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[My WWE Universe] Royal Rumble



Ezekiel Jackson looked dominant, taking out David Hart Smith.

Undertaker and Kane vs Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd in a Tables Match went pretty much as you would
expect, with Undertaker putting Kidd through a table.

Evan Bourne defeated The Miz in a hard fought match with Air Bourne.

Wade Barrett triumphed over Triple H and Sheamus in a Triple Threat Tables match that also saw Chris Jericho get involved and attack both Barrett and Triple H!


Shelton Benjamin proved he can win when the odds are even, pinning Mike Knox.

John Cena faced Vladimir Kozlov with HBK in the crowd. David Otunga tried to get involved, but Triple H intervened and Cena made Kozlov tap.

Husky Harris, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel looked dominant against Santino Marella, The Greatest American Bolo and Zack Ryder, with Slater pinning Santino.


William Regal pinned Big Show in a colossal victory, but the match was restarted as a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Regal used the Power of the Punch and the Knee Trembler to drop The Big Show!

Rey Mysterio had to work for it a bit, but he pinned Vance Archer.

Cody Rhodes and Christian vs Ted DiBiase and John Morrison mostly turned into Rhodes vs DiBiase! William Regal came out to cause a distraction, but Christian ran him off and Rhodes pinned DiBiase with the Silver Spoon DDT!

In a bit of a Royal Rumble preview, World Champion Sting, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, Tag Champion CM Punk, Kane, Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston squared off in a battle royal! Drew went right after Kofi and eliminated him, while Kane and Punk brawled, and Dolph took Sting down! Drew threw out his second competitor, dumping Punk! Kane shockingly eliminated Sting! Drew dumped Dolph, leaving him and Kane! And Kane eliminates McIntyre for the win!



John Morrison jumped Mark Henry before their match, and used his speed to stay out his reach, hitting Starship Pain for the win. R-Truth came out and ruined Morrison's celebration!

Primo's speed kept him in the game against Romero Contreras, but the Kool-Aid Krunch did put him away. Romero offered Primo a handshake and was refused.

Zack Ryder would have been completely outnumbered against Ted DiBiase, Sheamus and The Miz in a Fatal Four Way, but those three almost hate each other as much as they do anyone else. The match raged on chaotically, and Chris Jericho once more got involved, attacking both Sheamus and Miz! Miz was pinning Sheamus while DiBiase was covering Ryder, but Sheamus kicked out while Ryder stayed down! DiBiase is the #1 Contender to the US Title!

In another Rumble preview, Triple H entered a battle royal with Batista, Wade Barrett, Edge, John Cena and Shawn Michaels! The biggest news was Barrett nearly eliminated Edge right off! Cena went out first, at the hands of Batista, and Barrett dumped HBK. Triple H sent Edge out as Batista eliminated Barrett, and Batista clashed with the WWE Champion before throwing him out!


Raven tried to play mind games from the crowd, but Shelton Benjamin stayed focused and pinned Mike Knox with the Exploder.

Joe Cothern stormed the ring early on, and took Evan Bourne by surprise! Evan fought back, but the hard hitting style of The Mucker was too much, and the US Champion ultimately dropped before Cothern!

Jack Swagger came to the ring with Alberto Del Rio in tow! So Cody Rhodes accompanied Christian to the ring, while Dolph Ziggler watched from the crowd! Swagger was a little ticked about that whole losing the title to Sting thing, and took it out on Christian. Del Rio and Swagger cheated, and ultimately got Rhodes ejected. Swagger finished Christian off moments later.


Justin Gabriel took a seat at ringside, while William Regal and Cody Rhodes squared off in a Submission match! It turned into much more of a brawl than expected, and both men did a ton of damage. Christian got involved, but was sent to the back, and Regal ultimately put Rhodes out with a sleeper.

Chris Masters came out to give Kofi Kingston back-up, as CM Punk had Luke Gallows in tow! Kofi wound up knocking Punk flush out with the Trouble in Paradise! Drew McIntyre wiped Kofi out with a lead pipe after the match!

Sting and Kaval got jumped by The Straight Edge Society as they came to the ring to take on Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in a Ladder Match! The damage done by the Straight Edge Society, combined with the speed of Gabriel and Slater led to victory for Nexus!

In the main event, Kane wiped out MVP in the Parking Lot to claim the Hardcore Title!



With R-Truth at ringside, getting into Morrison's head, John Morrison faced Zack Ryder (with Greatest American Bolo at ringside). Morrison was well on his way to victory when Ryder got DQed after Morrison provoked Bolo into hitting him.

Chris Jericho looked cocky as he came to the ring to face Ted DiBiase in a Falls Count Anywhere match, even with Wade Barrett in the crowd and Joe Cothern at ringside. However, The Miz ALSO got involved, and the whole thing was FAR too much for Jericho, who fell prey to Dream Steet!

Alex Riley and The Miz ambushed Sting and Kaval before their tag team tables match, but could not put them away. As Sting and Kaval were getting the upperhand, CM Punk ran out and took Sting out. However, Kaval got Punk and nailed the Warrior's Way, allowing Sting to fire up and put Miz through a table!

