Monday, May 6, 2019

Regarding The Monster Hunters Club

To anyone who had been following along, backer or non:

Due to growing responsibilities and new opportunities that I have had the chance to pursue, I have resigned from the Monster Hunters Club book as editor. Due to a variety of setbacks, personal and professional, to say nothing of the rules switchover from Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, and all that entailed, the book missed the fulfillment significantly.

As of the time of this writing, every chapter and piece of material that had been submitted to me has been returned, with edits, awaiting corrections and adjustments. I have encouraged the author and publisher to use the edited material to complete the manuscript, and have informed him that I will not be seeking compensation for the work completed, so he is also encouraged to use the funds budgeted for my editorial fees to find a suitable editor to help him bring the book to completion.

In plain English: I have received zero compensation from the Kickstarter, and I expect zero compensation from the Kickstarter. I fully support Darren's efforts in finishing the book, and I hope to see it in print.