Sunday, September 1, 2013

World of the Dead is (Almost) Here!

Hey guys, two big pieces of news regarding World of the Dead, the sequel to War of the Dead by Daring Entertainment, which I came on board as editor of with Chapter 3! First and foremost, World of the Dead is available for preorder from RPGNow! All pre-orders receive a free copy of the World of the Dead Players Guide (a $7.99 value) available for immediate download! World of the Dead is a stand-alone sequel to the popular War of the Dead campaign. Although War of the Dead is not necessary to play, a copy of Savage Worlds from Pinnacle Entertainment Group is required. Inside this book you will find:

Five new player races
Expanded Setting Rules
New Edges
Details on living in the survivor kingdoms, plus rules for creating one of your very own
Complete rules for custom building new Living Dead
Adventure Generator
Full Plot Point Campaign and Savage Tales

Available only at
Secondly, Daring has announced a new policy for fan material for folks that want to produce material for World of the Dead after its release! While full details will be announced when World of the Dead drops, this is the gist of it:

Any fan out there will be able to submit material to Daring Entertainment for approval (basically we are watching content to keep it Savage Worlds PG-13). Once approved, we will release it with the Savage Worlds Fan logo on it as a free download for all fans to grab.

What can you submit? Simple: anything. Characters, locations, adventures, entire Plot Point Campaigns, anything at all.

What is off-limits? Again, simple: Nothing. As long as the material is within the PG-13 rating that Pinnacle Entertainment prefers for Savage Worlds (and Daring Entertainment prefers for all its products) you're good to go. In other words, the World of the Dead Plot Point Campaign ends a phase for the setting, and leaves a ton of areas wide open, subplots open for the GM to resolve however he/she wants, and a whole world to yet explore.

What happens after the PPC is up to you! And your fan-material will help guide that for everyone else!

Because of the open format, and that every game at the table is different, we can even have multiple fan-material submissions for the same topic. In other words, if two fans submit material on the Unified Town of Beacon and the hinted at upcoming Civil War within the towns, and both take that idea in different directions, both will still be released. Which one GMs choose to use in play, or maybe even combine elements of the two for a third option at the table, is up to them. It's all about options and fun.

Stay tuned for more.

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