Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 19: Favorite Published Adventure

The second module for Marvel SAGA, and only slightly edging out the Fantastic Four module, Masters of Evil is something that I would love to replicate someday for an RPG (BASH, ICONS, Savage Worlds...something).

This little booklet is a series of adventures that can be ran completely standalone, or they can be linked together in a mini-campaign. If you link them together, there are little bits that tie into the final adventure. If you don't, then you just play the adventures you wanna play. This was released during the height of the Thunderbolts' original run and opens with a nice adaptation of Thunderbolts #12, with the option of playing through the adventures as The Thunderbolts. Worked just fine for me, running it for our PC team, though. But yeah, an interconnected module series like this is on my "Things To Do Someday" list, because of how awesome and well-done this was.

(The Fantastic Four book was done in a similar manner and put together excellently as well, complete with a surprisingly fun side-trek in which the PCs play Skrulls relaying a story in flashback, I just preferred this one to that one a bit. The X-Men book was just a mishmash of adventures and nowhere near on the level of the other two).

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