Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[My WWE Universe] Hell in a Cell




Ted DiBiase made it a point to attack John Morrison with a chair, but Morrison still pinned Mark Henry in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Ted DiBiase put up an AMAZING fight, even kicking out of Sweet Chin Music once...but the second time was too much and HBK prevailed.

Wade Barrett and EDGE formed a shocking alliance to take on Chris Jericho and John Cena! David Otunga ran in, and got beat down by Barrett AND Edge...Barrett scored the pin with the blood of his mentor, Chris Jericho, smeared all over his chest.

Sheamus destroyed Miz in a cage, but he still overcame Sheamus with the Skull Crushing Finale to regain the #1 Contender spot!


To the dismay of the fans, Justin Gabriel pinned Vladimir Kozlov. He jumped Kozlov before the match, but Santino ran down to keep him from capitalizing right away.

William Regal and Michelle McCool were immediately disqualified against Beth Phoenix and Chris Masters when Regal accidentally struck Phoenix.

Sheamus came down to attack Evan Bourne during a Triple Threat match with R-Truth and David Hart Smith, but Bourne still pinned R-Truth to win! Bourne tried to shake R-Truth's hand post-match, but he slapped it away!


Christian put down Shelton Benjamin in a nice opener. Post-match, Drew McIntyre attacked Christian with a lead pipe!

William Regal put JTG away with the Knee Trembler (and his feet on the ropes).

Big Show, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger were all eliminated almost simultaneously from a battle royal, leaving Sting, MVP and The Undertaker to go at it. Sting dumped MVP, and turned to face off with The Deadman! They went back and forth, but Sting sent Undertaker to the floor to get the win!

Sting came out to play mind games with CM Punk, but Punk still pinned Drew McIntyre in the first #1 Contender's Match to NOT feature The Undertaker as a participant. McIntyre was reduced to a very bloody mess.



Chris Jericho made very short work of David Otunga. Wade Barrett ambushed Jericho from behind and left him laying!

John Morrison and R-Truth beat The Straight Edge Society in a #1 Contender's Ladder Match, but it had more to do with Kaval than anything, as Morrison and R-Truth seemed to have a lot of miscommunication.

Ted DiBiase played smart, but HBK hit a diving elbow to put him through a table and win their Tables Match. As a show of respect, HBK offered his hand, but DiBiase slapped it away!

In one of the more interesting Raw main events. Evan Bourne and The Miz were teamed in a handicap match against Sheamus...which Bourne ended by pinning the US Champion with Air Bourne!


Kane stopped Luke Gallows in a hard hitting slobberknocker!

Vladimir Kozlov and The Greatest American Bolo had to join forces against Daniel Bryan and David Otunga, when Otunga interfered in their triple threat match! Bolo took advantage of the chaos and pinned Kozlov for a huge debut.

Alberto Del Rio outlasted Terry Funk, Rob Van Dam, Chris Masters, Mike Knox and Shelton Benjamin to win a big six-man Smackdown battle royal.


The masked Todo Americano stunned Kofi Kingston to become the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental title in a Triple Threat also involving Christian.

Not even the presence of Layla could help Michelle McCool beat Kelly Kelly. Kelly offered McCool a handshake, but she slapped it away.

DX trounced Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu in a face-face Tag Team Ladder Match.

CM Punk managed to escape the Undertaker in a cage match!



Cena fought a bloody, physical match with Daniel Bryan, and nearly got taken down with a ganglike attack by Gabriel and Bryan, but pinned Bryan with the Attitude Adjustment.

Ted DiBiase bought a ticket to see Zack Ryder get hardcore and beat The Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere match to earn a title shot against Sheamus!

Melina came down to do commentary as Natalya beat Eve and Maryse in a #1 Contender's Match, making Maryse submit to a full nelson.

In an unusual main event, Wade Barrett and Edge joined forces with Sheamus to take on Triple H and The Greatest American Bolo. The night concluded with Barrett scoring a pinfall win over the WWE Champion!


