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Buster Squad 5 - A Necessary Evil Actual Play Volume 3

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The story began in the thick of the action…

Flux, a half-Atlantean hybrid was running through Southpoint, being chased by a group of monstrous, muscular warriors.  Flux, incredibly hungry, had stolen a Burger King bag that one of them had set down, and before he got a chance to enjoy it, had been spotted.

As they chased him to a park near Buster Squad 5’s warehouse, Kale – who had been meditating – sensed the distraught hybrid nearby and quickly roused the team to action!

Okay, not quickly…as he had to convince the squad why it was worth risking their necks to save someone else…ultimately, he convinced Socks and Bully that they would get to hit a lot of stuff, which Socks somehow translated into they were going to be finding a pet monkey.

As the eight gang members surrounded him in the rundown park, he finally got a good look at their colors and their vibro weapons and let out a deep sigh…because he fully recognized the Southpoint Slashers.  Before the Slashers could get their prize, Bully and Socks charged a pair of the gang while Mindstorm flew into position to begin firing bolts of electricity from his hands.

Belladonna was complaining the whole way, just not clear why the team was even getting involved.  She picked on Mindstorm, who blew her off, referencing his rough childhood with an abusive stepfather and stepbrother.  When she asked what that had to do with blue aliens, Mindstorm pointed out that the aliens hadn’t killed his stepfather or stepbrother.

With Socks, he was in no mood to talk…just to slash things to ribbons.

Kale, when questioned, informed her that his sole reason for being is avenging Atlantis…it is why he sold his soul to The Leviathan, and it would all be worth it once he saw the V’Sori empire in ruins.  Kale then assumed control of Horace, one of the gang members, and used him as his instrument in the fight.

Bully was slashed deep by one of the drugged up thugs, and was quickly sent into a mad rage.

Flux was slashed by the gang leader, but he shook it off and summoned a huge twister that sucked two of the gangsters up, including the gang leader, who was hurled through the air and impaled on Bully’s horns!

Kale and Mindstorm both saw it, and were both in awe.

Belladonna slipped in beside Bully and grabbed one of the thugs, then smiled as she saw her poison rapidly take effect…

“Do you know what that feeling is?  That first feeling is your arms and legs…going away, that is.  That second feeling is the pounding in your heart at realizing Bully is in complete rage, and you can’t run away from him.”

Horace, under the control of Kale, slashed his way through two more thugs, one of whom was quite confused at why Horace was killing him!

Thug:  “Horace?  Horace!  Why do you kill me, Horace?  Is this about the drugs?  I would share!  I would share!  Horace!”

Kale (As Horace): “Horace isn’t home right now…”

Flux sent his twister after the second thug he had thrown, but the thug scurried away.

Bully gored the paralyzed thug with an astonishing 53 points of damage and turned large parts of him into a red mist.

Kale stepped up to Flux and began to introduce himself, when Dr. Destruction broke in on their commlinks and ordered them to lay low for a while, as a pair of cells were busted recently and he thinks that, due to their last mission being so high profile, they may be targets.

Flux started to introduce himself as “V—uh, Flux.”…but Bully – who was savagely killing Horace - latched onto the “V” sound and was convinced he was actually the old villain Volt.

Socks began ranting to Kale about there not being a monkey around.

Mindstorm quickly dismissed Bully and Socks back to HQ, and Bully was ECSTATIC because he had planned for Movie Night anyway!  He had The Day the Earth Stood Still, Independence Day, War of the Worlds, The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and E.T.!

With Socks and Bully out of the way, Kale, Mindstorm and Belladonna began talking to Flux and finding out a bit of background on him, before offering him the chance to return to their HQ with him…at least offering him some food and place to lay low for a while.

Flux agreed, and the team returned to their warehouse.  Mindstorm was actually going to suggest dinner, when Bully’s stomping around about movies and popcorn interrupted things.  Bully then began arguing that Flux couldn’t join the team, because then they would have six members, which would then mean that someone would die!  Mindstorm argued with Bully about this for several minutes, pointing out that they could always just change the team name…but Bully didn’t see just how changing the team name could change fate like that!  Mindstorm finally sighed and went to the roof to play with the weather.

Kale explained the basics of OMEGA to Flux, and began to ask him about his heritage (sensing the half-Atlantean part) while Bully and Socks watched movies.

Belladonna joined Mindstorm on the roof and asked him to take her out for dinner…to Chick’s Café over on Westpoint.  Mindstorm agreed, deciding it might be a good idea to get away from the rest of the team for a bit.

