Saturday, August 2, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 2: First RPG I GMed

I alluded to this in yesterday's post. It didn't take long for me to read the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monstrous Compendium, and soon I was scrawling together a world to put my friends through.

Being a fan of Greek myth, a medusa emerged as an early adversary, and I loved beholders far too much to not wheel one of those out early. Looking back, I was a pretty horrible DM, but I think I definitely improved over time, but I suppose my players would be better suited to answer that than I would.

I had too many "frustrated novelist" moments as a teenage DM, but those are pretty well under control now (what with actually working as an amateur writer). That said, I did learn early on that I vastly prefer the GM side of the table, and function almost exclusively in that role these days, just like I did back then, when I didn't even own these books...and AD&D2e was NOT the first RPG I bought...

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