Saturday, February 19, 2011

[My WWE Universe] WrestleMania!

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A prematch assault by Sheamus allowed him to wipe Triple H out!

Miz and Alex Riley attacked Sting and Kaval before the match, but Sting and Kaval fought back, beating them in a Falls Count Anywhere match. After the match, CM Punk and Luke Gallows stormed the ring, with Punk taking Sting down and Gallows attacking Kaval!

John Cena and Shawn Michaels had a tremendous match that ended with the Attitude Adjustment on HBK!

Edge stormed the ring against Batista, hit the Implant DDT and the Spear! Edge is the #1 Contender to Wade Barrett's title at WrestleMania!


Goldust and Kozlov had an EPIC opening match that ended with the Final Cut. Kozlov refused a post match handshake.

Husky Harris attacked Romero before his match with Daniel Bryan! Romero still took Bryan to school in a hard hitting match...when Justin Gabriel ran in! Romero went nuts on him and Bryan, and pinned Bryan with the Kool Aid Krunch!

Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters beat Mike Knox and Shad when Masters put Knox out with the Masterlock!


Luke Gallows jumped Christian before the bell, and fought off his offense, scoring a big win.

Alberto Del Rio got a warmup against Sting by beating Terry Funk!

Kofi Kingston escaped Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Rey Mysterio to win the Hardcore Title!

Undertaker spiked CM Punk in the main event! After the match, Jack Swagger beat Undertaker down with a lead pipe!



Sheamus jumped Ezekiel Jackson before their Triple Threat with The Greatest American Bolo, weakening him dramatically! The match was mostly Bolo vs Sheamus, but when Bolo hit the American Revolution on Big Zeke, Sheamus tossed him out of the ring and pinned Jackson! Sheamus is the #1 Contender to the US Title!

Triple H and David Otunga squared off...and as Hunter had the upperhand, Husky Harris ran in! Triple H prepared to fight...but Harris wiped out Otunga! Triple H was handed the win! Wade Barrett and Nexus informed Otunga that he was out...and that Barrett was back in charge!

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater triumphed over Alex Riley and The Miz in a Ladder Match!

Wade Barrett called down a steel take on...the Conquistador? The Conquistador held his until he caught Barrett out of nowhere with a spear! And then a second one! Then he went to the corner and hunkered down, calling for Barrett to stand the crowd chanted Spear! He nailed Barrett and pinned the WWE Champion! He unmasked to reveal EDGE!


Mike Knox jumped former partner Raven before their extreme rules match...but we got a bit of an extreme revolution when RVD ran in and helped Raven take Knox out!

Santino, Daniel Bryan and Vladimir Kozlov wrestled a GREAT match...until WWE Champion Wade Barrett hit the ring to help out his Nexus stablemate, hitting Wastelands on Santino and Kozlov! He probably left too early, as Santino and Kozlov ultimately joined forces and laid out Bryan, with Santino pinning Bryan after the Cobra!

Keeping the "extreme" theme of the night, Kofi Kingston put the Hardcore Title on the line in an Extreme Rules match against Cody Rhodes, Christian and Luke Gallows! Gallows kicked it off quickly, jumping Rhodes from the crowd! Rhodes, however, seemed to blame his partner Christian! As they came to blows, Kofi took advantage and blasted Rhodes with Trouble in Paradise for a quick elimination! As Christian taunted Cody, he turned around into a suplex by Kofi for the pin! Kofi and Gallows went to the floor, and Kofi hit the SOS for the pin! After the match, Kofi offered his hand to Christian...but Christian shockingly slapped it away!


Shad Gaspard jumped The Rock before their match began, but Rock beat him down and put him away with the People's Elbow!

Thanks to a prematch assault from the crowd, Vance Archer was able to take down Chavo Guerrero.

Despite a prematch attack, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov shocked William Regal and Drew McIntyre by beating them in a non title match via submission!

Christian showed a newfound aggression as he fought Sting in a non-title match...even drawing first blood! Sting fired back up as Kaval hit the ring...and wiped out Sting!! Sting still tried to hang on...but ate the Killswitch as Christian picked up possibly the biggest win of his career!

Week 3


Miz cheated his way to victory over Mark Henry, with Ezekiel Jackson watching from the crowd.

John Morrison and Joe Cothern awaited R-Truth and his mystery partner...and seemed to take it in stride when he came out with David Hart Smith! Morrison demolished his former partner.

#1 Contenders collided as Edge faced Alberto Del Rio in a submission match! Del Rio took out the referee and took a sledgehammer to Edge, but Sting ran down and woke the referee up in time to see Del Rio attacking Edge, getting Del Rio DQed!

Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H in a brutal, career threatening Hell in a Cell match!


RVD pinned Mike Knox in an Extreme Rules match!

Santino and Kozlov pulled it out once more, toppling the Straight Edge Society!

