Monday, July 27, 2015

State of the Blog

So, I haven't posted in a minute or two...or close to two months, which is about the longest stretch I have ever gone without posting since I started this thing.

I've been a little busy, finishing a freelance gig I can't say much else about, then started working on a couple of other freelance gigs I can't say much else about.

Turns out, I only have a limited amount of time in the day, meaning something has to give. As of late, it has been game reviews. Combine that with how entangled I have become with multiple game companies, and - though I have always been honest about any conflicts of interest, even before "Ethics in Game Journalism" became a thing - I feel like my reviews would begin being put under an exhausting microscope.

I don't actually know when - or if - I will resume regular posting at the blog. Obviously, I do have to go where the pay is, so that stuff comes first, and the truth is, Reality has Ensued over the last couple of months due to a life decision or two on my part, and it is very likely I will be unable to continue many of my side activities due to financial reasons (I somehow failed to do the math and realize that making more money is great, but if it's also noticeably less hours, you make less money in the end. Oops).

To those people that I still owe reviews to, I will try to ensure that I eke them out down the line, but I make no guarantees to that effect. Even if I never come back, the blog isn't going anywhere until Google decides it is, so there's that.

Anyway, just wanted people who did not follow me on social media to know I'm not dead or dying, I'm just not blogging, with no timetable set for a return.