Friday, March 5, 2010

Star Wars Saga: Gaming With My Son 3

Session Three

Returning to Goodloki's ship, Anakin noticed that The Jedi Council had been hailing them, or attempting to.  Responding to the calls, he was met with holograms of Yoda and Mace Windu!  Anakin filled the Jedi Masters in on everything, from finding Ben Wizard as the sole survivor to Goodloki missing after the attack.  Recognizing the attacker as Asajj Ventriss, Yoda realized the whole thing had been a trap.  Mace Windu ordered the young Jedi to stand down until some full-fledged Knights could arrived to track Goodloki and his captors.  Anakin reluctantly agreed, and left the ship to tell his friends the news.  Jayden was rather annoyed at being told to stand down, but the group got a distraction as they overhead a Gungan being roughed up by some thugs outside of a cantina.  He was begging for mercy, and so the three Jedi ignited their sabers and Ben Wizard moved in with a gaffi stick!

Jayden caught their attention and that cost him, as one shot and wounded him.  Delane used the Force to rip the vibro-axe away from one, and a blaster pistol from another.  Ben took the blaster pistol and opened fire, as Anakin drew one in with the Force and slashed him down.  The thugs quickly turned to run, and the wounded Jayden savagely cut one down while the rest ran off.  The Gungan introduced himself as Shosho Jobega, and thanked the ground profusely for saving him.  A Twi'lek woman named Reyala thanked them as well, on behalf of the great Jabba the Hutt!  It seems Shosho Jobega is a slave of Jabba's, and Jabba surely appreciates the Jedi protecting his property.  She invited them to attend a party at Jabba's barge, but Anakin resisted, having more important things to do.  When Rey pressed him, he told her about Goodloki, and she said that maybe Jabba could help.  Shosho Jobega convinced him to go, saying that he was a great tracker, and maybe they could get Jabba to let him aid them!  The group agreed, and the five of them boarded Rey's skiff and headed to Jabba's barge.

On the barge, the group gained audience with Jabba after about half an hour.  Jabba told them that the Separatists had set up a mining operation not far from Anchorhead, and Mott Jamboo of the Techno Union was overseeing it.  Jabba suggested that Goodloki may be held up there, and if not, then Mott Jamboo may well know where he is, and may be made to talk.  Jabba told them that if Goodloki wasn't there, then if they brought Mott back, he could extract the information from Jamboo for them.  Anakin agreed, and Shosho nudged him about asking Jabba if Shosho could go.  Jabba agreed...but only if one of the party stayed behind as collateral!  After a little debate, the wounded Jayden was left behind, while Rey took the rest back to Anchorhead.  Rey also noted, before they left, that if Shosho Jobega didn't come back alive...Jabba would keep Jayden!

Shosho Jobega quickly picked up the tracks and set off, leading the team out of Anchorhead and (hopefully) toward Goodloki!  The quartet made their way through the mountains, following the trail...when Anakin sensed a dark disturbance!  Sand People emerged from the cliffs, and a chieftain or shaman of some sort appeared over a ridge!  He let out a screech, but Anakin ignited his saber and leaped up on the ridge!  Shosho Jobega said he really didn't like to fight, as Delane and Ben got to work fighting off the Raiders around them.  Shosho Jobega drew a pistol and opened fire, while Ben did bring one down.  Anakin and the Chieftain brawled on the ridge, while Delane cut down a second raider.  Suddenly, laser fire erupted in the canyon, and our heroes hit the dirt!  The two remaining raiders fell, and the chieftain ran the group was surrounded by battle droids!  They ordered the group to surrender, but Anakin lunged into action!  Delane followed him, the two Jedi cutting down droids...while Ben and Shosho Jobega covered them with blaster pistols!  They dropped about half a dozen of the droids, when reinforcements surrounded Ben and the Gungan, convincing the Jedi (after a bit of telepathic communication) to surrender!

The droids marched the squad to the mining camp, where they met Mott Jamboo of the Techno Union!  Anakin confronted him about Goodloki, but Jamboo played dumb.  He said that they would destroy the Jedi unless they joined Dooku and the CIS...but Anakin refused.  Suddenly, every battle droid, droideka and crab droid in the mining camp fell quiet!  Jamboo began to look around in a panic!  The Jedi retrieved their lightsabers, and Delane offered Jamboo the opportunity to surrender!  Mott Jamboo, reluctantly, gave in!  A woman's voice spoke to Anakin telepathically, telling him that they needed to leave and FAST.  Ben slapped restraints on Mott and held a blaster to him...when the mining pit became overran with Sand People!  What's worse, the chieftain Anakin fought earlier was back...and clearly consumed with dark energy!

Ben handed off Jamboo to Shosho Jobega, and he opened fire on the raiders!  Delane threw one into the other as Anakin lunged at the rage-filled chieftain!  Ben and Jobega shot down several raiders while Anakin took a beating from the chieftain.  As soon as he could break free, Delane joined him and the two friends did battle against the Dark Side-fueled Tusken Raider.  Anakin slashed down when the chieftain missed an attack and nearly severed his arm, which prevented him from finding the concentration needed to unleash his full Hatred.  Jobega and Ben pinned the Chieftain in with blaster bolts and Delane helped guide him right to Anakin's blade...which severed the dark sider's head.  Anakin contacted Jayden and told them they were clear.

Rey arrived in her skiff and took the four heroes and their hostage back to Jabba.  Jabba told them to leave Jamboo and return to Anchorhead (with Jayden and without Jobega), and he wound send word of Goodloki's whereabouts once he had learned all he could from Jamboo.

Back at the ship, the four were relaxing when they had an intruder...who walked through their walls!  Jayden leapt to his feet but she ignited her purple lightsaber and told him to back down.  Anakin moved to confront her, and she introduced herself as The Dark Woman...a Jedi and friend of Goodloki!  She told Anakin that Jabba would not be able to help him find his master, but that she could...and that in order to get to the Wookie, Anakin would have to be able to walk through walls...which should could teach him, if he truly wanted to learn...

Notes: I celebrated GM's Day with the third session with my son.  This is the recap, I'll provide more detailed thoughts this weekend.