Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tommy's Take on Resolute Beasts, Dungeon Classics and More Dragons


This is actually intended for the Resolute fantasy setting, but is compatible with the supers book if you want some more variety. Costing a whole dollar and running eight pages, you might just be wondering precisely what you're getting.

You are, in fact, getting over 60 creatures, spread out over 7 categories (such as insects, humanoids, lycanthropes, undead, etc), fully statted in the Resolute rules system. There are also sidebars, such as handling lycanthropy in Resolute and magical properties that the body parts of the Fantastic Creatures provides.

Practically indespensible for a Resolute GM. Highly recommended if you run Resolute.


Mind Flayers and Beholders...I'm sorry, Thought Flayers and Watchers.

This may be the single best release by Misfit Studios thus far, bringing two true classics to Savage Worlds, with serial numbers filed off.

The two famous aberrations are dangerous...especially considering that Thought Flayers have a BONUS to grapple the heads of their targets, helping to negate the called shot penalties.

The Watcher's eye stalks are also represented, with cruel and harsh effects including petrification present and accounted for. Seriously: These guys are SCARY...some of the scariest Savage Worlds write-ups I have ever fair warning.

We also get three new powers: Charm, Mind Reading and Telepathy, to properly model our beasties.

Oh, Cloakers and Mimics are also here, but let's be honest: Mind Flayers and Beholders are the draw here, and rightfully so.

Just a tremendous addition to the Savage Worlds bestiary.


This name is about as descriptive as it gets. Misfit Studios covers more dragons for Savage Worlds.

Ice Dragons have a couple of breath weapon options, the first being a cone of frost that is handled like a typical Savage Worlds cone attack...but the second is a cold fog that utterly blocks all vision in the area. They are also easily baited with warm flesh. In fact, it's probably easier to trick one than to kill one.

The Mountain Dragons is gigantic and scary, spewing hot gravel from its mouth and having a massive treasure hoard. There is a hefty payoff for killing one...but this one will make you work for it.

Sea Dragons are interesting creatures in that they have tempermants as violent as the sea...that is, you can't guarantee what you'll get from one each day. While individual Sea Dragons tend towards malicious or benevolent (adding a modifier to their reaction roll, it is possible than a normally vicious and destructive creature shows up feeling quite helpful.

Swamp Dragons are acid spitting beasts whose scales can somewhat meld into their surroundings. Rather than kill people and creatures around them, they prefer to torment them, getting more joy from inflicting terror and harm rather than outright slaughter.

Another great entry in the line-up, with some obvious D&D inspiration, just tweaked a bit so that these dragons stand out on their own merits.