Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Awesomness from DriveThruRPG


Thanks to the fine people at DriveThruRPG and their affiliated publishers, we are very much pleased to offer some special deals on items available at DriveThruRPG through the month of August and into September!

From now until September 10th, you can use the code DTRPGAugust2010BlogPCast at checkout to save 20% off of any purchases by a number of publishers available on the site:

  • A Terrible Idea - Makers of the tongue in cheek zombie game Shambles.
  • Aethereal Forge
  • Bailey Records
  • Crucifiction Games - Makers of the offbeat humor/horror game Horror Rules.
  • Dream Pod 9
  • Fantasy Games Unlimited - Home of recent retro best seller Villains & Vigilantes
  • Final Redoubt Press
  • Gold Rush Games
  • Goodman Games
  • Highmoon Games
  • Morbid Games
  • OtherWorld Creations - Who released the Savage Setting Strike Force 7.
  • Palladium Books - Makers of RIFTS and After the Bomb
  • Rogue Games - Creators of Colonial Gothic, a horror game set during the American Revolution
  • RPG Objects
  • Savage Mojo - Makers of Suzerain, available as a Savage Setting as well as its own RPG.
  • Tricky Owlbear
  • Vigilance Press - Creators of the modern Arthurian retelling Arthur Lives! for True 20.
Again, just enter the above code at checkout, and save 20%.  As always, any purchases made through this blog helps support it and me, so happy shopping!

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