Saturday, January 22, 2011

[My WWE Universe] Bragging Rights




Bolo beat David Otunga in a brutal Extreme Rules match, fending off Justin Gabriel in the process!

Despite The Miz getting involved, Morrison and R-Truth fended off The Straight Edge Society in a Tables Match.

In a Fatal Four Way Cage Match, Chris Jericho pinned Batista with a small package while Orton and Cena were brawling.

In a Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat Match, Wade Barrett snuck a pin on Miz after HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music, then he spiked Michaels on the floor with the Wasteland for the win!


Evan Bourne never even got started as Tyson Kidd jumped him from the crowd and ultimately made him tap out.

Shad did a lot of damage, but Rob Van Dam survived his onslaught and pinned him with the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD offered to shake his hand, but Shad slapped it away.

Nexus nearly took out Luger and Kozlov, but Bolo hit the American Revolution to put Justin Gabriel down.


Regal jumped JTG before the bell and JTG dodged one Knee Trembler, but the second knocked him out.

In an intense #1 Contender's Match with Cody Rhodes watching at ringside, Christian endured everything Drew McIntyre had to bloody him and score the pin with the Killswitch. He will now challenge Todo Americano for the IC title.

Cody Rhodes knocked out MVP in a Parking Lot Brawl.

Kane, accompanied by Paul Bearer, made short work of Dolph Ziggler.



Wade Barrett defeated Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel and David Otunga in a Gauntlet that pushed him to his very limits.

In a stunning upset, Evan Bourne pinned Sheamus inside a Steel Cage after Air Bourne!

With Ted DiBiase watching on, Zack Ryder pinned The Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to become the #1 Contender to Sheamus' US title.

Vladimir Kozlov and Lex Luger jumped DX before their match, which was a chaotic brawl all over the arena. WWE Champion Triple H sustained too much damage, taking multiple Torture Racks...ultimately being pinned by Kozlov. Shawn Michaels hung in there for quite a while, but Luger ultimately made him give up to the Torture Rack. Post-match, Justin Gabriel and Daniel Bryan ambushed Luger and Kozlov and beat them down!


Wade Barrett CRUSHED Shawn Michaels after a sneak attack from the crowd.

Paul Bearer accompanied Kane to the ring while Vance Archer accommpanied Drew McIntyre. It was a good, back and forth match, with Jack Swagger scouting from the crowd. Vance Archer got ejected for repeated interference, and Kane spiked McIntyre for the win.

Sting and Kaval were preparing to face Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel, when CM Punk and Luke Gallows jumped Sting and Kaval from behind! Sting and Kaval tried to fight back against Nexus, but Gabriel pinned Kaval for the win!


In an odd turn of events, Luke Gallows was accompanied by Alberto Del Rio as he took on Kane, whose brother The Undertaker was present at ringside. As Del Rio was being ejected late in the match, Kane hit the choke slam. Gallows fought back desperately, but got NAILED with a lariat for the pin. Kane offered his hand to Gallows, who slapped it away.

The Hart Dynasty jumped Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu before their tables match, and immediately hit their big moves on the floor. Evan Bourne ran in and interfered on behalf of Goldust and Tatsu, but The Hart Dynasty prevailed when Tatsu got crushed through a table.

Cody Rhodes and Christian made and unlikely team, taking on Vance Archer and his mystery partner...William Regal! Though each team was very much makeshift, Rhodes stunned Regal with Cross Rhodes for the pin.

CM Punk hit the ring hard in a #1 Contender's Ladder Match against Drew McIntyre, but he got too eager trying to bring the contract briefcase down, and didn't pay attention to McIntyre...who knocked him off the ladder and got the contract down!



Tyson Kidd, with assistance from newcomer Joe Cothern, beat R-Truth in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Tyson Kidd shockingly betrayed David Hart Smith, costing him a submission match against John Morrison! Luke Gallows came out after the match and taunted Morrison from the ramp!

Evan Bourne looked tremendous in taking out Ezekiel Jackson!

DX teamed with Zack Ryder in an elimination match against Barrett, Edge and Sheamus. Edge pinned Triple H to score the first elimination, while Barrett surprised Michaels for the second. Edge, Sheamus and Barrett beat Ryder bloody before Barrett put Ryder away.


Raven shockingly ambushed The Rock before their match! Rock tried to fight him off, but Raven hit the Evenflow and scored the pin with his feet on the ropes!

