Friday, August 13, 2010

August Awesomness Part Two: Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion Giveaway

This is my first attempt at doing something like this: A contest for my blog.

I am a pretty darn big Savage Worlds fan, and I am giving away a PDF copy of the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion.  Heck, *I* don't even have the Fantasy Companion myself, but I'm gonna give it away to the person who gives me the coolest fantasy encounter.

What's that mean exactly?  Simple: Just a fantasy encounter, not more than a few paragraphs long (no hard limits here, use your instincts).  Try to be at least fairly general with the setting, and if you provide any stats, please make them Savage, but please make them original.  If you need to simply refer to a stat block in a rulebook, do so in the text.  I have compiled a Shadow Council, who shall remain nameless to avoid Judge Tampering, who will review the entries and vote on them.  The winner gets the Fantasy Companion.

Ideally, what I would like to do, in addition to giving the Fantasy Companion to winner, is compile the top entries (according to the Shadow Council), no more than thirteen I'd say (if we even have that many!), and place them in a PDF, with their authors fully credited of course, and made publicly available for free download.

The rules:

1) One entry per person, please.

2) You must provide a working e-mail address, or I can't get you the code for your free download.  However, if you already own the Fantasy Companion and would like to "gift" the Companion to a friend, provide me THEIR address and that can be arranged.

3) Elaborate as much or as little as you like, but if it's so long we get tired reading it?  That'll work against you.  Similarly, if it's too short to make us get into the idea of it, that'll work against you.  Ideally, I would like to see it fit a single column page of a PDF, but if it's good, it's good.

4) Spell check and the like will go a long way towards helping your chances.

5) Any game stats provided in your encounter should be Savage Worlds stats.  Please, do not duplicate any copy-written information (such as a monster's stat blocks from a SW book).  If you create a whole new monster for the encounter, you should stat it.  Similarly, noting that an adversary is, say, an Orc but with a Smarts of d8 and the Marksman Edge (for a crazy example) is fine.  The encounter should fit in the fantasy genre...doesn't mean it can't contain elements from other genres, but it should primarily be a fantasy situation that could be dropped into a fantasy campaign with not too much work. 

6) The contest is open immediately, and will run until 12 PM Central time on August 27th.  I will announce the winner on or before September 1st.  E-mail your entry to tommyb(at)sstelco(dot)com.  You can do it in the body of the e-mail, in DOC or RTF format, or in PDF format.  Any of those will work fine.

7) Your entry in the contest is granting me the right to use your encounter in the compilation, in which all authors will be fully credited with either their real name, or the screen name of their selection, but I lay no other claim to the copyright of the work...I just think it would be cool to give a little collection of ideas to everyone else.

And if all of this sounds like too much work, well, I'll be giving away a couple of more items later this month, so keep an eye on this space.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or comment.  This contest is made possible by the tremendous people at RPGnow and Pinnacle Entertainment.




  1. I'm just curious as to how many story entries you've received for your contest (mine included - The Fountain)

  2. Four big entries.

    My emergency plan in case of a flood of entries was overkill...=)

  3. So who won and for those of us who didn't when can we get to see the other great entries? :)

  4. I posted the announcement on the front page of the blog...Michael Lively (also known as Lysander) was selected by my judges.

    The entries SHOULD be up this weekend...I am REALLY snowed under with stuff and haven't had a chance to compile them into a PDF yet.