Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Buccaneer: Through Hell or High Water, The Blackwood and Tall Pines Kickstarters

A trio of Kickstarters caught my attention, so I thought I would bring them to yours:

Buccaneer: Through Hell or High Water

Powered by Savage Worlds, Buccaneer looks to pretty much cover the Pirates of the Caribbean niche (and just in time for the new movie), being more grounded than fan favorite 50 Fathoms, but more fantastical than Pirates of the Spanish Main. Being released through a partnership between Fabled Environments (of Olympus Inc fame), and Yellow Piece Games, Buccaneer promises new ship combat and customization, new Edges and Hindrances and even a new Encounter mechanic. It's already passed its funding goal and is working on stretch goals. You can buy in for the PDF at $15, the print book at $25 and there are all kinds of interesting add-ons you can get, such as gold doubloons, captain's journals and even a telescope. This isn't Fabled Environments' first rodeo, so I'd classify this as a pretty low risk prospect, and worth looking into if you're wanting to scratch that Pirates of the Caribbean itch this summer.

The Blackwood

Another Savage Worlds Kickstarter (shocking that I gravitate towards those, right?), The Blackwood promises a wuxia setting inspired by American and German folklore. Per the Kickstarter, you will need the Fantasy Companion in addition to the core rules, but they have a free setting primer, archetypes and four one sheets up as a bundle on RPGNow so you can get a taste of it yourself. With 6 days left to go, it's struggling to the finish line, which is a shame as it's one of the more unique settings I've seen come down the Kickstarter pipeline lately. You can get the PDF for $10 or the print book for $20. It's got some top lads involved, whose works I've been a fan of, such as Eric Lamoureux, Richard Woolcock, Karl Keesler and Nathan D. Paoletta. Download that free bundle and check it out this weekend before the Kickstarter ends.

Tall Pines - A Surreal Murder Mystery Roleplaying Game 

I love quirky games I never get to play, and I love quirky small town shows. This Kickstarter is timed perfectly with the revival of Twin Peaks, and seeks to emulate just that kinda storytelling. And no, this one's not powered by Savage Worlds. I don't know as much about this one other than the Kickstarter looks neat, but it's a card based game divided into three acts. They say it's already finished, they're basically just trying to raise the art and printing budget. $10 gets you the print and play, while $25 gets you the print game plus any stretch goals. They have 15 days to go and are juuuust under budget right now.