Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Savage Worlds Characters Are All The Same: The Introduction

So on a recent website thread, I got into a bit of a row with a guy who argued that Savage Worlds characters are all basically the same, mechanically. Similarly, I have also heard that Savage Worlds characters BECOME the same mechanically over time.

I am going to launch into a series of articles, taking a party up from Novice to Legendary. I'm using Explorer's Edition as the base, with a fantasy take most likely...which means I do reserve the right to apply a setting or supplement (as most Savage Worlds games will use a setting, which has its own rules).

I'm going to tinker with the characters a bit, but I'm anticipating an Agile Fighter, a Tank, a Sniper, a Spellcaster and a Faceman, complete with explanations on how they interact with the rules. I'm anticipating weekly updates, I think, complete with what each Advances taken are...and who knows? Maybe I will be proved wrong.

IDEALLY, they will be up by the weekend, but if not, then this time next week.