Monday, November 22, 2010

Just A DBloC Update

Just some bullet points to hit:

- It is so fun watching WWE now that Angelus cares about it. Especially since I don't mind Cena, who is one of Angelus' favorites.

- We have shattered my previous traffic record, thanks in part to DBloC and thanks in part to the Leverage RPG review being the most read post I've ever had.

- I played the MWAHAHAHA! card game by White Wolf this weekend with's not bad, but they made EVERYTHING way too wordy. A little brevity (and clarity) would have gone a long way.

- I am currently way too busy for the amount of compensation I am getting...and it's not even like I'm working towards anything right now, because I'm not...just treading water. Something's gotta change somewhere.

- There is no defending the new Buffy reboot...especially when the series is still ongoing in comic book format.

- Check out my wife's blog over on the Blog List...Faith got to try out a communication device today, which we will hopefully get approved for, and she will hopefully benefit from.

- The Walking Dead hopefully put to rest any concerns that it was too "slow" after last night's all kinda went to pot. Still some stuff that doesn't quite click, but overall it's great.

- Anyway, nothing big today, because I am very, very busy and way, way behind...just keeping up with DBloC.

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