Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wiseguys Demo Kit and Forces of Light: The Savage Guide to Heaven and The Wild Die Podcast

Hey guys,

I have some RPG News, and it's all kind of having to do with me, at least in part.

Two new Savage Worlds products were recently released, and I had a hand in both of them. So, y'know, I thought I'd mention them to you and encourage you to check them out if they tickle your fancy.

First up is the Wiseguys Demo Kit from Just Insert Imagination. This one is completely free, and has a sample adventure and pregenerated characters for playing Savage gangsters in a Las Vegas that never quite was. Again, at that price, why not check it out? It's getting some strong praise over on RPGnow. Wiseguys was written by Eric Lamoureux and edited by me, and the Kickstarter for the full setting should be coming later this year.

Forces of Light: The Savage Guide to Heaven is published by Gun Metal Games. It is the companion piece to, and stretch goal from, the Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell sourcebook that was funded on Kickstarter. I edited this as well, and contributed to the writing, including the Streets of Bedlam-style heroic archetypes. Hell is a scary place, so Heaven's warriors need to be ready for it. PDF is only $5.99, and the POD version is coming soon.

Lastly, I was on The Wild Die Podcast with Eric Lamoureux, Harrison Hunt, Manuel Sambs and Gary McCallum, discussing making and playing interesting characters. It'll be my last podcast for a while, as the next day I had all but three of my teeth extracted, and am now struggling through life with dentures at the ripe old age of 39.

So anyway, check those things out!

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