Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tommy's Take on War of the Dead: Chapter Two Week Eleven

Agh, I got this at the beginning of the week, when I had other stuff queued up, so I couldn't get right to it...but Week 11 of Chapter II came out at the beginning of the week, continuing the "slow finish" of rounding off Chapter II and setting up Chapter III.

This week begins with a road trip, as the survivors are trying desperately to reach Colorado. I have to file my immediate disappointment here as the awesome "card draw" random encounter charts have been replaced with a 2d6 die roll chart. I just like the card draw charts better.

As part of the "slowdown", we get a big campfire scene, which should give everyone a chance to roleplay a bit, as well as fill in the backstory on some of the NPCs that have been busy running around, trying not to die.

What appears to be a routine fuel run at an airport hits a snag, when the PCs pick up a Morse code distress call from within the airport warns them that people are trapped inside! As the PCs (presumably) move to save them, it turns out to be (kind of) a trap...the survivors are legit...but it's not the undead pinning them in, it's a group of crazed cannibals. We get another encounter chart as well, but again, it's a 2d6 chart and not a card draw chart, to my dismay.

The PCs get to fight out of the airport through undead, cannibals and feral dogs, but it shouldn't be anything too crazy unless they just have VERY bad luck.

Once everyone is free and clear, we get a bit of a cliffhanger: Morrison doesn't want to bring on new blood, thinking it would be taxing to their supplies...Alexandro says no one stays behind...ending the chapter in a bit of a stand-off as to just what should be done.

Much like last week, the danger just doesn't feel like a big deal, but I think that's a good thing. At this point, at least for a while, the PCs SHOULDN'T be in any danger unless they're just REALLY unlucky or really stupid. They've earned that by this point. I do like the cliffhanger, one of the best so far, I think, with two weeks left: A new band of survivors and two major NPCs just completely split on what to do with them, leaving the PCs to (presumably) try to force a solution that will make everyone happy.

I suppose they could always start eating people...