Friday, January 14, 2011

[My WWE Universe] Summerslam!

For those still interested in the Universe stuff.




John Morrison got a measure of revenge against Ezekiel Jackson after he helped the Hart Dynasty out last month. Though Big Zeke showed some amazing power and resilience, even powering up after the Starship Pain, Morrison caught him with a running knee for the pin...or so he thought. As Morrison celebrated, the match was restarted as a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Morrison put his body on the line, hitting a standing shooting star press on the floor, as well as a corkscrew dive off the top rope to the floor! Tyson Kidd ran out of the crowd and blasted Morrison with a chair, but the tag champ went after him up the ramp! Even a moonsault through the announce table couldn't put Big Zeke away, but Starship Pain finally did.

Alicia Fox came to ringside to get a closer look at Mickie James vs Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella..making her possibly the only one in the building who wanted to watch the match. James ultimately prevailed.

Sting and Kaval vs The Straight Edge Society got started right away with a brutal sneak attack on the floor, and CM Punk DISMANTLING Sting with kicks. Indeed, Punk dominated Sting for several minutes until he could tag Kaval. Kaval missed Gallows tagging in, leading to a cheap shot, but the smaller man's educated feet took Gallows for a loop. Sting came in on fire and set up the Scorpion Death Drop, but MVP ran out! This allowed Punk to slip out, but Sting caught him on the second go! Despite much interference from MVP, Gallows tapped to the Scorpion Deathlock!

Miz jumped DiBiase before the bell, but failed to capitalize! They fought on the floor until DiBiase involved the ring steps and got DQed!


Wade Barrett vs David Otunga vs Justin Gabriel opened the show! Barrett was on the rampage from the opener and it went back and forth with all three men getting their licks in, but a huge boot to Otunga and Wasteland to Gabriel gave Barrett the win.

CM Punk pinned Kane in a match that started with Luke Gallows and Undertaker at ringside. Both men were ejected for arguing with the referee. It took two GTS' from Punk to get the pin.

For some reason, Big Zeke challenged Morrison and R-Truth to a handicap match! Zeke looked good, but c' guy versus the Tag Team Champions? Who does he think he is? Triple H?


Sting opened the show against Drew McIntyre! The official time was about five seconds...but Drew attacked Sting before the match and they brawled for several minutes on the floor, including CM Punk getting involved. Drew ate two Death Drops on the floor before being sent into the post and then into the ring.

MVP and Cody Rhodes met up next, and Sting shockingly interjected himself! It wasn't enough as MVP wiped out Cody Rhodes with the Drive By!

Vance Archer picked up a win over Chris Masters, in a match that probably went on too long.

Big Show took the Jack Swagger 15 Minute Iron Man Challenge! The crazy part was when Alberto Del Rio ran in and locked the armbreaker on Big Show! Swagger got the pin...then Del Rio attacked HIM! Swagger wound up 2-0 on Show, when Show SNAPPED and kept hitting choke slams, KO Punches and Spears, but not actually going for the Swagger the win!



Zack Ryder attacks Morrison from the crowd and puts him away in SECONDS.

Otunga attacked Santino from the crowd, but Santino kicked out of his finish! Santino valiantly held on, but Otunga triumphed...but Barrett jumped him from behind with a lead pipe!

Daniel Bryan put up a good effort, but ate a Batista Bomb that put him OUT.

Miz went toe to toe with Sheamus (and paid for it), but got the pin after a Skull Crushing Finale! The match was restarted as a Falls Count Anywhere match, because Miz' feet were on the ropes! They fought all over the arena, but it was Evan Bourne's involvement, hitting the Air Bourne, that allowed Miz to put Sheamus down!


Kane took CM Punk to the limit despite a pre-match rush to the ring, but Punk bloodied Kane and put him away after two non-consecutive Go2Sleeps.

So much for Mr. Nice Guys...Justin Gabriel and Daniel Bryan jumped Santino and Kozlov before the bell...and then David Otunga came out to help them out! The match broke down into an insane brawl, and somehow Gabriel and Bryan got the DQ win, despite Otunga in the ring brawling with Santino.

Sting and Kaval beat Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu in a GREAT face-face tag match...but post-match, CM Punk and Luke Gallows jumped Sting and Kaval, leaving them laying!


Shad Gaspard pinned Mike Knox in a slobberknocker of an opening match after Shelton Benjamin got involved, throwing Knox off his game.

