Sunday, August 5, 2012

AetherCon Update for August 5th, 2012

Here are the latest updates for our event from the past three weeks:

We’d like to welcome Ethan Parker and Jon Gibbons to the AetherCon staff. Mr Parker, the organizer for KantCon, has signed on to take the position of GM Coordinator. Mr. Gibbons (AEG, PEG) has been named to the Art Directors post.

The following games have been added to our schedule:
William T. Thrasher - Call of Cthulhu Tournament - "The Wounded Sky"
Julian Constantino - Pathfinder - "Justice For All"

William has also been recently tapped by Paizo to do some writing on an upcoming project.

The following games and GMs have recently been confirmed:
Greg McClendon - Dark Heresy
Roger French Jr - Macho Women with Guns
Sherman Sheftall - Runequest 6th Ed

The following game publishers have been added to our supporters by either contributing prize support, guests for the Fest Hall, or taking a booth in our Vendors Hall:

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
Chapter 13 Press
Crafty Games
d Infinity
Silver Gryphon Games
Thistle Games
White Haired Man

You can see the growing list of companies adding to our prize list by going ‘To The Victors’

We would also like to thank DriveThru RPG for stepping up and facilitating the prize bundles for our event.

At this time we can also confirm that Ennie nominated Chapter 13 Press, Skirmisher Publishing, and The Design Mechanism will be among those featured in our inaugural convention program.

Among the latest artist news Bradley K. McDevitt has been commissioned by Goodman Games for illustration on an upcoming release.

Our latest wallpaper Grendorey Hu Maggrath by Canadian Will O'Brien has just been released.

Coming Soon:
Izael 'Deeds' McBride by Patrick McAvoy
Billoby Windwarble by Fiona Meng
Kruultok Azgratugaar by Eric Lofgren

You can find all of our free downloadable wallpapers here.

The following RPG blogs have joined the Bell & Scroll:

Campaign Mastery
Dice Jockey
Geek Life
Mind of the Geek
The Iron Tavern

The following Conventions have joined the ConCentric Circle:

Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous

Current games confirmed for AetherCon include:

All Flesh Must Be Eaten
A Thousand and One Nights
Atomic Highway
Call of Cthulhu
Castles & Crusades
Dark Heresy
Dresden Files
Eclipse Phase
Fantasy Craft
Labyrinth Lord
Legends of the Five Rings
Macho Women with Guns
Mouse Guard
Mutants and Masterminds
Palladium RIFTs
Pathfinder Society
Runequest 6th Ed
Savage Worlds
Star Wars (D6 WEG)
Swords and Wizardry
Time Lord

Top five cities in North America for unique visitors to our main site to date: Chicago, Ill; San Francisco, Cal; New York, NY; Houston, Tex; Austin, Tex.

Top five cities in Europe for unique visitors to our main site to date: London, U.K.; Nuremberg, Ger; Helsinki, Fin; Moscow, Rus; Hamburg, Ger.

Top five cities in ports abroad for unique visitors to our main site to date: Wellington, N.Z.; Brisbane, Aus; Sydney, Aus; Melbourne, Aus; Florianopolis, Bra.

Finally, a question: Which of our latest games would you like to play the most? Check out our poll on Facebook and have your say.

Help us get the word out about AetherCon by liking and sharing on our Facebook event page, following and re-tweeting via our Twitter page and adding us to your circle on Google+.

We are currently looking for GMs to run the following games:

Savage Worlds
Call of Cthuhlu

As well as these cult favorites:

Barbarians of Lemuria
Gamma World (Pre-D20)
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Star Frontiers

All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Atomic Highway
Dresden Files
Eclipse Phase
Fantasy Craft
Legends of the Five Rings
Macho Women with Guns
Mutants and Masterminds
Runequest 6th Ed

Dark Heresy
Star Wars (D6 WEG)

If you have a cult favorite you’d like to see or run, let us know!

If you have a game yourself that you would like to run use our handy-dandy [url=]GM Pre-Registration tool[/url] on the site.

If you want to play in one just fill out our Player Pre-Registration Tool.

All of our Game Tables and Booths are now linked to Roll20 making it easier than ever for you to try out the engine of AetherCon.

You can also check the menu bar across the top of our website for Roll20. The corresponding submenu shows has a variety of useful links.

If you would like to inquire about other volunteering possibilities let us know by sending an e-mail here:

Stephen J. Holodinsky
Event Manager – AetherCon

Find us here:




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