Kofi Kingston, Kane and Drew McIntyre faced off, but William Regal ran in and turned it almost into a tag match. However, once Regal took off, Kofi took advantage and pinned McIntyre!


Luke Gallows ambushed Cody Rhodes during his match with MVP (accompanied by Alberto Del Rio), allowing MVP to pick up the win after a sneak attack!

William Regal shanghaied The Big Show, but still got crushed by the big man!

Santino and Kozlov managed to defeat Alex Riley and The Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

The Rock defeated Vance Archer in a fairly dominant performance.



Batista defended the Million Dollar title with a crushing win over Zack Ryder!

John Morrison stormed the ring and beat down Goldust, pinning him with the Moonlight Drive.

The Straight Edge Society beat The Brothers of Destruction to win the #1 Contender's Spot for the Tag Team Titles!

As Sting prepared to face Wade Barrett in an epic Champion vs Champion match, Justin Gabriel attacked Sting and rammed him into the ringsteps! Sting fought back, but Barrett reduced him to a bloody mess and scored a huge pinfall!


Zack Ryder fended off Joe Cothern's interference to pin Ted DiBiase!

Mike Knox was accompanied by Alberto Del Rio as he took on Rob Van Dam, who had Raven in his corner! After Raven was ejected, Knox took advantage and pinned Van Dam!

Santino and Vladimir Kozlov were jumped by William Regal and CM Punk for some reason, but STILL beat Alex Riley and The Miz!


Sting assisted Cody Rhodes as Cody battled Luke Gallows...fending off CM Punk so Rhodes could pick up the win!

Ricky Steamboat triumphed in a great match with The Great Muta!

Kofi Kingston battled Kane one more time, picking up the win after Trouble in Paradise, though no titles were on the line.

Sting and Edge teamed up for the first time ever to battle Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio...and Batista came down to get in Edge's face! Sting and Batista came to blows, and Edge pinned Barrett after the spear!


Santino Marella got his WrestleMania moment by beating Ezekiel Jackson, David Otunga, MVP, Rob Van Dam and Vance Archer in order to become Mr. Money in the Bank!

William Regal and Drew McIntyre outlasted the Straight Edge Society to retain the Unified Tag Team Titles!

Evan Bourne bloodied rival Sheamus in a Last Man Standing Match before crushing him with the Air Bourne to retain the US Title! After the match, Ezekiel Jackson came out to threaten Bourne!

Wade Barrett triumphed over Edge...only to be greeted by Santino and his Money in the Bank briefcase!! Santino cashed in and beat Barrett with the Cobra!!

Jack Swagger came to the ring to break...THE STREAK. The Undertaker's full theatrics began...but he stormed the ring and laid into Swagger! He went for the Tombstone, but Swagger slipped out and unloaded on him until he walked into the Choke Slam! The Last Ride followed, putting Swagger down! The Streak lives!

Alberto Del Rio jumped Sting from the crowd and locked on the Flying Armbar, but Sting was in the ropes! Del Rio had a counter for everything at first, but Sting's years of experience kicked in! He wore Del Rio down and locked him in the Scorpion Death Lock, making Del Rio tap!! As Sting celebrated, the Straight Edge Society hit the ring and dismantled him, leaving the World Champion laying!

1. John Cena (default)
2. Sheamus (Backlash)
3. Triple H (The Bash)
4. Wade Barrett (Royal Rumble)
WWE Champion: Santino Marella (WrestleMania)
1. The Miz (default)
2. R-Truth (Backlash)
3. The Miz (Extreme Rules)
4. Zack Ryder (The Bash)
5. Ted DiBiase (Night of Champions)
6. Sheamus (Summerslam)
US Champion: Evan Bourne (TLC)
1. Ted DiBiase (default)
2. The Greatest American Bolo (Feb. Week 3 Year 1 Raw)
Million Dollar Champion: Batista (Elimination Chamber)


1. Rey Mysterio (default)
2. Jack Swagger (Backlash)
World Champion: Sting (TLC)
1. Dolph Ziggler (default)
2. Luke Gallows (Extreme Rules)
3. Christian (The Bash)
4. Kofi Kingston (Night of Champions)
5. Drew McIntyre (Summerslam)
6. Todo Americano (Hell in a Cell)
7. Dolph Ziggler (Nov. Week 4 Year 1 SD)
Intercontinental Champion: Kane (Elimination Chamber)
1. Raven (Dec. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
2. MVP (TLC)
3. Kane (Jan. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
Hardcore Champion: Kofi Kingston (Mar. Week 1 Year 1 SD)

1. The Hart Dynasty (Default)
2. John Morrison & R-Truth (The Bash)
3. The Hart Dynasty (Summerslam)
4. John Morrison & R-Truth (Hell in a Cell)
5. Straight Edge Society (Bragging Rights)
Unified Tag Team Champions: William Regal & Drew McIntyre (Elimination Chamber)