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[My WWE Universe] TLC




Ezekiel Jackson, with a little assistance from Joe Cothern, destroyed R-Truth in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Even though Miz jumped Jericho as he came down the ramp, Chris Jericho reduced him to a bloody mess before beating him in a Tables Match.

Randy Orton hit the ring on fire, taking it to Lex Luger! He gave Luger the Orton Stomp and then the RKO! Orton actually offered Luger his hand post-match, but Luger refused!

Lex Luger tried to remain relevant by buying a ringside seat for Wade Barrett versus Triple H. Despite distractions by Shawn Michaels, Wade Barrett took everything Triple H could fire at him and pinned him!


Ted DiBiase stormed the ring to attack Goldust, but Goldust fought him off and hit Shattered Dreams for the win! Goldust offered DiBiase a chance to shake his hand, but apparently being kicked in the nuts left a bad taste in DiBiase's mouth.

Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio did their level best to destroy Kane, but he took advantage of a big mistake and pinned Del Rio!

Althouggh Santino and Shinsuke Nakamura were ostensibly outnumbered, they went right after David Otunga, Daniel Bryan, Vladimir Kozlov and Joe Cothern in a battle royal! Santino eliminated Daniel Bryan as Nakamura dumped Otunga! Cothern went next at Nakamura's hands, while Santino and Nakamura teamed up on Kozlov! Then Nakamura eliminated Santino for the win.


William Regal and Dolph Ziggler jumped Cody Rhodes and Christian before their match with Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, but Rhodes and Christian still came out on top after Gabriel ate a Killswitch and the Cross Rhodes!

As Kofi Kingston prepared to face Drew McIntyre, Drew stormed the ring! He beat Kofi down and hit the Scot Drop, but kept attacking! Kofi never got out of first gear as he fell prey to the Angry Scot!

Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Terry Funk, William Regal, Vance Archer and Shad Gaspard did battle in a Battle Royal! Despite a three on one attempt, Shad held on, and Regal wound up eliminating Vance first. Funk shockingly dumped Big Show, and then Regal tossed out Rey while Funk eliminated Shad! Funk and Regal went at it for several more minutes before Regal threw Funk out!

Mark Henry and David Hart Smith beat the Straight Edge Society in a very brutal Extreme Rules match after Henry crushed Punk with the World's Strongest Slam!



Ted DiBiase put the Million Dollar Title on the line against David Hart Smith, who tore him apart! Tyson Kidd was in the crowd, getting into Smith's head, but ultimately it was heel chicanery by DiBiase that allowed him to lock on a sleeperhold and put Smith out.

Wade Barrett pinned WWE Champion Triple H in seconds after an ambush from the crowd!

Cody Rhodes and Christian prepared to face Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu in a Tables Match, when Justin Gabriel and Dolph Ziggler attacked them on the floor! Kidd and Tatsu tried to capitalize on it, but fell short, with Rhodes and Christian picking up the win!

In the main event, Sheamus battled Shawn Michaels in a tremendous Tables Sheamus was wearing HBK down, Husky Harris came to the ring with a chair! As Harris entered the ring, Sheamus spiked Michaels through the table with Pale Justice, but we never learned what Harris was there for!


Mike Knox ambushed Chris Masters from the crowd and pinned him in seconds!

Vladimir Kozlov attacked his former friend Santino from the crowd, but Santino would not die! He blasted Kozlov with The Cobra to put the giant Russian down!

Thought Miz and Alex Riley held in the match a while, it was basically just getting destroyed by Undertaker and Kane, even with CM Punk's help.


Rey Mysterio shocked Tag Team Champion Luke Gallows!

Drew McIntyre ambushed The Big Show before their match, but The Big Show still made him work for it. Both men gave everything they had, and even Kofi Kingston got involved to keep Drew from cheating, but a GIGANTIC Michinoku Driver by Drew scored the pin!

Raven defeated Rob Van Dam, Terry Funk and Vance Archer in a crazy Extreme Rules match to win the newly recommissioned Hardcore title after pinned Terry Funk with the Evenflow on the floor!

Sting squared off with CM Punk in a #1 Contender's Match, but Punk stormed the ring before the match! Kaval came down to make sure there was no interference as Sting fought back, and Sting pinned Punk after a flying splash off the top rope! As Sting celebrated, a lead pipe weilding Gallows hit the ring and laid Sting and Kaval out!



All week long, WWE is broadcasting from Tribute for the Troops!

Mark Henry crushed Ezekiel Jackson with a bearhug in a slow motion Falls Count Anywhere!

The Greatest American Bolo stormed the ring to take on Husky Harris! Harris bailed out to avoid the American Revolution, and got some licks in on Bolo. Ultimately, Bolo prevailed with the Snapshot!

