Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tommy's Take on Dragon Men and More Traps


The last set covered most of the "Standards"...while there are some classics here, they are of the slightly non-standard variety.

Written in the same format as the first set, this supplement adds doozies such as Acid Spray and Rolling Rocks (think Indiana Jones). A few of these are mostly set-ups for something else, like Wind Rush and Reverse Gravity. There are even Folding Stairs that collapse as you are nearly at the top and send you hurtling down.

Also included in this PDF are Small Cone Templates, designed to work with the Wind Rush trap.

My only gripe with this product is that, unless I am HORRIBLY mistaken, the font seemed to change in the entries, sometimes even in mid-sentence.

Still, if you like traps in your fantasy games, this is going to be an invaluable source of fun for your game.


On one hand, I am not a fan of "dragon men". On the other, this was apparently the runaway winner of a poll on the Misfit Studios blog about what race should get covered next, so there you go.

This is six pages on playing Dragon Men in Savage Worlds, who may or may not be directly descended from dragons.

Dragon Men, by default, gain flight, but they also gain "Breeding Hindrances"...a defect that the Dragon Man is born with. In addition to some of the common Hindrances, this can include having Thin Armor or blunt claws and teeth...or being unable to use their breath weapon without a Vigor roll first.

There are guidelines for Dragon Men variations based off of the dragons that have appeared in previous Misfit Studios Savage Worlds supplements as well.

A whopping 23 new Edges are present, which can tweak the PC's powers and abilities as desired, though some of them are "merely" Improved versions of other Edges.

The Small Cone Template makes an appearance here as a potential template for a Dragon Man's breath weapon (they can take on different shapes and sizes depending on the Edges purchased).

Finally, Dragon Man Scourge Armor is statted up.

I'm still not a HUGE fan of the idea of Dragon Men, but I cannot deny that this is an impressive amount of material, bringing a race in completely from scratch and dropping it alongside other Savage Worlds fantasy races, and still for the same $1.55 price tag.


Now, for all of my apprehension about Dragon Men as a PC race, I have zero problem using them as monsters.

Half a dozen variations on Dragon Men for use as antagonists...and you will want the Player Races PDF, because it references some of the Edges and Hindrances from there.

They are split pretty evenly among fighter types and arcane types (with one being a priest), with an even split of two extras and a Wild Card for each type.

Probably the most interesting variant is the drakeherd...a flightless dragon man who uses a saddled drake as a mount in order to take flight.

The Sorcerer Lord is particularly scary, boasting an impressive slate of Powers.

These could make for some good, interesting adversaries in the right campaign, although I definitely think the spellcasters are far scarier than the warrior types.