Edge jumped Evan Bourne as he was coming down the ramp, and they brawled on the floor for several minutes, with Edge getting the upperhand. Once they made it into the ring, the Spear ended it.

John Morrison prepared to take on Tyson Kidd and The Miz in a Triple Threat, when Miz ambushed Kidd as he came down the ramp! Morrison dove to the floor and missed, and ate a Skull Crushing Finale! All three men went back and forth, but Morrison took advantage of a worn down Kidd to win the match!


JTG put up a great fight, but Mike Knox was far too much for him.

The Straight Edge Society beat DX to become the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles when Lex Luger and Vladimir Kozlov jumped DX before the match!

Rey Mysterio made short work of MVP! Rey tried to make nice post-match, but MVP slapped him away.

Sting and Kaval came out to take on Luger and Kozlov...but Gallows jumped Sting from behind, and Justin Gabriel shanghaied Kaval! Sting and Kaval were thrown in the ring hurting! It wasn't enough, though, as Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Kozlov while Kaval brawled with Luger!



Bolo came to the ring to provide back-up as David Hart Smith squared off with former partner Tyson Kidd! As Smith moved in for the kill, Yoshi Tatsu ran in and caused a distraction! Things got chaotic with everyone out there, but assistance from Bolo helped fend off Tatsu so Smith could get some revenge!

Jericho stunned Edge with a cradle out of a powerbomb after kicking a chair into his face! Post-match, Wade Barrett jumped Jericho with a lead pipe!

Luger and Kozlov looked impressive, defeating Cody Rhodes and Christian!


In a shocking upset, Justin Gabriel pinned Chris Jericho after a sneak attack from the crowd and a 450 Splash!

Luke Gallows was all over Kane from the start, and CM Punk helped out whenever Kane got a head of steam. The referee ejected Punk, however, distracting Gallows as he walked into a Kane Chokeslam!

Despite interference from Maryse, John Morrison (w/R-Truth) pinned Ted DiBiase.


Gallows jumped Cody Rhodes before the bell, but was surprised as Cody ferociously fought back! As Gallows started to gain the upperhand, Cody caught a small package out of nowhere for the win! Cody offered Gallows a handshake post-match, but was refused.

Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Chris Masters teamed up to face MVP, Alberto Del Rio and Raven! The match was phenomenal and saw lots of momentum shifts, but MVP planted Masters with the Playmaker to score the win.

Dolph Ziggler pinned Finlay in what was mostly a showcase for Ziggler, hitting the Zig-Zag and putting his feet on the ropes.

CM Punk parked himself at ringside to see Sting put a huge dent in Drew McIntyre's momentum by making him tap to the Scorpion Death Lock! As Sting celebrated, Nexus members David Otunga and Justin Gabriel came to the stage to taunt him!


Bragging Rights kicked off with Dolph Ziggler vs Shawn MichaelS! Kozlov was at ringside, playing mind games with HBK...and Luger ran out as well! Luger ALMOST interfered multiple times, never actually touching Michaels...but did cause ample distracting to allow Ziggler to score a huge upset!

CM Punk and Luke Gallows absolutely punished R-Truth en route to Straight Edge Society winning the Tag Team Titles from Morrison and R-Truth!

Raw rebounded heavily from a 2-0 deficit, fielding John Cena, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho against Sting, Undertaker and Kane! Cena put Sting away first after the Five Knuckle Shuffle and the Attitude Adjustment! Orton pinned Undertaker after TWO RKOs and a Punt Kick, and Kane tapped to the Walls of Jericho!

The biggest opportunity of Drew McIntyre's career flew right out of his hands as Swagger spiked him with the Gutwrench Powerbomb to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

In a Smackdown vs Raw Battle Royal, Raven, Alberto Del Rio, MVP, Sheamus, Edge and The Miz squared off! Raven went pretty quickly, while Edge and MVP followed. Sheamus and Miz should have dominated Del Rio, but their personal issues exploded and Sheamus helped Del Rio eliminate Miz before winning the battle royal himself!

Wade Barrett's momentum of destiny slipped through his fingers as he was pinned by Triple H following a BRUTAL match...perhaps the presence of David Otunga in the crowd threw Barrett off his game. After the match, Luger and Kozlov taunted the exhausted Triple H.