Sunday, August 8, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

I started this blog at the beginning of the year as an exercise in making myself constantly write SOMETHING.  I've hit 75 blog posts since the beginning of the year...that's not bad at all.

It is still pretty much a catch-all for what interests me, but at the moment that seems to be largely role-playing games, due in no small part to becoming a member of RPGnow's blog support program.  If you're reading this, you have surely noticed that I review a ton of RPGs these days, but I will say this: I never review an RPG that I either did not already have a pre-existing interest in, or that I was not specifically contacted by a publisher about reviewing.

Some reviews that I plan on tackling in the near future include, but are not limited to, and in particular order are:

1) Slasher Flick: Director's Cut
2) Wild Talents: Progenitor
3) Apocalypse Prevention Inc. - Not the book, but the entire game line.
4) The Crime Network - I had agreed to review the Old Country adventure, but after doing so, I now have the desire to post a review for the base game itself.
5) ION Guard - ICONS Edition
7) BASH Ultimate Edition
8) ARGHH! Thar Be Zombies

In addition to RPG reviews, I have been posting the TMNT Thursdays, statting out the Ninja Turtles for ICONS.  I've pondered expanding this, with something like Masters of the Universe Monday, covering He-Man and gang, but that's still up in the air.  I don't know for sure just how deep I'll actually go with the Ninja Turtles, but I do know that Casey Jones, Leatherhead, The Rat King and Slash are coming, I'll probably hit Ace Duck, Bloodbath, Wingnut & Screwloose and maybe Cudley the Cowlick in a post together (they were all involved in Stump Wrestling in the Archie comics), as well as Tokka, Rahzar, Tatsu and Super Shredder in a likely "Movie Villains" post.

I'm kicking around other ideas for articles and features for the blog, maybe some Savage Worlds stuff, revisiting my Marvel SAGA houserules and charts, maybe rejiggering them so that they mesh with BASH and ICONS, who knows?

I have at least one more little piece of short fiction I'm going to post, maybe this last remnant from my ill-advised return to school.

I am unofficially consulting on two RPG projects, not an area I feel terribly comfortable in, especially when we're focusing on rules because I Am Not A Designer, and trying to design RPG rules makes my head hurt.  I've had a couple of people tell me I should try to do more RPG stuff, but I would only be able to do that working within an existing rules system...I'm just not wired to design at all.

For those who missed it in Oklahoma, my first published comic work - EQUINOX #1 - was released in POD format at IndyPlanet, and DriveThruComics is selling the electronic version.  I wrote the back-up story, "Living in Shadows", which stars HELLRAZER and will hopefully just be the first of many stories I tell with her.  Johnnie Johnson and I are working on a special "commentary" for "Living in Shadows", which will be available at the Equinox Comics website.  Also, this fall my first full comic, HELLRAZER VS VOODOO, will be released as well, which I am VERY excited about.  I co-plotted it with Shawn Cowan, scripted it myself, with art by Johnnie Johnson and Jason Coody as well as colors by Trey Bishop.  Meanwhile, Ben Soto is finishing work on The Curse for EQUINOX #2, which is exciting stuff.

I'm working on what will hopefully be a fun twist on a superhero anthology with three other writers that is in very early planning stages at the moment, and I've received an interesting offer to collaborate on a children's book that I'm going to try to run with as a nice change of pace.

This month I also filed my first stories with Melanie Jordon of Imagine Daily, including an interview with Pinnacle's Shane Hensley...which will hopefully just be the tip of the iceberg for my collaborations with Imagine Daily.  Lining up some features and articles for the October issue, which I'm looking forward to.

I also have another comic project I'm hoping to start very soon, just waiting on my collaborator to get some stuff cleared off of his plate is all.

Oh, and I got an offer for a supersecret RPG playtest opportunity that I've tried not to mention in any way, shape or form, but I'm PSYCHED about, and should know more about within a week.

ANYWAY...thanks for visiting the blog!  I am a bit of a feedback whore, and even if you don't leave comments, I can still see the number of hits and that works alright for me.  Special thanks to Michael Wolf of Stargazer's World,  who not only directed me to the right people to get enrolled into the RPGnow Affiliate Program and Blog Support Program, but also plugged my blog on his site and absolutely spiked my readership, and I can't say thanks enough for that.

That said, I ask that whenever you can, especially if you like my reviews, use my affiliate links to make your purchases...every little bit not only keeps me blogging, but at the moment it literally keeps my car on the road to my day(night) job.  I've also applied for affiliate status with Lulu, and I really need to properly use my Amazon affiliate status as well.

Looking forward to much more blogging fun!


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