At a special Tribute for the Troops show, Lex Luger made his surprising return to WWE! He was slated to take on Vladimir Kozlov and Daniel Bryan, but Justin Gabriel jumped Kozlov before the match! Bryan was outmatched, physically, but he hung in with the two larger men and made Kozlov submit to the crossface! After the match, he laid into Kozlov with a chair!

Nikki Bella stunned Mickie James with a pre-match attack and pinned her with a Spear!

Luke Gallows couldn't make it to Iraq to team with CM Punk against Kofi Kingston and Christian...so Punk had a Mystery Partner: His opponent at Hell in a Cell, Jack Swagger! Kofi and Christian were on fire while Punk and Swagger weren't on the same page, and Kofi kicked Punk's head off for the pin!


Cody Rhodes and Vance Archer had an intense brawl as Drew McIntyre watched on, but Rhodes finally put the larger man down! Cody offered his hand to Archer post-match, but he slapped it away.

Christian made relatively short work of Mike Knox.

CM Punk and Luke Gallows attacked Sting and Kaval before their Extreme Rules Elimination Match, but Sting and Kaval rallied back! Punk wound up tapping to the Scorpion Death Lock, while Gallows was pinned after the Scorpion Death Drop!

Jack Swagger and Big Show had an epic brawl, but Swagger prevailed with aid from, of all people, CM Punk! The match was restarted, however, as a Submission match! Swagger wound up winning when Big Show got a bit confused and hit him with the ring steps!



John Morrison opened the show with a thrashing over Tyson Kidd in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Surprisingly, Luke Gallows came out onto the stage and taunted Morrison.

Melina picked up important momentum, pinning Natalya just days before Hell in a Cell, in a Triple Threat also featuring Maryse.

The Greatest American Bolo joined Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin to face Batista, Zack Ryder and the Million Dollar Champion Ted DiBiase! DiBiase looked tremendous in there, but it was a bloodied Zack Ryder who took the fall after a Stone Cold Stunner!

The Miz survived everything Triple H threw at him and then some, in a tremendous non-title match. Lex Luger, of all people, ran in and attack both men, but they recovered and kept at it. Miz finally scored the pin after a DDT, and with his feet on the ropes.


Vince McMahon sat in the audience as Steve Austin faced Daniel Bryan and Vladimir Kozlov! It was a good match, but Stunners all around gave it over to Austin.

Natalya made Melina tap out to the Sharpshooter, after attacking her before the bell!

Kofi and Christian took on Punk with Gallows this time...but Punk still ate Trouble in Paradise for the pin!


Cody Rhodes made short work of Vance Archer in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Kelly Kelly came down to perform commentary for Beth vs McCool, and surprisingly got into a confrontation with Beth before storming off. Beth still put McCool away.

Kofi Kingston squashed Mike Knox.

CM Punk beat Drew McIntyre in a heel-heel main event...but got laid out by The Undertaker!


Todo Americano stunned Drew McIntyre and pinned him with a Gutwrench Powerbomb in seconds to become the Intercontinental Champion!

Sheamus fended off Zack Ryder to remain US Champion. The Miz came out to taunt Sheamus after the match!

Natalya attacked Melina before the match began, but Melina had the Sharpshooter scouted! However, the damage was done and Natalya wore Melina down before locking her in it and making her tap to become the new Divas Champion!

A chaotic Falls Count Anywhere match ended with Morrison and R-Truth regaining the Tag Team Titles when Morrison pinned David Hart Smith after Starship Pain!

Miz' flirtation with the WWE Title came to a bloody end in Hell in a Cell, as Triple H reduced him to a crimson mess. Hunter held onto the belt in a hard fought battle.

In an odd choice for the main event, Jack Swagger held off CM Punk in the Hell in a Cell, remaining the World Heavyweight Champion once more!