Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And now, I review comics...

...just not over here.

Nope, I responded to a call for comic reviewers over at Project Fanboy, where I seemingly "passed the audition" with my review of DAYS MISSING: KESTUS #1 (of 5). The administrators over there seemed pleased with my reviewing, and so it sounds like I'll be sticking around over I encourage all of my comic buddies to come over, join in the discussion, read the reviews, all that goodness!

In other news, we had no Marvel SAGA gaming last night, unfortunately...hopefully next week.

Had a fairly exhausting couple of days, thanks to Faith's lack of a sleeping schedule, and so I didn't get as much done on most other things as I would like, but I'm pretty psyched at the opportunity over at Project Fanboy. I haven't figured out exactly what it is I'm good at in life, but people seem to take to my reviews at least...=)

Also, currently working on the playtest for the next Misfit Studios' ICONS release, another adaptation of their Superlink products. I won't say any more because, well, not my company and Steve may not want anything else said right now.

Anyway...check me out at Project Fanboy, and be back here this week as I hope to at least get Progenitor and Shanghai Vampocalypse reviewed!