Bully choked on his popcorn when he saw Belladonna, dressed to the nines, enter the room…and she and Mindstorm headed out for the night.

Bully – excited about the part where the buildings blow up in Independence Day – threw a fit when a power outage hit their grid!

Kale tried to contain Bully and Socks, who went back to screaming about monkeys and grew agitated when Kale told him that the zoo had closed because all the monkeys had died…and Socks responded by throwing the refrigerator out the window.

Mindstorm and Belladonna were walking by “Heroes” when something infuriating caught Mindstorm’s eye: An action figure two-pack of him – in his old “Oddball” persona – and The Aquarian.  This annoyed him because 1) he was making NO money off of that…2) he had never even MET The Aquarian and 3) Mindstorm was quite embarrassed by his Oddball persona and costume.  Mindstorm went inside to purchase the two-pack, to get it off the shelves and out of the window.

They then went on to Chick’s Café, with Belladonna needling Mindstorm about his old outfit the whole way.

Inside the Café, Mindstorm and Belladonna quickly felt uneasy, as they recognized Deathstalker (who they encountered a few missions back) at the bar with a pair of V’Sori officers.  This added some extra tension to the meal, as Mindstorm and Belladonna tried not to draw attention to themselves.

Outside the warehouse, the remaining crew heard the sounds of looting starting up.  Socks convinced Bully they should go, because stealing from a looter is like a victimless crime.  Kale apologetically told Flux that he can’t let them go alone, because they will get into a whole mess of trouble.

Mindstorm and Belladonna snuck out of Chick’s Café, and when they came up on Heroes, saw that it was being by a gang.  The gang members saw Mindstorm and Belladonna…and quickly moved in, to Mindstorm’s surprise!

As Socks, Bully, Kale and Flux headed to the streets, they saw something odd: There was no one around.  A voice nearby ordered them, on behalf of SOCorp, the Special Operations Corp, to surrender!  Kale and Flux realized that SOCorp agents were perched on the roof, guns trained on them!

Socks snarled and lunged at the SOCorp elite, who scoffed and deflected his attack…then ordered the men with him to swarm Socks…but Socks fought them all off, even with their numbers advantage!

Mindstorm wrapped himself in a telekinetic field as the thugs closed in, but one did manage to knick him with a vibroknife!

One SOCorp agent prepared to fire at Kale, who turned and gave him an evil stare that caused the gun to jam and explode!  Flux smiled and whipped up a twister that ripped all three agents on the warehouse through the air and scattered them in the streets!

Mindstorm, who had been forming a storm overhead just in case, lashed out with lightning on one of the thugs.

Socks unleashed a guttural howl that completely froze his attackers in their tracks!

Belladonna grabbed Mindstorm, whirled him around, and kissed him deeply…then she bit his lip and kneed him in the groin!  Mindstorm, shocked, slumped to his knees!

“Do you know what the feeling is, Mindstorm?  That’s your arms and legs…going away.  You know what that other feeling is?  That’s you realizing what I have done.  I have heard everything you have ever said about me…every time you have ever mocked me…but little old Belladonna?  She just cut the head off this team.”

Mindstorm couldn’t even respond as Belladonna smiled and told the thugs “Thanks for the distraction.”  She turned to a figure in the shadows and said “Put the nullifier gauntlets on him…now.”

Mindstorm, in a daze, had shackles slapped on him that eliminated his powers…but he recognized the face of the man that was locking him up!  The man smiled, as Belladonna leaned against him, and spoke:  “Hello, dear brother…long time, no see.”

The rapid strike by Buster Squad 5 had shook the SOCorp, as Belladonna broke over the team’s commlink: “Oh no…something has happened to Mindstorm.  It is very awful.  Please…you MUST come quickly…” before she broke the connection.

To be continued…

Notes: First session with a new player, and this story is a big deviation from the Plot Point Campaign, bringing in the new PC and providing a massive twist in the team as Socks and Mindstorm near Seasoned rank.

The new player’s character has a lot that wasn’t shown here, both stat-wise and under the hood.  I was VERY impressed, as he’s never roleplayed before, and he hit me with a strong concept as well as a good backstory that defines some stuff and leaves me room, as the GM, to play around.

Mindstorm’s player and I both wanted a bit of a break from the “mission, mission, mission” style play, hence the shakeup here with a very RP heavy session…which is very definitely to be continued next week, as I take the team to a part of the city they thus far haven’t ever been, and run them into a few more elements of the setting that are either glossed over in the Plot Point or are never touched on at all.