Wade Barrett and Triple H went at it in another crazy brawl...and as they were both jockeying for the upperhand, Husky Harris hit the ring and attacked both men! As both men recovered, Barrett managed to hit a backdrop driver for the pin!


Romero and The Greatest American Bolo met Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in a tag match that went south when Husky Harris got involved and Romero got DQed for throwing chairs around the ring.

Ezekiel Jackson tried to take out Mark Henry as he battled Yoshi Tatsu, but failed. Tatsu was crushed with a bearhug. Henry offered Tatsu a handshake, but was refused.

The Great Muta, Mike Knox, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam, Terry Funk and Chris Masters competed
in a battle royal! Funk went first, and Shelton eliminated Masters. Knox eliminated RVD, leaving Shelton in there with Knox and Muta! Shelton and Muta worked together to dump Knox! Shelton ultimately prevailed, dumping Muta!


Kane gave Raven a shot at the Hardcore Title...and then crushed him.

MVP jumped Rey Mysterio before the match and hit the Play of the Day, but refused to go for the pin! That cost him as Rey hit the 619 and a Springboard Splash for the win.

William Regal and Drew McIntyre used every dirty trick in the book AND interference from Wade Barrett to beat DX and become the new #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles!

Undertaker managed to topple Jack Swagger in a steel cage match!



The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation meant nothing as Ezekiel Jackson jumped Mark Henry before the bell and spiked him for the pin. After the match, he brutalized Mark Henry with a chair!

Alex Riley, The Miz, Chris Jericho and The Greatest American Bolo met in a Fatal Four Way! Jericho was dominating, when Wade Barrett came in and attacked him with the Wasteland! Ultimately, Bolo wound up pinning a wounded Miz to score a MASSIVE upset!

Zack Ryder hit the ring and destroyed Daniel Bryan!

In a hard hitting brawl, Wade Barrett pinned Sheamus to become #1 Contender AGAIN.


Mike Knox wiped out Rob Van Dam before their match and used that advantage to finish him off!

John Cena made short work of Tyson Kidd.

Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio handed Cody Rhodes and Christian a crushing loss.


Smackdown opened with a battle royal that saw MVP eat the floor first. Shad dumped Dolph Ziggler as Kofi dropkicked JTG out of the ring! Kofi went on a mad tear, sending Shad out and then Shelton Benjamin to win!

Luke Gallows fought as hard as he could, but The Big Show devastated him! Show offered him a handshake after the match, but Gallows refused!

Drew McIntyre's and Christian's rivalry got the better of them, and Kane took advantage to pin Christian and become the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Title!

Sting made CM Punk tap out in the main event! After the match, Justin Gabriel came out on the ramp and gave Sting a warning!


Evan Bourne looked impressive, pinning Ted DiBiase to retain the US title in the opening match! Bourne tried to be a good sport, but DiBiase refused.

Dolph Ziggler managed to cut Kane's knees out from under him and hit the Zig Zag to retain the IC Title!

Randy Orton squared off with Alex Riley! Miz ran out, but ate an RKO! Riley got one as well!

Sting had to defend the World title against Jack Swagger, The Undertaker and Drew McIntyre! And Drew came out of the crowd, wiping out Swagger! Sting drew blood on the Undertaker, and Swagger and Undertaker took most of the damage. In fact, Sting pinned Undertaker after a McIntyre Future Shock!

William Regal took a seat in the front row as Wade Barrett and Triple H squared off! Wade Barrett finally fulfilled his destiny, pinning Triple H with the Wasteland after making use of an exposed turnbuckle!

Royal Rumble Time!
1. Cody Rhodes
2. The Greatest American Bolo
3. The Great Muta
4. Edge
5. Husky Harris
6. Chris Jericho
e1. Muta (by Rhodes)
e2. Bolo (by Jericho)
7. Goldust
e3. Edge (by RhodeS)
e4. Harris (by Goldust)
8. Ezekiel Jackson
9. Chavo Guerrero
e5. Goldust (by Jericho)
e6. Rhodes (by Jackson)
10. Mike Knox
11. Undertaker
e7. Jackson (by Jericho)
12. Christian
e8. Knox (by Chavo)
13. Jack Swagger
14. Big Show
e9. Chavo (by Jericho)
e10. Undertaker (by Swagger)
15. Sheamus
16. Lex Luger
e11. Christian (by ???)
17. Vance Archer
e12. Luger (by Jericho)
e13. Big Show (by Swagger)
18. Shad
e14. Swagger (by Sheamus)
e15. Archer (by Jericho)
19. Rey Mysterio
20. Miz
e16. Sheamus (by Rey)
21. Kofi Kingston
e17. Shad (by Jericho)
22. John Morrison
e18. Rey (by Kofi)
23. R-Truth
e19. Kofi (by Morrison)
e20. Miz (by Jericho)
24. William Regal
25. Randy Orton
e21. R-Truth (by Regal)
26. Primo
e22. Jericho (by Regal)
27. Jake Roberts
e23. Orton (by Jericho)
28. Batista
e24. Roberts (by Morrison)
29. John Cena
e25. Regal (by ???)
30. Alberto Del Rio
e26. Primo (by Batista)
e27. Batista (by Cena)
e28. Morrison (by Cena)
e29. Cena (by Del Rio )

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