Saturday, February 6, 2010

Star Wars Saga: Gaming With My Son Part 2

Session began with Goodloki introducing Anakin to Delane, a Gran padawan and Jayden Keroff, a Miraluka padawan.  Goodloki explained that they were also being placed under his charge (due to the number of Jedi masters being forced into frontline roles and so forth.)

Goodloki took their lightsabers and gave them training sabers, and ordered them to spar...starting with Delane and Anakin.  Delane's not a better fighter than Anakin, but was getting the better of Anakin drew his blaster pistol and shot Delane in the face!  I decided he had the foresight to put it on stun first.

Goodloki blew his top at this one and was in the process of dressing Anakin down when a droid summoned him to speak with Master Yoda.  Jayden was laughing at Anakin being in trouble, and  Goodloki told the students to not get in trouble while he was gone.

Jayden ignited his training saber and told Anakin he wanted to fight, that he figured he could beat Anakin.  He rushed Anakin but was blocked, and Anakin tried to kick him, so Jayden headbutted him!  Anakin reached in and snapped the lightsaber away, then withdrew!  Jayden was furious at the humiliation and used the Force to steal Delane's lightsaber!  Anakin used Draw Closer on Jayden but missed his attack, and when Jayden tried to bring the lightsaber down on Anakin, Goodloki's blade blocked it!

The Jedi Master was, once more, quite angry.

Goodloki unloaded on Jayden and Anakin, and told them that they had been requested to venture to Tattoine...a ship carrying a Clone Trooper unit had crashed, and they were to seek out any survivors.  Goodloki rounded the students up and they departed for Tattoine, setting course for Anchorhead.  During the flight, he made sure to warn them to keep their heads down so as not to run afoul of Hutts.

As they arrived in Anchorhead, Goodloki sensed a dark disturbance.  He told Anakin, Jayden and Delane that he wouldn't be going with them, but that their mission should be simple.  He stressed to Anakin that if he didn't see him again, that he was very proud of the man Anakin is becoming.

Anakin couldn't sense the trail to the ship, so he Searched His Feelings and the group headed South.  As they walked a ways, they caught a Tusken scout stalking them in the hills!  Jayden used the Force to steal Anakin's blaster and opened fire on the Tusken Raider, so Anakin said “That's okay,” asked if he could borrow Jayden's lightsaber, snatched it with the Force and lunged up onto the cliffs (after activating Surge).  He planted a boot into the Tusken Raider as Jayden blasted him, but when the raider ran off, he decided not to follow, figuring separating the Jedi was a bad idea.

He returned to the others and gave Jayden (who was kind of miffed) back his lightsaber and took his blaster back...then they headed on, finding the downed ship.  Anakin had Jayden and Delane go around the outside while he ventured in.  Seeing dead Clone Troopers strewn about, Anakin was disappointed...until he noticed that something had been chewing on them!  Looking around, Anakin was surrounded by three womp rats!  Anakin telepathically called to Jayden who shouted out to Delane.

Delane moved to the door and hurled debris at one womp rat, while Jayden moved in.  Two of the womp rats went at Anakin, one of them biting him badly.  They were trying to tear him apart, as Jayden moved in and attacked the third.  Anakin fought back hard at the two attacking him, while Jayden killed the third.  Anakin finally killed one of his, then whipped the final one across the room at Jayden.  Jayden struck it, and Delane ran in and finished it.

Looking around the room (after Anakin caught a Second Wind), they noticed a bloody trail leading out of the ship.  With a little concentration, Anakin was able to Force Track the presence he sensed, and led the Jedi out of the ship and toward the cliffs.

Along the way, the Jedi found a piece of Clone Trooper armor laying on the rocks.  They picked it up and moved on, coming to a cave opening where five Sand People were, with a Clone Trooper tied up at  the cave entrance!  Anakin Surged and flipped over a rock formation, landing at the cave mouth and cutting the Clone Trooper free!  The lead Sand Person (a Soldier) roared and attacked Anakin, but missed.  The Clone Trooper, though wounded, rushed the Soldier.  The Scout that escaped earlier was on the wall with a slugthrower as the other two Jedi poured out to helped.  Delane cut down one of the Sand People, and the Clone Trooper moved in and snatched up the gaffi stick.  Jayden got shot by the Scout and he grew angry, using Force Grip to begin crushing the life out of the Scout!  The Scout fired again, but missed, and Jayden finished crushing him.  Delane flung the Soldier back against the rock formation, while Anakin kept trying to telepathically contact Goodloki, and only sensed a very dark rage.

The Sand Person Soldier rushed Anakin again, and missed again, only to be struck down hard by a Dark Rage fueled Jayden.  As the Soldier staggered in front of Anakin, Anakin rolled across his back and stabbed him with his lightsaber, dropping him.  The Clone Trooper finished off the last Sand Person with the gaffi stick, and then dropped to one knee.

The Clone Trooper thanked them for coming to his aid and asked their named before introducing himself as “CT-5581”.  After some thought, Anakin wound up giving the Clone Trooper something he'd never had before: A name.  Dubbing him “Ben Wizard” (long story), Anakin said they would get Ben – sole survivor of his ship – out of there.

Returning to Anchorhead, they could find no sign of Goodloki...but they did find reports of a lightsaber-wielding Wookie battling a pale woman with two lightsabers.  The battle was fierce...until an unidentified person shot the Wookie from behind and the woman made off with him.  Ben swore to Anakin that, for saving his life, he wouldn't leave Anakin's side until Goodloki was found.

To be continued...

Notes: Introducing an NPC supporting cast proved interesting.  My son caught onto some things I was only hinting at, which was nice.  I momentarily described Jayden's eyes flashing yellow during the Dark Rage, to which my son reminded me that Miralukans don't HAVE eyes (as I pointed out to him earlier) Savage Worlds, I would have given him a benny for that...=P  One somewhat disturbing thing is that he had HUGE issues with killing Dark Jedi last time...he had no such compunction about killing Sand People, because they're “stupid” and he doesn't like them. time, the three Jedi and the Clone Trooper are on the trail of the missing Wookie!