Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tommy's Take on War of the Dead: Chapter Two Week Four

Special thanks to Lee Szczepanik, Jr and Daring Entertainment for sending this along early, as Chapter Two, Week Four of War of the Dead comes out on Monday.

Obviously, there are spoilers, so tread carefully.

Week Three left off with the PCs dealing with one of their NPCs having gone crazy, and another drugging his wife and kidnapping not only his kids, but Samantha, the young girl who is immune to the zombie infection and has been with the PCs since Chapter One.

Week four kicks off with the PCs joining Caitlin (the wife who was drugged) and Michael (the de facto guardian of the community) in trying to intercept her husband before he can join the raiders that the group has had clashes with recently.

Along the way, we get another random encounter chart...which also has the side effect of slowing the PCs down before they can get to the camp.

Some examples include more ravenous dogs, a zombie girl that looks like Caitlin's daughter, and a very tense moment with a handful of zombie soldiers still carrying guns.

An encounter with a small band of the raiders should be easily won by the PCs and their allies, setting up a moment of conflict for those who haven't the realities of the new world.

Once the group arrives at the raider base, they get to figure out how in the world they are going to get in. This is left open to interpretation, although Michael will come up with a plan if the PCs are just stuck. There are no happy endings, however, as the raiders are kinda of Caitlin's daughters has been turned into a zombie, and the other daughter and Samantha have been tied up and bitten by the zombified daughter...yeah, Samantha's immune, but...

From there, it all goes to pot again, as the PCs have to escape the raider camp while another contingent of the raiders assaults the community...and in the middle of it all? Yeah, the approaching zombie hoard that led to Caitlin's husband leaving with the girls to begin with.

Obviously, things can't ever stay too safe for too long in a zombie apocalypse. Week Five should be full of crazy zombie action...I'll be intrigued to see how it all shakes out post hoard, with the two groups separated as they try to make it to Sanctuary...(note that the possibility DOES exist that the PCs, in fact, are split between the groups, if any of the PCs opted not to go attack the raider camp).