Should be fun.

We resume with Kale, Bully, Socks and Flux arriving in Westpoint outside of Chick’s Café where Belladonna told them they had been attacked…only to once more find themselves surrounded by SOCorp Operatives!

Kale sneered at the order to surrender, teleported behind two of the Operatives, his eyes began to glow red, and he yelled with a watery roar: “You dare order a servant of The Leviathan to surrender?  I shall crush all of you!”  One operative immediately ran as far away from Kale as he could, right into the clutches of Bully and Flux, while another’s hair turned white under his helmet!  The third in the area loudly proclaimed that he wasn’t afraid of Kale, when Socks tore up through the ground and ripped his face off, helmet and all.

Flux began to form his whirlwind, while SOCorp operatives opened fire on Bully and Flux.  Flux’ air shield fended off bullets while Bully just shrugged as the bullets impacted him.

The SOCorp Elite attacked Flux with a stun rod, hoping to disrupt his concentration, but Flux fended him off.

Meanwhile, on a transport rapidly heading toward Northpoint, Vincent Blevins – stepbrother of Mindstorm – and Belladonna kept taunting and tormenting him…informing Mindstorm that they would be torturing him for information on OMEGA before turning him over to Warlord Shavak!  The whole time, Belladonna kept asking Vincent if he was “sure” that the V’Sori could get her “home”.

Back in Westpoint, Socks tore through the ground at another SOCorp Operative who DID see him coming, but Socks still tore him apart.

Bully found himself battling ineffectively against the SOCorp Elite leader, who was just a much better fighter…he just couldn’t hurt Bully!

Flux got shot but quickly shrugged it off, and his cyclone erupted into existence, whipping one of the SOCorp operatives down the street as the frightened operative running from Kale was accidentally gunned down by his own men!

On the transport, Vincent continued to ridicule his brother, mentioning that his father was now Governor of Maryland as appointed by the V’Sori.  Mindstorm asked him why he should care, with Vincent replying that he just wanted Mindstorm to know that he and his father were still successful while Mindstorm wore a ridiculous costume and was an ineffective terrorist.   He then pointed out what a pathetic leader Mindstorm was for not even knowing his own teammate had been replaced!  When Mindstorm looked stunned, Belladonna filled him in – explaining how she had traded places with the “real” Belladonna back in the ammo depot several missions ago!  She told him not to feel TOO bad…after all, Bully and Socks were insanely easy to pump for information.  Vincent called them “the stupid ones” and laughed about how they were being gunned down in the streets right now.

Back on the streets, the newly-white haired SOCorp Operative shot Kale in the back…and he grimaced, then spun and glared at him…telling him he would drink his soul!  A blue aura with bizarre, alien tentacles began to surround Kale and he pounced on the SOCorp operative, who screamed out in agony as he died!  The SOCorp elite, getting desperate, distracted Bully while Flux drew his cyclone closer to the conflict!

Mindstorm was loaded inside an interrogation room at SOCorp Headquarters, where Vincent began demanding blowtorches, acid, knives…all kinds of implements with which to torture his brother!

Kale teleported between two more the SOCorp Operatives, and his bizarre aura pierced their souls and sent them screaming into oblivion!  Bully sneered, turned, and impaled the SOCorp Elite with his horns, ending the fight.

Belladonna inadvertently saved Mindstorm right off in the torture session, when Vincent tried to electrocute him, but she told him Mindstorm couldn’t be hurt by electricity (he can when his powers are nullified)…apparently confusing Mindstorm’s willpower for resistance to that method of attack.  So Vincent returned with spike knuckles with which to beat Mindstorm.

A shadowy figure called to Kale, Socks, Bully and Flux from an alley, saying “Come with me if you wanna live…I’ve always wanted to say that!”  He introduced himself as Izzy, and informed them that he worked for Willy the Fish, a local crimelord that Socks remembered, from somewhere, for some reason…but he couldn’t quite place it.  Izzy told them that reinforcements were coming, and they needed to get out of there!

Flux and Kale began to discuss the ambush telepathically, with Kale suspecting that Belladonna had been forced to draw them there.  Meanwhile, Socks and Bully began an open dialogue, with Bully suggesting that he just take over as team leader.  Izzy chimed in, informing them that Belladonna betrayed Mindstorm, as Izzy had been watching things once word got to Willy the Fish that Vincent and Belladonna were hiring gangbangers for some plot.