Cody Rhodes came in on fire. Matt Hardy avoided Cross Rhodes, but got caught with the Silver Spoon DDT!

Layla scored a big upset, pinning Women's Champion Beth Phoenix in a Triple Threat also involving Gail Kim!

Big Show managed to pin Drew McIntyre after the KO Punch, but the match got restarted as a submission match! Drew savagely assaulted Show's head, wearing him down and getting a submission!



Edge, who hadn't had much to show for himself in a while, managed to pin HHH in a non-title match, despite interference from Shawn Michaels (who also hadn't been around much lately).

Mark Henry dominated Santino.

The Straight Edge Society hit the ring pumped up, but despite R-Truth lurking outside and messing with The Hart Dynasty, David Hart Smith still pinned CM Punk.

The Miz won a brutal cage match with Sheamus, despite no Evan Bourne interference this time.


Wade Barrett provided a distraction, allowing Vladimir Kozlov to beat David Otunga!

Kane and Beth Phoenix teamed up to thwart Dolph Ziggler and Layla, after Kane put Dolph down.

Edge stunned Shawn Michaels with the Edge-O-Matic despite Triple H causing a distraction!


A bizarre Smackdown Fatal Four Way got underway with Luke Gallows jumping Matt Hardy on the floor and hitting the Gallows Pole, while Christian went at it in the ring with World Champion Jack Swagger. Despite nearly being pinned after the Killswitch, Swagger managed to pin Matt Hardy while Christian and Gallows fought.

Drew McIntyre jumped Kane from the crowd, but failed to capitalize. That almost killed him in this match, though he did hit the Future Shock a second time, this time getting the win.

Kelly Kelly upset Michelle McCool to earn the #1 Contender's Spot for Beth's Women's Title! Kelly offered McCool a handshake, but she slapped it away.

Kofi Kingston shockingly pinned The Undertaker after Trouble in Paradise in a Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat also involving CM Punk to become the #1 Contender for the World Title at Summerslam!



The surprising duo of Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson shocked John Morrison and R-Truth in a non-title match!

Eve pinned Maryse in a #1 Contender's Match after Maryse had words with guest commentator Melina! At one point, Eve hit a moonsault through the announce table!

Sheamus hit the ring on fire, fending off Zack Ryder and The Miz! Triple H hit the ring, going after The Miz as well, giving Sheamus the opening needed to prevail!

Triple H was DQed when he dropped a chair on Edge's foot. Seriously!


Shelton Benjamin pinned Kaval in a high impact Superstars opener!

Maryse took advantage of the situation and pinned Melina in a Triple Threat also involving Natalya, while Eve watched on from ringside.

Batista won an epic, 5-second encounter with Vladimir Kozlov.

Drew McIntyre used every dirty trick in the book to beat Kane and Christian and become the #1 Contender to the IC Title!

Alberto Del Rio runs headlong into The Undertaker and loses, as CM Punk watches from the crowd.

Sting got into a brawl with CM Punk on the floor, but that didn't stop Kaval from pinning MVP to pick up a win over MVP and Mark Henry!

Jack Swagger looked dominant in a Falls Count Anywhere match over rival The Big Show. As Swagger got ready to leave the ring, he put the boots to Big Show.


Sheamus dominated Ted DiBiase and won the US title.

Drew McIntyre outlasted Kofi Kingston and took him the IC title! One highlight being a release German Suplex through a table. McIntyre had hit a prematch assault, but Kofi stayed in it because he feet were in the ropes.

Kelly Kelly completely upset Beth Phoenix to win the Women's Championship!

The Hart Dynasty made short work of R-Truth and John Morrison to regain the Tag Team Titles in a Ladder Match!

The Miz endured a BRUTAL six man Hell in a Cell, pinning Wade Barrett (with his feet on the ropes) to beat Cena, Batista, Edge, Barrett and HBK!

Jack Swagger ended a very good night for the bad guys by beating Kofi in an Inferno Match!


WWE Champion: Triple H
US Champion: Sheamus
Diva's Champion: Melina
Tag Team Champions: The Hart Dynasty


World Champion: Jack Swagger
Intercontinental Champion: Drew McIntyre
Women's Champion: Kelly Kelly
Tag Team Champions: The Hart Dynasty

Next up, HELL IN A CELL.