Lex Luger has a SURPRISE for DX in a Tables Match...mystery partner PRIMO. After DX stopped laughing, the match began and Luger and Primo actually did alright...until Randy Orton ran in and gave Luger the RKO! Triple H spiked Primo through a table to end the match.

Sheamus and Wade Barrett faced off in a #1 Contender's Match, and Barrett dominated Sheamus, scoring a fairly easy pin...until the match was restarted as a Submission Match! Sheamus was on fire and the whole thing was intense, with Barrett even drawing blood on Sheamus. Barrett focused on Sheamus' back and ribs and ultimately made him submit to an abdominal stretch!


David Otunga, perhaps bravely, came through the troops to attack Cena! He even hit his spinebuster, but that just made the match even, and Cena ultimately hit his top rope Rocker Dropper, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment and the STF for the win. Cena offered his hand to Otunga, who refused.

Chris Masters teamed with WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka to take on William Regal and Drew McIntyre! Unfortunately for them, Snuka was never allowed in the ring, and Regal and McIntyre DISMANTLED Masters for the win.

Ted DiBiase put the Million Dollar Title on the line against R-Truth, accompanied by Evan Bourne! John Morrison was lurking in the crowd! Even Evan at ringside couldn't stop DiBiase, who busted R-Truth open and beat him.


Undertaker had a surprise for The Straight Edge Society...Terry Funk! Unfortunately, Funk's a little hardcore, and got DQed.

Dolph Ziggler did commentary as Christian faced Jack Swagger in a Falls Count Anywhere match! Christian got a HUGE win thanks to The Big Show running down and clocking Swagger with a sledgehammer! After the match, Drew McIntyre beat Christian down with a lead pipe!

Dolph Ziggler continued to build his momentum with a great victory over Kofi Kingston.

Raven outlasted Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Finlay, Vance Archer and Mike Knox in a Six Pack Challenge. Raven even put his own partner down, and after the match, went after Shelton Benjamin to inflict more damage!



In the opening match, John Morrison and Ted DiBiase faced off with R-Truth in a handicap match. Goldust came down to get involved, but DiBiase attacked him! Morrison put R-Truth away. Post-match, Morrison kept up his assault on his former partner.

Evan Bourne met Zack Ryder and The Miz in a #1 Contender's Match for the US Title! It was crazy action, and John Morrison came down and wiped out Ryder with a chair! Bourne put Miz away with a huracanrana for the win!

Batista pinned John Cena after a shocking sneak attack!

Wade Barrett and Triple H collided in an EPIC Iron Man match, destroying many chairs and reducing both men to bloody messes...even had some Chris Jericho interference, before ending in a draw.


Chris Jericho made Yoshi Tatsu tap to the Walls of Jericho. As he celebrated, The Miz came out and taunted him from the ramp!

In a surprisingly hard hitting match, Santino stopped Joe Cothern with The Cobra! He offered Cothern a handshake post-match, but Cothern refused.

Shelton Benjamin fought hard, but could not topple Raven and Mike Knox in a handicap match.


Matt Hardy stormed the ring to attack Christian before their match, but Christian was unfazed and put him down.

Undertaker and Kane got punished by William Regal and Drew McIntyre, but prevailed after Kane cleaned house off of a hot tag and pinned Regal with a Choke Slam!

Mark Henry and David Hart Smith seemed to have words before taking on The Straight Edge Society, and that clearly cost them as Gallows and Punk dominated them before Gallows pinned Henry.

Jack Swagger beat Sting in a non-title Falls Count Anywhere match after timely intervention by CM Punk!


Evan Bourne snuck away with the US title after Sheamus stormed the ring attacking him and hitting Pale Justice on Ryder...but Bourne sent Sheamus out of the ring and pinned Ryder!

Dolph Ziggler failed to repeat Evan Bourne's feat, but tried...but he did still outlast Drew McIntyre and Christian, pinning Christian after the Zig Zag. Ziggler brutally attacked Christian with a chair after the match!

While Raven brawled with Kaval and Shelton Benjamin, MVP managed to climb the ladder and win the Hardcore title in a TLC match!

Ted DiBiase and John Morrison had words before their Tag Title Match with the Straight Edge Society, and Punk and Gallows proved you HAVE to be on the same page to defeat them, retaining in dominant fashion.

Sting somehow outlasted Jack Swagger and The Undertaker in a TLC match, despite taking the Tombstone and the Gutwrench Powerbomb! Sting ended Swagger's reign that has lasted since Backlash!

Wade Barrett jumped a heavily bandaged Triple H from the crowd, but got too cocky in their TLC match, and Triple H managed to get the WWE Title down!

Though the "year" is technically over, the WWE "Year" runs three more months: Through Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania.


WWE Champion: Triple H
WWE United States Champion: Evan Bourne


WWE World Champion: Sting
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Unified Tag Team Champions: CM Punk & Luke Gallows

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