Sunday, August 10, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 10: Favorite Tie-in Novel/Game Fiction

I'll avoid the "cheap" answers like citing Marvel Comics or The Dresden Files, which were adapted to RPGs after the fact, and pick this one: I love Ravenloft and Soth was one of my favorite Dark Lords. Heck, most of the Ravenloft novels were great to me. I could easily have said "I, Strahd", "Vampire of the Mists" or even "Mordenheim", but I'll give this the nod.

There's other stuff I liked more, mind you: The Drizzt novels spring to mind...but they only served to show me how limited Dungeons and Dragons was, and how badly it failed at the product TSR was trying to sell at the time.

You know what? The Ravenloft game stuff didn't mesh with the system very well, either. I'm changing my vote back to my original one:

The Buried Tales anthology made me long to play in Pinebox, TX, and I'll finally get to do that with East Texas University. Buried Tales it is.

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