Back in the police station, Vincent had beaten Mindstorm into a bloody mess, but Mindstorm still wouldn’t break.  He taunted Vincent, telling him to let him go and they could fight this straight out, since Mindstorm was CLEARLY inferior to Vincent.  Unbelievably, the taunts got the better of Vincent and he let Mindstorm out of his nullifiers and shackles!  Belladonna swore under her breath and moved in on Mindstorm, but he dodged her and electrocuted her and Vincent, leaving his all-too-human brother in bad shape!  The SOCorp Operative moved in as well with his stun rod, but Mindstorm shrugged it off!  Vincent ran away, as Mindstorm blasted Belladonna, but she managed to paralyze him again!

Izzy led the team to a safehouse where Willy the Fish appeared on a monitor.  Socks again seemed like he should be remembering something, but he couldn’t quite place it…Willy pointed out to the crew that they had a common enemy, and he wanted to help them get their friend back.  He gave Izzy a map through the sewer system to get underneath the SOCorp HQ, and a dozen men – ready to die if need be – would rendezvous with them under Downtown.  Willy gave them explicit orders: Get in, get Mindstorm and get out.  His men were prepared to die to accomplish this, but it couldn’t be for nothing.  Socks asked Willy if he knew him, and Willy honestly said he couldn’t recognize the face.  Socks asked if he knew the name – Socks’ real name Jonathan Slade – and Willy looked surprised.  He studied Socks for a moment and said “Huh.  Didn’t expect that.”  When Socks admitted he didn’t remember everything that happened before the V’Sori experimented on him, Willy said he wouldn’t want to push things, but that they would have to have a long talk in the future.

Belladonna and the guard shackled Mindstorm again and slapped on the nullifiers once more, and Belladonna ordered more guards.  When he left the room, she dropped a bombshell on Mindstorm:  She is, in fact, “his” Belladonna…once she saw the “alternate” Belladonna captured in her place, she decided to pose as the “alternate” Belladonna in hopes of escaping to HER reality, where the V’Sori hadn’t taken over and she wouldn’t have to deal with the whole stupid war.  She told Mindstorm that the only reason she was telling him this was because she wanted him to know, undeniably, who had betrayed him.  She said, as she prepared to leave, that she would wish him and OMEGA luck against the V’Sori…but really, it wasn’t her problem anymore anyway.

As Mindstorm rested, beaten in his cell, a cop entered the room.  A small, African American woman named Office Lila Jackson of the SOCorp.  She ordered Mindstorm to his feet and started marching him to the door…and told him that she needed to get him out of there right away!  Mindstorm asked her what was going on, and she told him she was a double-agent working for Dr. Destruction!

Under the city, Buster Squad and Willy the Fish’s men had traveled without incident…until they came right under the police station where they found a dozen Drones, and the superhuman operatives Deathstalker and Lycosa!  Lycosa and Deathstalker were apparently up to something else entirely when they saw the approaching force!  Kale leapt into action, causing an earthquake that shook up Deathstalker (as well as SOCorp HQ)!

Flux began summoning his cyclone, while the Drones got into position to attack, and Izzy led Willy’s men into doing the same!

Socks tore through the ground and ripped into a drone, then came face to face with Lycosa!  Lycosa asked if they had met before, to which Socks replied that they had, and he was looking forward to this!  Lycosa pounced at Socks, but Socks fended him off…but this was only a set-up for Deathstalker to skewer him with his tail!

The Drones and The Fish’s Men traded projectile fire, with the drones largely getting the worst of it.  One of the Fish’s Men got shot hard and went down, but the drone that did the damage was quickly taken apart.  Socks dove into the ground to get away from Lycosa and popped up between Deathstalker and four drones in a desperation move!  The boldness of the action caught them unaware, and Socks struck HARD (playing the Final Blow adventure deck card) and obliterated the drones as well as instantly tearing Deathstalker’s throat out!!  Lycosa turned, stunned, to see his partner and ally brought down…when one of The Fish’s men fired and blasted him in the head, sending the murderous Spider to his grave as well!  Mindstorm and Lila Jackson entered the tunnels seconds later, just in time to see The Fish’s men swarming on the remaining drones to finish out the opposition.

Bully proudly announced that he led the team there to bring Mindstorm home, and bragged about his success in guiding the team to victory in the sewers.  Lila sent them on their way, then returned to SOCorp.

When Warlord Shavak arrived at HQ demanding to see the leader of the Cell that had disrupted his plans, he was sheepishly informed by agents that the prisoner had…escaped.  Officer Jackson helpfully offered a report, about how Governor Blevins’ son Vincent had been taunted into letting the prisoner out of his nullifiers and lost control of the situation.  Belladonna almost interrupted…but she herself had grown sick of Vincent’s arrogance, and let it go.  Shavak, not surprisingly, was FURIOUS.

