Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DBloC - I'm in.

Sean Preston of Reality Blurs has thrown down the gauntlet: The Daily Blog Challenge...lots of writer types are working on their novels for the National Novel Writing Month (or whichever it is), and Sean decided to hit the Daily Blog Challenge for this of us who aren't going to be doing that (due to time or whatever reasons). I'm gonna attempt it, with two blog posts today (making up for my missing post from last night, since he posted the challenge right before I left for work).

So...just some random stuff to kick this off:

- Last week, Kenny and I played The Pine Ridge Horror for Savage Worlds. I've been meaning to sit and do an actual play, but a week later and it hasn't happened yet. I believe tonight we are going to launch back into Marvel SAGA.

- Obviously, I have more reviews upcoming, like Progenitor for Wild Talents, Shangai Vampocalypse for Savage Worlds, and more "mini-reviews", including a three-pack I'm posting today that really should have come out for Halloween.

- I'm going to try to stat up Hellrazer and Tonton Macoute from Equinox #1 (which is now only 99 cents at DriveThruComics) in probably BASH, ICONS and Marvel SAGA and post them by the end of the month, but no promises on that.

- And we'll see what else comes along.

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