Thursday, January 27, 2011

[My WWE Universe] Survivor Series




Evan Bourne looked very impressive in a victory over Ted DiBiase!

DX faced The New Superpowers in a colossal cage match! HBK escaped first, leaving Triple H to battle Luger and Kozlov, which eventually gave Kozlov an opening to escape. Triple H ultimately prevailed, leaving Luger a bloody mess.

Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu came out to take on David Hart Smith and a mystery parter in a Falls Count Anywhere Match...Kidd and Tatsu were stunned when MARK HENRY came out! The action was wild, and got crazier when John Morrison got involved, helping out Smith and Henry! Henry crushed Kidd with the World's Strongest Slam.

In a #1 Contender's Match, Wade Barrett, Edge and Sheamus squared off. Barrett and Edge didn't allow their partnership to get in the way, and it went into a bloody brawl, with Sheamus and Edge both gushing blood. Chris Jericho ran in, and while Barrett - who had been in charge most of the match - was trying to avoid a fired up Jericho, Sheamus pinned Edge!


Raven ambushed Shelton Benjamin before the bell! Shelton fought back, but got dropped with the Evenflow DDT!

Chris Jericho stayed about two steps ahead of Daniel Bryan, and pinned him with a small package, all while Wade Barrett watched on from the crowd.

In the Superstars main event, Zack Ryder battled Tyson Kidd. As Ryder was setting up The Zack Attack, The Miz ran out and got involved! Ryder and Miz exchanged blows, and The Miz got the worst of it! Ryder fought Kidd off and put him away to send the fans home happy!


Kane and Luke Gallows opened the show in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. As these two behemoths brawled, Rob Van Dam ran out and interjected himself! He seemed focused on Gallows, but he and Kane had a run-in...however, Kane pinned Gallows after RVD his his Five Star Frog Splash!

Alberto Del Rio couldn't make Big Show tap out, but he was able to wear him down enough to pin him off of a flying senton!

Shad jumped Kofi Kingston before their match, but failed to capitalize. He used his power to beat Kofi down, but Kofi's speed was too much, and a Boom Drop followed by the SOS took it home.

The crowd was ELECTRIC for the main event, a #1 Contender's Match between CM Punk and Sting! Sting held off Punk and made him tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock...when the match was ordered to be re-started as a Falls Count Anywhere match! Sting and Punk brawled in and around the ring, and Luke Gallows came out of the crowd with a chair! Sting tried to fight off both men...when Kaval ran out! He brawled to the back with Gallows as Sting press slammed Punk through one announce table, then hit a diving elbow off the top through the second to score the decisive win!



Evan Bourne stunned one Vladimir Kozlov to pick up another huge win!

Shawn Michaels had to fend off Vladimir Kozlov's interference, but he schooled Lex Luger in a Ladder Match!

Despite The Brothers of Destruction dealing out massive amounts of damage to Wade Barrett and Edge, Barrett still retrieved the briefcase to win a ladder match.

Sheamus attacked Triple H as he made his way down the ramp, getting their submission match off to an auspicious start. Triple H rallied back and brawled on the floor...but Lex Luger ran out and took him down! This put Triple H at a huge advantage, and Sheamus gained a ton of momentum as he wore Hunter down and ultimately won this non-title match! He tried to cripple Hunter after the match, but HBK ran out and ran Sheamus off!


Steve Austin beat David Otunga bloody en route to a decisive win. Austin surprisingly offered Otunga his hand...Otunga, perhaps wisely, didn't take it.

Shelton Benjamin's superior speed allowed him to sneak past MVP and Raven in a handicap match! Benjamin tried to make nice with Raven, but Raven refused.

In a crazy main event, John Morrison had Daniel Bryan on the ropes when Justin Gabriel ran in...and Vladimir Kozlov came out of the crowd and brawled with Gabriel! Morrison scored the pin.


Kane and Drew McIntyre fought in a great opener, with Kane dropping Drew with the Choke Slam.

Despite a pre-match assault by the Straight Edge Society, The Winds of Change beat Gallows and Punk when Edge pinned Gallows while Barrett hammered Punk with a chair.

Chris Masters hit the ring hard to take Great Muta down early, but Muta's unorthodox attacks wore him down! After the Poison Mist, Masters was never the same, and Muta pinned him after the Moonsault.

Jack Swagger found himself in the most unenviable position ever: Between Sting and The Undertaker in a Triple Threat match! And then it was made a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Swagger used every dirty trick he had...but Sting and Undertaker were ferocious! He even hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb on Sting, he just went nuts! CM Punk ran out as Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Undertaker on the ramp, and he attacked The Stinger! As he was hitting the GTS on Sting, Swagger snuck over and pinned Undertaker!



Justin Gabriel sat at ringside, getting in Kozlov's head as he faced Zack Ryder. The Greatest American Bolo was present to make sure there were no shenanigans, and Ryder pinned Kozlov after a reverse DDT on the floor and a Zack Attack in the ring.

Batista and Randy Orton had an intense fight, but Batista got the upper hand and scored the pin with the Batista Bomb.

