Who I Am

This is actually the third non-social networking blog I've had, and the second one with the title of The Most Unread Blog on the Internet.  Ever.

This is primarily an RPG Review blog, though I occasionally branch out to other things. In addition to the odd video game or comic book review, I have a few regular features I've begun running on the blog:

THE SAGA OF SPIDER-MAN: Actual play logs of my attempts at running Marvel SAGA for my son.
VIP WRESTLING: Character write-ups for the fictional VIP Wrestling for the Wild World Wrestling RPG.
COMICS YOU SHOULD READ: A monthly selection of a series, graphic novel or one shot I think you should read.

TOMMY'S TOP SIX is my annual selection of the top titles I've reviewed over the past year (regardless of the publication date) and coincides with the anniversary of the blog.

In addition, I have done some freelance work in the RPG industry and currently write and letter comics. You can check out my work at the links below:

The Chronicles of Rachel Strand (Facebook): Published by Equinox Comics, The Chronicles of Rachel Strand follows the adventures of Rachel Strand, a half-vampire armed with a set of mystical blades who wages war against the forces of darkness. Her first appearance was in Equinox #1, and a one-shot special was recently released.

The Curse: A mysterious ninja struggling with his dark legacy. I write this one for Equinox Comics. His first appearance was in Equinox #2.

Winter's Eye Anthology: Two stories in this supernatural thriller anthology by Raven Warren Studios.

My RPG credits include:

Angel the RPG (additional writing)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Revised Core Rulebook (contributing quotemeister)
Eden Studios Presents #2 (contributing writer)
War of the Dead Chapter Three (editor)
War of the Dead Chapter Four (editor)
Hellbrood: Countdown to Invasion (editor)
Hellbrood: Ultimate Agenda (editor)
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.: Savage Worlds Edition (stats and rules conversion)
Dungeonlands: Heroes & Servitors (support team)

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or via e-mail at tommybrownell(a)gmail(dot)com.