Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[My WWE Universe] Elimination Chamber




Miz and Alex Riley did a lot of double teaming on The Greatest American Bolo when Miz faced him in a Falls Count Anywhere match...but Romero Contreras ran in and spiked Miz with the Kool Aid Krunch, allowing Bolo to score the pin!

Ted DiBiase agreed to defend the Million Dollar Title against Chris Jericho...and then jumped him from the crowd. When Jericho had Dream Street scouted, DiBiase took the title and smashed Jericho with it.

Justin Gabriel held his own against the power of David Hart Smith, pinning him after the 450 Splash.

As new WWE Champion Wade Barrett faced off with Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match, Husky Harris sat at ringside! They collided once more...and Triple H was on fire...until Shawn Michaels ran in...and wiped Hunter out! Barrett gave Triple H a Conchairto, and then hit the Wasteland on the floor to put Triple H down!


Shelton Benjamin shot down Mike Knox again with the Paydirt.

John Morrison jumped R-Truth before their match and pinned R-Truth after a brutal running knee.

Husky Harris got MUGGED as Romero Contreras, Shinsuke Nakamura and The Greatest American Bolo isolated him and took turns hitting signatures and finishers on him! Bolo pinned him after the Snapshot.


Luke Gallows jumped Cody Rhodes before the match and hit the Gallows Pole to put him away in seconds!

Drew McIntyre violently attacked Kofi Kingston as he came out to face William Regal, but Kofi managed to catch Regal with the SOS to score the win!

Rey Mysterio dominated Vance Archer.

In a match with Elimination Chamber implications, Jack Swagger beat Drew McIntyre inside of a steel cage!



The Miz faced off with Zack Ryder, who had R-Truth at ringside. Miz took the cheap way out by proving R-Truth, getting Ryder DQed!

Wade Barrett seated at ringside must have gotten into Triple H's head as he faced off with John Morrison. Morrison scored one of the biggest wins of his career with the Moonlight Drive!

Husky Harris jumped Romero before their match, but could not put him down. Romero used some trickery as he took the ref down, and went after Husky with a chair, but got caught! Husky walked away with a DQ win!

Shawn Michaels showed off his new cheating ways with John Cena, including taking out the ref and kicking a chair into Cena's face...but it was still the Superkick that did the deed. However, the match got restarted as a submission match, and nothing Michaels could do was he smashed Cena with a ring bell and walked away!


RVD opened the show with an impressive win over Mike Knox.

Husky Harris should have been absolutely screwed in a Triple Threat against Romero Contreras and The Greatest American Bolo...especially when it got turned into a Falls Count Anywhere match. However, Bolo and Romero began to break apart, and things got really bad when Daniel Bryan ran in and inflicted considerable damage on both men, allowing Harris to pin Romero while Bryan and Bolo fought on the floor!

Interference from CM Punk all?owed Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater to beat Sting and Kaval!


Thanks to another pre-match assault by Luke Gallows, he defeated Cody Rhodes.

To the dismay of the fans, William Regal and Drew McIntyre beat Kane and The Undertaker in a ladder match!

Kofi Kingston demolished Shad.

Rey Mysterio, Terry Funk, JTG, Raven, Alberto Del Rio and Matt Hardy faced off in a six way challenge! Raven was the first elimination, at the hands of Rey Mysterio! Matt Hardy pinned Terry Funk next! Del Rio made JTG tap to the Flying Armbar, leaving three! Del Rio caught Hardy and pinned him, then took out Mysterio to win the match!



In a shocking upset, The Greatest American Bolo pinned Ted DiBiase to win the Million Dollar Title while John Morrison and The Miz were brawling on the floor!

Ezekiel Jackson picked up a huge win over Evan Bourne after a brutal pre-match attack!

Daniel Bryan jumped Mark Henry before their match, but Henry fought back! The ref got bumped and Bryan went after Henry with a chair...while Ezekiel Jackson ran in and beat him down as well! Bryan made Henry tap out after all of that!

Edge went Spear crazy in a Triple Threat match, pinning Batista and Sheamus, and putting his tag team partner Wade Barrett firmly in his sights!


Rob Van Dam has taken Shelton Benjamin's place against Mike Knox on Superstars, and got a DQ win after Knox refused to break a choke hold.

Despite a brutal pre-match assault by William Regal, Kofi Kingston rebounded and gave him Trouble in Paradise for the win!

Husky Harris, Vladimir Kozlov, Romero Contreras and Steve Austin squared off! It was a real slobberknocker, with Greatest American Bolo getting involved and attacking Harris, and Romero cleaning house and pinning Harris to pick up the win!


Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler had a great match. When the referee ejected Matt Hardy from ringside, Rey it the Hurricanrana, but Ziggler reversed it into a pin of his own for the win!

Dolph Ziggler came down for commentary as Kane and Drew McIntyre squared off in a #1 Contender's Match! The match was Falls Count Anywhere, and it spilled to the floor, where Kane and Ziggler had words! McIntyre grabbed a chair and was about to take Kane out, when Undertaker mysteriously appeared! This gave Kane his opening to hit the Choke Slam!

Alberto Del Rio took a cheap countout on Finlay!

Sting and Kaval looked great against the Straight Edge Society and The Great Muta, with Kaval scoring a big pin on Gallows after the Warrior's Way!


Sheamus jumped Zack Ryder before a Triple Threat with Ezekiel Jackson, but Jackson prevailed, pinning Sheamus to become the #1 Contender to the US title!

Greatest American Bolo retained the Million Dollar Title in an Extreme Rules Match against Ted DiBiase!

Edge and Wade Barrett jumped Sting and Kaval before their match, and you would have thought Barrett and Sting were blood rivals with the way they DESTROYED each other. Triple H got involved and allowed Sting to finally let Kaval in, but Edge speared Kaval and took him the win.

In a Six Pack Challenge, Batista, The Miz, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and John Cena faced off! Early on, Cena drew blood on Batista, but it was Jericho that truly struck first, eliminating HBK with the Codebreaker! The Miz stunned Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale for the elimination! Batista pinned The Miz after the Batista Bomb, and Jericho caught Orton with the Codebreaker, leaving two men left! Batista tapped to the Walls of Jericho moments later!


Romero and The Greatest American Bolo took on Raven and Mike Knox! As Bolo and Romero dominated Raven, he backed to the corner...where Mike Knox laid him out! Bolo hit the American Revolution on the stunned Raven!

Alex Riley picked up his most impressive win to date over David Hart Smith.

Kofi Kingston was at an extreme disadvantage in a Triple Threat with William Regal and Drew McIntyre, although Christian was in the audience trying to get under their skin! Predictably, they could not agree on who should get the pin and Kofi took advantage...but the REAL game changer was when Shad came out and attacked Kingston...and wound up going after McIntyre as well! Kofi hit the SOS on Drew for the win!


William Regal was impressively brutal in victory over Christian in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Drew McIntyre put up a good fight, but Big Show knocked him clean out.

Rey Mysterio, Chris Masters and The Rock took on Dolph Ziggler, Matt Hardy and The Great Muta! A shocking moment occured when Muta tried to tag Hardy, who walked away, leaving Ziggler and Muta to fend for themselves! Muta at The Rock Bottom for the pin!

Undertaker was ALL OVER Jack Swagger, and even when Swagger started to come back, Chris Masters ran in and took out both men in a shocker! Once they recovered, Swagger knew he was losing it, and took a DQ instead, smashing Undertaker with the ring bell!


In the opener, Drew McIntyre and William Regal had a great match with CM Punk and Luke Gallows, ending with Regal pinning Gallows with his feet on the ropes to win the Tag Team Titles! After the match, CM Punk walked out on Gallows!

Ezekiel Jackson jumped Evan Bourne before their US title match, but Bourne desperately fought back! Bourne rallied and hit the Shooting Star Press to retain his belt! Bourne offered Jackson his hand post-match, but Jackson refused!

Bolo did everything he possibly could, but Batista killed him to win the Million Dollar Title!

Sting fended off Undertaker and Jack Swagger, pinning Swagger to keep his belt!

The Intercontinental title Elimination Chamber kicked off with Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio! Dolph Ziggler was in next, and it was on! Alberto Del Rio was in next, and Kofi caught Dolph with the Boom Drop before taking Rey's head off with the Trouble in Paradise to eliminate him! Kane entered next and tore apart everyone! Christian came in last, and it was on! Kofi caught Dolph with SOS and ensured that there must be a new IC Champion! Kane put out Del Rio while Kofi pinned Christian...setting up Kane vs Kofi! Kane brutalized Kofi...and scored the big win!

Shinsuke Nakamura and Edge opened the WWE Title Elimination Chamber! Wade Barrett came in next, and looked bad for Nakamura. Triple H entered, as Winds of Change came to blows! John Cena came in next, while one had yet been eliminated. Shawn Michaels came in last, and the Chamber was chaotic! In a shocking move, Barrett hit the Wasteland on Triple H....but HBK made the save! John Cena and HBK got taken out almost back to back, leaving four! The Ultimate Opportunist was shocked when his own partner hit The Wasteland and scored the pin! Triple H ate the Wasteland, leaving Barrett and Nakamura! Barrett opened Nakamura up and hit Wasteland for the pin!