Sunday, November 7, 2010


As some of you know, I fancy myself something of a comic book writer.

I've only had the one book published so far (Equinox #1, now only 99 cents in digital format), but earlier this year, Werner Mueck, Ben Soto and I entered Small Press Idol 2010 with mine and Werner's brainchild: Max Monkey, Monster Masher.

We started off really strong in the contest, but were summarily rejected in Round 3 by the judges, at which point our voting coalition also fell apart, meaning we barely retained our "cover slot" in Mysterious Visions Anthology. Our chances of being picked up for anything after the contest were similarly hurt, since our 12 page story was not finished by July 15th (and, indeed, is not finished today, though it is much closer now) due to frustrations with the contest.

However, it is finally back on track, in the capable hands of Ben Soto who is completing the coloring on the project (and maybe lettering, depending).

Personally, I'm glad to see it. No disrespect intended to anyone else in the contest, I promise, but I completely believe in Max Monkey as a concept, and if nothing else, I am looking forward to having it free from the constraints of Small Press Idol, for us to do with as we will...although I am REALLY crushed about us not winning the toy deal...our roster of characters are tailor-made for a toy deal.

Werner and I haven't seriously discussed what format Max will take in the future, at least not in a while...but I do hope people pick up (and enjoy) "Max Monkey and The Mark of Zumagoathulhu" when it is released soon (I will have details, of course).

In other comic news, "Hellrazer versus Voodoo" is in the hands of the colorists as well, well past its October release date. I still can't wait to see that one fully completed. "The Curse", written by me and drawn by Ben Soto, will be the back-up in Equinox #2.

Finally, I'm finalizing the outline on a black and white horror project with Ben Soto (one of two that we are going to be working on simultaneously) that will either be the best thing I've ever done, or the worst thing...but I'm still holding that one close to the vest for a bit.