Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free PDF Minimaker!

Before Savage Worlds, I never liked to use miniatures in my games at all.

After Savage Worlds, I found myself using them quite a bit...between extra HeroClix and Mage Knight pieces and what have come to be known in Savage Worlds vernacular as Figure Flats - cardboard stand-ups folded up and used on the battlemat.

Affordable, printable figure flats are awesome, and there are several sets out there, usually keyed to a given setting. Precis Intermedia Games, while not making minis for Savage Worlds, has a whole line of game-neutral but genre-specific figures called Disposable Heroes. They have Statix, which are your standard sets of figure flats, and Customizables, which allow you to print the figures you want, print whole sheets of a given piece, etc. They even released a set that allows you to upload your own images and print out your customized sets.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because that last thing always sounded like the coolest thing I'd never tried...and now Silvervine Games, makers of the Silvervine RPG, have released a free PDF Minimaker. There are two of 1" minis and one for 2" minis, and they function very simply: click on the logo on the on the figure flats and insert any image on your computer. You can place the image on the backside and it will flip it for you...the only thing it won't do is "mirror" the images...and then you print off your minis.

It's not QUITE as versatile as the PIG Build Your Own sets (especially if you want to print off an army), but it's a great set-up in a pinch. While the Minimaker IS on RPGnow, for some reason the file I downloaded off of there would not let me insert my own images...however, the one straight off of their website worked great, so go to their Downloads page and scroll down to access both versions of the Minimaker.

I seriously need to get my printer working again.