Monday, November 8, 2010

Tommy's Take on The Walking Dead

As part of DBloC, I thought I would do a little talking about The Walking Dead today, both the TV series (early candidate for best show currently on TV) and the comic book (probably my favorite comic of all time).

So be warned...there are spoilers.

- If I'm ever presumed dead, I sure hope my wife and best friend wait longer than a few weeks before they decide to start hooking up. This is one gripe I have against the show: In the comics, Lori had sex with Shane in a moment of despair, and then held him at arms' length. In the show, Shane's pretty much an all-around bigger jackass than he is in the comics (impressively) AND Lori's having sex with him regularly. Really?

- I hate Michonne and The Governor. Words cannot express how much I am not looking forward to Michonne's inevitable arrival in Season 2 of the show. The fact that she's been around since issue 19 (the comic is on 78) and I still love it is a testament to how great the rest of the book is.

- They're gonna have to do some fast forwarding in time, or Carl's gonna hit a growth spurt and they're gonna have a Walt on their hands like LOST did. That said, Kirkman's been known to fast forward his books, so the show may follow that example.

- If Amy gets killed on the show, are they going to fire the actress that plays Andrea and have her start playing Amy? (You really have to read the comic to get that one).

- Anyone else think they're going to wait until the end of the first season to show the first member of the group getting killed?

- I *really* like Andrew Lincoln as Rick...and then I don't. He has moments that are GREAT and then scenes that are just way off.

- The first character death is going to be a HUGE diversion from the book, I'm figuring...just to drive home to the comic book readers that NO ONE IS SAFE.

- Really, as long as it's not Rick or Glenn at this point, I'm okay with that. Glenn was awesome this week.

- There is a Walking Dead Google Map. Seriously. AND FULL OF SPOILERS.

- I do love how concerned Rick is with the Dead. Not with what caused it all...but with the fact that they used to be living, breathing people.

- Similarly, I do love the little touches of memory from the Dead.

- Last thing, before I go...for those who aren't aware: The title of the show has nothing to do with zombies.