Miz never looked like a real threat as Cena beat him in a Tables Match.

Tyson Kidd never seemed sure what he was getting into as he faced Shinsuke Nakamura, who blasted him with the Boma Ye for the win. After the match, he offered Kidd his hand, but Kidd slapped it and stormed away.


Daniel Bryan took Steve Austin to the limit, but Vladimir Kozlov ran out! Though Bryan fended off Kozlov, it through Bryan off his game and Austin prevailed! After the match, Austin offered Bryan his hand, but Bryan thought better of it.

John Morrison pinned Sheamus in an amazing non-title match after Starship Pain!

MVP and Raven were FAR too much for Shelton Benjamin this week.


Dolph Ziggler looked amazing as he battled Cody Rhodes in a Tables match. He fought off Christian before putting Cody through the announce table with a moonsault.

Christian and Kofi Kingston prepared to face off in a #1 Contender's Match for Todo Americano's Intercontinental Title...when it got turned into a Submission Match! Kofi looked tremendous, prevailing over Christian!

William Regal jumped Chris Masters before the match and hit the Knee Trembler on the floor, but could not follow up. Masters held his own in the ring, until Regal split him open with the Power of the Punch, followed by the Knee Trembler. He put his feet on the ropes for the pin.

Undertaker got some measure of revenge against CM Punk, fending off Gallows as well in order to score the pin with the Tombstone.



A Fatal Four Way between Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, John Morrison and The Miz got off to a shocking start when Morrison attacked Bourne as he was coming down the ramp! Edge got involved for some reason as well, but Bourne still managed to pin Miz to get the win!

Chris Jericho rebounded from a prematch attack by Batista to beat him with the Walls of Jericho! Post-match, Wade Barrett came down to threaten Jericho!

Lex Luger brutally attacked Shinsuke Nakamura from the crowd before their match, but Nakamura gave him more than he was prepared for and finished him with a lariat!

Despite Shawn Michaels trying to cause distractions, Wade Barrett pinned WWE Champion Triple H after the Wasteland!


Steve Austin fended off The Nexus in a Gauntlet! He reduced Gabriel and Bryan to bloody pulps, and made all three men (including Otunga) eat stunners.

Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam squared off against Raven and his mystery partner...Mike Knox! Knox and Raven inflicted much damage, keeping RVD and Shelton grounded! Shelton was busted open by Raven before Knox ended him with the Knox Out!

Zack Ryder looked great, taking down Tyson Kidd!


Luke Gallows never quite got in gear, getting pinned by Cody Rhodes as Christian made sure nothing crazy happened at ringside!

Shad jumped Big Show from the crowd, but showboated and it cost him as Big Show beat him down and made him submit! Swagger came out on the stage and taunted him!

MVP and Rey Mysterio brawled in the GM's office, with Rey ultimately knocking MVP out with a laptop!

Drew McIntyre and Todo Americano squared off as the first two competitors in a Championship Scramble for the Intercontinental title! They destroyed each other, until Christian hit the ring! Dolph Ziggler made his way out and put Todo Americano down with the sleeper hold, and remained interim champion through Kofi Kingston's arrival, winning the Intercontinental title!


Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder and R-Truth took on John Morrison, The Miz and Ted DiBiase! R-Truth let his emotions at his partner's betrayal get the better of him, and he got pinned by DiBiase! Ryder just UNLOADED on DiBiase, causing him to get counted out! Evan Bourne got some revenge on Morrison with the Air Bourne, and then pinned Miz as well.

Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin battled Raven, Mike Knox and MVP! Knox made short work of RVD, but then got counted out with Shelton on the floor. MVP and Raven were too much for Rey.

Lex Luger and Sheamus jumped DX before the next match, leaving Shinsuke Nakamura to battle Vladimir Kozlov in the ring! However, a snap Superkick by Michaels dropped Kozlov! Luger and Sheamus held on, but Nakamura blasted Luger with the Boma Ye and Triple H spiked Sheamus with the Pedigree for the pin.

Dolph Ziggler and William Regal ambushed Cody Rhodes and Christian, while Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston brawled. It was very even until Regal took Christian out with the Knee Trembler, then leveled Kofi with the Power of the Punch and the Knee Trembler as well. Cody tore Dolph apart on the floor, but Drew was the legal man, and he basically slid back into the Future Shock to get put down.

The Raw main event was bloody, as John Cena, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton faced Wade Barrett, Edge and Batista! Jericho ALMOST took out Batista with a Codebreaker, but fell prey to Wasteland. Batista crushed Orton with the Batista Bomb, and Edge pinned Cena with the Spear.

Sting joined The Brothers of Destruction in taking on Jack Swagger and the Straight Edge Society! Sting put down Gallows and Swagger with Scorpion Death Drops, while Undertaker sent Punk for the Last Ride!


  1. 11 years later - and still Sting?!? Move on, man :)

  2. You mean the guy WWE still enters into negotiations with every time his TNA contract ends? Yeah, I'll move on...=)

  3. Besides, in a game that made a big deal out of releasing Lex Luger as downloadable content, I think I'm particularly justified...=P