Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Honorable Mentions

I recently named my Top Six...but here were some honorable mentions that I reviewed from January 1st to December 17th that didn't make the list, and why:

Deadlands Reloaded Player's Guide and Marshall's Handbook: While I absolutely love Deadlands, I neglected to name these for two reasons. One, they would be two books instead of one, and to keep any one company from holding too much sway over the Top Six, I couldn't do that. Two, it wasn't "new to me", which is kind of an unofficial criteria for the Top Six, as I've had a ton of experience with Reloaded already.

Smallville the Roleplaying Game: As I mentioned in the Leverage entry, the Smallville game is great, but I don't really care for the picking between Leverage and Smallville for the "one book per company" rule became really easy.

Misfit Studios Savage Worlds Mini-Supplements: Misfit Studios jumped into the Savage Worlds ring last year with a line of mini-supplements. Unfortunately, I wasn't terribly diligent with my tagging of the review posts, but every one of these ranged from "GREAT" to "Really Good". It would have been incredibly difficult to narrow it down to just one, but I *really* love the Expanded Professions.

Vigilance Press' World War II Supplements: Vigilance Press made me learn to love World War II Supers...the only downside is that I'm not completely sold on ICONS...which knocked the chances of me picking any one of these supplements way down. Combined with the Misfit Studios problem of "How do I pick just one?" and well...that said, there were a few Battlescenes that were easily adaptable to any era, so that's pretty great.

Iron Dynasty: Iron Dynasty is very cool and very Savage just didn't GRIP me in quite the same way as the Top Six did, especially Wu Xing, which covers similar ground (though from a radically different lens). Still well worth checking out.

Spite: Spite is cool...but borders on the offensive pretty easily. Hard for me to make a "general" recommendation. Plus, the sales go to charity, so there's that.

Wild World Wrestling: One of the best d20 games just got better...and it is different enough to fall under the "new to me"...the main reason I didn't recommend it is that it is a niche product within a niche genre...gamers who are also wrestling fans is a very small group, unfortunately.

Apocalypse Prevention Inc.: Literally the only reason I didn't pick this as one of the Top Six is because it was made by Third Eye Games, who also made Wu Xing, and Wu Xing is completely amazing instead of just really, really great. API is awesome, Wu Xing is just a hair better.

You still have time to get your entries in for the Birthday Blog contest, as the deadline is this weekend. Plus, we have a couple of sales to pass along for those interested:

RPGNow is running their New Year, New Game sale, which features over 20 RPG books for $11 each. My personal recommendations are Buffy the Vampire Slayer Revised, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Little Fears Nightmare Edition and Savage Suzerain...and there are at least three or four there that I hope to pick up (if I can beat the sale). That sale ends in just over a week.

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