Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Are You Reading Wine & Savages?

Sean Bircher has sure said some nice things about my blog in the past, especially in regards to me being a Savage Worlds blogger, but the truth is, he's another guy (like Jack Shear) whose output just outright makes me jealous.

I first truly became acquainted with his blog, Wine & Savages, after I posted an article about using Savage Worlds to duplicate "Bioware-style" play, ala Dragon Age or Mass Effect, and we had a nice exchange about how he and his wife play lots of one on one games.

All that is good and well, but why should you take the time to read his blog?

Well, if you like Accursed, like I do, then Sean is making your life easier by expanding the game dramatically with more Witches, Banes and Witchbreeds. Want to add Loki, the Gender Bending Witch, to your game? Sean has you covered. Want to play a heroic Jason Vorhees? Sean has you covered. The guy is killin' it with expanded Accursed material.

Sean also has a wide selection of Savage Worlds Edges and Setting Rules (at least one of which I'm likely stealing for my Deadlands game.

Sean is also working on a couple of settings, a Revolution-that-never-was and an Urban Fantasy setting for Fate Accelerated.

And that's just the front page stuff. Dig around and see what he's got. It'll be worth your time.

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