of Marvel SAGA that I ran using the Mythic GM Emulator. Yeah, my time management is so poor that I can't continue an ongoing game with MYSELF.

Mythic Marvel: Captain America

More Marvel SAGA, as I ran a short, two-session game for my son that we may be adapting to Fate Accelerated soon.

The SAGA of Spider-Man: Episode 1
The SAGA of Spider-Man: Episode 2

My favorite, and thus far most epic, campaign of all time has been our Necessary Evil game. We ran through the entire Plot Point Campaign and it was awesome. Here are the actual play reports and a retrospective.

We did a one shot earlier this year to introduce one of my best friends to role-playing, using the Dragon Age system for the first time. It wound up being one of the wackiest and more back stabby games I've ever ran.

We have a few sessions under our belts of The Savage World of Solomon Kane, which will all eventually be posted here (and more, as the game continues).

tremulus is a brilliant game by Reality Blurs that we need to play again, because the first time went over incredible well.

Earlier this year, we used a Savage Worlds conversion for d20 setting Midnight, finishing another adventure that we started long ago: The Crown of Shadow. It went very well, and we look forward to more soon.

I have two Deadlands campaigns I run on and off. This one is a Deadlands Classic campaign that I started out as a player in, but we converted it to Savage Worlds and I took over as Marshal when the GM moved.

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