Notes: Socks officially hit Seasoned at the conclusion of this, with Mindstorm right behind.  A ton of character stuff was laid here, especially for Socks and Mindstorm.

New Session!

Izzy and Bully showed up at HQ with good news for Socks: His new, modified Fin armor should only be about a week out, as Izzy’s guy in Downtown was working hard on it.  Mindstorm pulled Kale aside to ask him what he knew about the new guy, and whether or not Flux was trustworthy…not wanting to have another “Belladonna” incident.

Bully continued touting his success as a team leader, when Dr. Destruction updated their V-MAP with news that a missing villain had been found in Japan, a sabotage mission was required in New York, and recon was needed in the sewers under Beachhead.  Mindstorm pondered splitting forces, sending Kale on recon, Socks and Bully on the sabotage and he and Flux heading to Japan, but thought better of it.  Bully pointed out that he wanted to flex his “men-tic-al” muscles and go to Japan, but they all wound up heading to Tarrytown, New York anyway.

Buster Squad 5 met up with Tula Michaels, a human resistance fighter who had been fighting the V’Sori in Tarrytown since the invasion.  Her people had been on the run recently, after the V’Sori unleashed their Terror Gas, a fear toxin designed to target human physiology.

Sock quickly took the opportunity to inform the attractive freedom fighter that he was very much single, though the President’s Wife was hitting on him.

Tula told the villains how the V’Sori had set up shop in Marymount College’s science building, where they had begun developing their nastiness.  She said she would lead a strike team into the steam tunnels under the college and into the science building, though the tunnels would be too large for Bully.  She also said she had a diversion in place, with her people attacking the barracks on campus.

Mindstorm said that Socks and Flux (using his Earth control) could widen the tunnel for Bully while he and Kale summoning a vicious storm as a distraction.  Bully smiled softly at Mindstorm, slapped him on the shoulder, and said there wasn’t room for two leaders:  Bully was going to lead the human assault on the barracks!

Kale and Mindstorm stood in view of the science building and summoned a nasty storm, Kale tapping into Leviathan’s wells of power to form a massive downpour over the area.  Tula led Socks and Flux underground, Socks hitting on her the whole way.

Flux and Socks both felt the hair rise on the backs of their necks and turned, just in time to see a G’Rok rising through the pipes!  Tula spun and shot it, but the blast bounced off!  Flux summoned the earth to grasp the G’Rok, but it snarled and faded through the ground, emerging behind Socks!  Socks sneered as it bit him, but he shrugged it off and ripped its jaws wide open, then tore its heart out!  Tula, used to fighting alongside fully human fighters, was quite surprised at the whole thing.

The wind howled and battered the science building, as Tula brought Socks and Flux to the basement of the science building.

Bully told all the superpowered guys to “join me in the frontal assault, the rest of youse play clean-up” and they attacked!  Well, Bully attacked.  Since he was the only one there with powers.  One of the men radioed to Tula that the barracks were now under assault, and she led Socks and Flux inside.

Heading to the second floor, they immediately came face to face(s) with half a dozen drones still patrolling the building, as the alarms ripped across the campus!  Two V’sori scientists inside the science lab sensed the half-Atlantean presence of Flux and headed for the hills, rounding up Terror Gas while calling for reinforcements!  Flux began summoning a cyclone inside the building as Tula took a shot at the Drones and they returned fire!  Socks scored first blood, charging the first two drones and slashing them to ribbons.

Two drones extended vibro-blades from their arms and advanced, but Socks batted them away and Tula shot one of them down.  Socks polished off the other as the V’Sori made their escape upstairs.

Socks charged the final two drones just as the cyclone came into effect, and six more drones charged down the steps, led by two Fins!  The cyclone failed to move the drones, but Socks was able to get one of them.  As reinforcements moved in, the cyclone caught Socks and the other drone he was fighting, and whipped them hard into a wall, with Socks being hurt badly (3 wounds initially, soaked into 2 instead).

One of the Fins sneered and moved in with four drones trailing him, as the other Fin marched on with two drones behind him.  Flux was disappointed to see the Fin wasn’t affected by his cyclone, and finally thought he might should move into different tactics.

