Monday, August 4, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 4: Most Recent RPG Purchase

So this is one of those questions that could be answered a couple of ways, so I'll answer it a couple of ways.

I backed the Wield Kickstarter by John Wick and had the PDF on my computer, but at Glitchcon this weekend, I ran into Mr. Wick and opted to go ahead and purchase the physical, technically, it would be Wield by John Wick. (For those not familiar with Wield, you play a magic item with plots and schemes who controls its wielders - played by other players - who also have their own plots and schemes). That said, merely picking up a physical copy of a book I already own digitally may not "count", so I'll also answer with:

My other most recent purchase - and the one that was not just a physical copy of a product I already owned - which has not shipped yet (to my knowledge) is Dragon Age Set 3 by Green Ronin Publishing, and the boxed set that will complete the initial Dragon Age run (before Ultimate Edition's release, anyway).

See? Told you I've moved on from D&D (but not necessarily fantasy).

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