Lula was shot by a drone but stayed in the fight, while Socks batted back the attacking Fin.  Luckily, that crack drone programming kicked in, and the Fin exploded in a mass of burning and body parts as one of the drones accidentally shot him in the back!  Flux sent flames erupting in the hallway, but the Fin caught in the fire just shrugged it off and moved in where his brother had left off on Socks.

Tula shot the drone next to Socks, taking it out, as two more drones moved into the hall and opened fire on Flux and TulaTula was shot again and wounded very badly (now at 3 wounds) but Flux’ air shield held up to the assault.  Socks played defense as the Fin pressed the attack.  The Fin was momentarily distracted when Flux unleashed a huge burst of wind in the hallway, throwing two drones past the Fin and through the wall!

Socks capitalized, killing the surprised Fin with a brutal assault before being shot!  A second shot on the wounded, off-balance Socks caught him in the face and he went down in a smoldering heap!  Tula screamed in outrage and ran to his aid despite her wounds, opening fire on the drone and killing one.  Flux ran down the hall and placed himself between her and the drones, buffeting the remaining drones with air.  This went back and forth, with Tula killing another drone, when Flux unleashed fire instead and actually caught a drone on fire, before Tula shot it in the head.

Outside, visibility was crap in the rain, but Kale’s telepathy sensed a V’Sori presence on the roof and he alerted Mindstorm!  Kale uttered a spell and soared through the air with Mindstorm, the two landing on the roof as the scientists tried to make their way to their parked M’Buna!  Mindstorm, without a word, unleashed a burst of electricity that did little to one, but nearly seized up the heart of the other!  The remaining scientist turned and opened fire with the Terror Gas, but Kale and Mindstorm dodged, and Kale called forth lightning from the Heavens that sent the V’Sori to Hades!

Bully broke over the commlink and announced a status update: That he was now “covered in glory.”  He was overheard commending the unpowered resistance fighters for making up for how their superpowered fighters chickened out.

Flux and Tula were on Socks, trying desperately to save his life as Mindstorm kept breaking over the commlink asking for an update!  Kale finally contacted Flux via telepathy, and told him that he and Mindstorm would be down to retrieve Socks and Tula, and told Flux to use his control over the elements to “bring Hell to this facility”.

Socks, conscious but hurt badly, was cracking jokes about the whole attack, even while Flux was commenting on the burnt scar running across his face.  Tula smiled, touching it lightly, and commented that “chicks dig scars”.

As Mindstorm, Kale, Socks and Tula bugged out, Flux summoned a massive firestorm inside the laboratory, sparking a huge explosion centered on the second floor.  Flux strode out of the building with purpose, Mindstorm and Kale noticing that his duraweave costume had taken on a bizarre red glow that it hadn’t previously had…

As the two cells went back underground, Tula told Socks that what he had done, charging head on into the enemy forces, was “not cowardly”…and she asked him, a little sheepishly, if perhaps he wouldn’t come back to Tarrytown…sometime.

Dr. Destruction broke over the commlinks, interrupting the moment, and told the cell that he had an urgent mission for them, stemming from his conversation’s with the President’s family!

Meanwhile, word spread very quickly about how the mutant terrorist Mindstorm led a vicious surgical strike on Tarrytown, New York, wreaking havoc on V’Sori forces there, and setting back their efforts at combating human terrorists.  Warlord Shavak, annoyed, pondered out loud: “Now where I have heard THAT name before?”

Notes: Mindstorm broke the squad up this mission, and I don’t think it worked out well at all…and I don’t think he thought it did…well, aside from Kale and Mindstorm being in prime position to intercept the V’Sori scientists.  Socks and Tula are developing a bit of a connection, thus adding another NPC element to the tapestry for the players, which is cool.  Socks was officially Seasoned going into this, and saw a slight evolution in his powers: He beefed up Toughness and Parry, while also adding Wall Crawling (claws).  Mindstorm officially hit Seasoned at the end of this session, and thus I am moving the team onto Episode 4 in the Plot Point campaign.  Flux, after nearly killing a teammate with his cyclone, finally decided to shake up his tactics a bit, utilizing his other powers.

The adventure deck was used to great effect: Socks drew two cards, one of which was Second Wind, which he used fighting the G’Rok.  Flux wanted the Relic card played, since he didn’t use his card the last time, so his dramatic firestorm inside the lab has left his armor/costume with unusual properties (to be determined).  At the last bit, Socks swapped his second card with Mindstorm, giving Mindstorm a +1 charisma for his “amazing deeds”…so I ruled that word spread quickly about this assault…about Mindstorm in particular…who is EASILY the face of this cell.

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